Watch This Speedy Shark Emerge from the Depths and Rip a Fisherman’s Catch Clear Off the Line

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: October 25, 2023
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Few things in life are more enjoyable than a day out on the water fishing. And to add to that enjoyment is catching a fish, or several, by the end of the day. However, what’s not enjoyable is having your fish taken from you. Well, unless it’s taken by a shark. That would, for sure, be a shockingly enjoyable experience. 

Shark Attack in North Queensland 

This next YouTube video posted at the bottom of this blog post takes us to North Queensland, located in Australia. This video was uploaded by the Anthony Whyte YouTube channel. This page has received over six million views for this video alone! And it’s no wonder it reached that many views. After you watch it, you’ll see why!

Shark Vs. Man

At the start of this YouTube video, we see a small boat of about half a dozen friends who are all fishing out in North Queensland. The guy being filmed has just caught a big Spanish mackerel, and he is attempting to reel it in. We hear the man filming this state, “he’s just caught a massive mackerel.” 

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A fish this large is not so easily reeled in with a simple fishing poll. That’s why we see his friend standing by the edge, holding a hook that he can quickly grab as it gets close. This mackerel smartly continues to go under the boat in an attempt to get away from this hold. At 41 seconds, we see the guy try to hook the fish to bring him up. 

But this failed attempt only made this Spanish mackerel angry, and so he started to tug on the line. As he swims back out to get away, suddenly, at 1:01, we see a shark come out of nowhere and snatch this fish from the line! He’s saying, “Thanks for catching this for me.” And then he simply goes about his day. 

How Big are Spanish Mackerel?

Spanish mackerel isolated

Spanish mackerels typically live up to 12 years.


As we saw from the video posted below, this Spanish mackerel was a big fellow. And big enough to interest this shark swimming close by. According to the North Carolina Environmental Quality, Spanish mackerel can grow to be 37 inches long and weigh up to 12 pounds. 

However, this is by far the largest that was ever caught. The largest Spanish mackerel caught in the wild was 78 inches long and weighed 119 pounds. 

Check Out the Incredible Video Below!

The photo featured at the top of this post is © birdsonline/ via Getty Images

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