Watch Two Huge Tigers Flex Their Insane Reflexes and Battle Each Other

Two Tigers Fighting
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Written by Sharon Parry

Updated: October 21, 2023

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It would be safe to say that these two magnificent tigers were not getting on that well when this clip was recorded. We get to witness a serious tiger show-down with the classic aggression and defense body language and vocalization. Luckily, neither of them seemed to get badly injured in the encounter.

Watch the Incredible Battle Below!

Tigers in Their Natural Habitats

Tigers (Panthera Tigris) are magnificent creatures and the largest of the ‘Big Cats’. They can grow to over 600 pounds and can be over 10 feet long. They used to inhabit large areas of Asia and Eurasia but are now limited to places like eastern China, Korea, Russia, and the Himalayas. There are several different subspecies that tend to occupy different geographical ranges. Tigers are able to tolerate a diverse range of habitats and climates.

They are muscular and powerful and can take down prey that is larger than they are and drag it somewhere quiet to eat it. Using their massive forelimbs and broad forepaws they can hold down the prey and cause a lot of damage with their sharp claws. In this clip, all that power is being directed at another tiger!

Two Bengal tigers, Karnataka, India

Tigers may aggressively defend their territories

©Paul Mannix / CC BY 2.0, Flickr – Original / License

Tigers and Their Territorial Ranges

The most common reason for tigers to attack each other is territorial disputes. The social structure of tigers is complex and is not completely understood. However, we do know that they are mainly solitary animals with huge territories although they have also been known to co-operate and share a kill. Their territories cover hundreds of square miles and some tigers aggressively defend them. When a dominant tiger dies, there will be competition amongst others to decide who will take over that territory.

This short clip shows a few examples of tiger behavior and communication. They are very good at hiding and leaping out at things – as we see one tiger doing to another here. They also use growls, snarls and hisses to communicate. A roar is usually a signal of dominance.

Tigers also adopt a ‘defense threat’ facial expression when they are attacking. This involves pulling the corners of their mouth back and exposing their canines. At the same time, they fatten their ears and dilate their pupils. This particular fight does not seem to be too serious and is over fairly quickly!

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