Celebrity Tomato vs. Early Girl Tomato

These two tomato cultivars have a lot in common. They both produce medium size bright red fruits with intense tomato flavor. You can use them for sandwiches, slicing, snacks, and salads. 

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The key differences between celebrity tomatoes and early tomatoes are the plant size, size of fruit, amount of fruit, harvest times, and pruning.

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Size of Plant

A Celebrity tomato is a determinant tomato plant, which means it will stop growing when it reaches the pre-determined height of between three and four feet. An Early Girl tomato is an indeterminant type and will continue growing until the frost kills off the plant. 

Size of Fruit

Celebrities produce tomatoes that are larger in diameter than a baseball, about four inches across. The Early Girl tomatoes are more petite, three to four inches across and weighing between four to six ounces a piece.

Amount of Fruit

Celebrity tomatoes usually provide 30-40 tomatoes per plant. If conditions are ideal, Early Girl can provide you with as many as 300 tomatoes in one season.

Time to Harvest

You can plant a Celebrity tomato 6-8 weeks after the last frost date. The tomatoes will be ripe and ready to harvest 65 days later. You can plant Early Girl seeds simultaneously, but the fruit will be ready to eat 50 days after planting.


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