Guinea Pig Names: Boy and Girl Names for Your Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Names
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Updated: October 1, 2022

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One of the trickiest aspects of adopting a new guinea pig is coming up with the perfect name for your furry new friend. Like most guinea pig owners, you’ll probably put a lot of time and thought into choosing a moniker for yours. It’s natural to be stumped at first, but a little brainstorming can go a long way.

When trying to figure out a name for your boy or girl guinea pig, it helps to consider their basic characteristics. For example, what colors or patterns distinguish it from others? Is it a boy or a girl? Is your guinea pig’s fur sleek, fluffy or riddled with cowlicks?

Sometimes, it pays to wait a while before naming a new guinea pig because it allows you to learn more about its unique personality. For instance, is he or she mischievous or more subdued? Does your guinea pig seem wise beyond their years or more childish? If you adopt a pair of cavies, as they’re also sometimes called, you can have fun with different famous name combinations too.

If you have a boy guinea pig, here are our top ten name choices:

A male Peruvian guinea pig sitting on a bed. Sometimes it is better to wait until the guinea pig’s personality shows itself before naming the new pet.


1. Tom

At first glance, this name may seem a bit dull or ordinary. However, if you have a pair of boy guinea pigs, you can name one Tom and the other Jerry in homage to the famous cartoon duo. Other fun boy names to consider for a pair of these furry critters include Beavis and Butthead, Kirk and Spock, and Han Solo and Chewbacca.

2. Oreo

Consider the coloring of your new pet’s fur to come up with creative boy guinea pig names. Oreo is a classic example for one with black and white coloring; Checkers is a close runner-up. Either way, no one will wonder what inspired you to name your pet that after seeing how it looks!

3. Cavalier

Since the scientific name for the guinea pig is Cavia porcellus, you can draw inspiration from the term to come up with suitable boy names for your new friend. Cavalier starts with “cava,” which is reminiscent of the creature’s scientific name. It also means “to display a lack of concern,” which many would agree suits guinea pigs’ personalities to a T.

As a bonus, there’s a spaniel breed of dogs called cavaliers. Many guinea pigs look a lot like these canines, which boast long, silky fur and black-and-white or brown-and-white patterns. Therefore, if your new pet looks like that, you can’t go wrong by naming him Cavalier.

4. Bud

You might assume we recommend “Bud” for a boy guinea pig because he’s sure to become your best bud. That’s an excellent reason to name him that, but here are two others: his ears. Indeed, guinea pig ears are often likened to flower petals, so naming your boy pig after a part of a flower makes all kinds of sense.

The other nice thing about naming your boy guinea pig Bud is that you can come up with tons of fun nicknames. In addition to the obvious, Buddy, other fun options include Budder, Buddles, and Budgie.

5. Sleepy

Did you know that guinea pigs are crepuscular, meaning that they’re the most active at dawn and dusk? If you keep that in mind, calling him Sleepy seems a natural choice. It’s also a terrific name for a pet that tends to sleep his life away, which many guinea pigs like to do. It might also be an homage to the dwarf of Snow White fame.

6. Buddha

In addition to being yet another potential nickname for boy guinea pigs named Bud, Buddha is apt for ones that have large, fluffy bodies. Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, is typically depicted as being a large, roly-poly man. Therefore, if your male guinea pig has a hefty, round appearance, this name could be just right.

At the same time, “Buddha” means “enlightened one.” If your pet seems to be wise beyond his years, naming him Buddha is incredibly apt.

7. Casper

There are a few good reasons to consider naming your guinea pig Casper. If he is all white, you could name him that in honor of Casper the Friendly Ghost, the adorable ghost from the popular cartoon TV series of the 1950s and 1960s.

Even if your pet doesn’t have a lick of white on him, Casper could still make sense if he tends to be a scaredy-cat. After getting to know him, you may realize he’s a bit jumpy; in that case, calling him Casper is a great option to consider.

8. Rusty

For boy guinea pigs with red coloring or patterns, keeping those attributes in mind can come in handy when brainstorming names. Rusty is a great one because it not only reflects the coloring of your pet, but it also happens to be a fairly common nickname for red-haired guys.

Other names to consider for boy guinea pigs with red coloring include Big Red, Reddit, and Red Rover.

9. Woolly

Does your male guinea pig have a fluffy, unruly mop of fur? If so, calling him Woolly, or Wooly could work very well.

Woolly is also a fun name for boy guinea pigs because it rhymes with lots of things, making it easy to come up with fun nicknames and songs for your pet. For example, you can serenade your furry friend with lyrics from the 1965 smash hit from Sam the Sham & The Pharaohs, Woolly Bully, just for the fun of it.

10. Socrates

Guinea pigs are surprisingly intelligent for having such tiny brains and bodies. Indeed, many owners see a lot more going on behind their eyes than most would expect. They are also naturally curious, so naming a boy one in honor of someone very smart or wise makes sense.

In that vein, calling a boy guinea pig Socrates is a fun idea. It’s better still if he happens to have a white coat of fur, which is reminiscent of the long, white robes worn by Socrates himself back during the 5th Century BC.

If your new guinea pig is a girl, here are some great options for female guinea pig names:

Guinea pig names
Three little guinea pigs sitting in a row outdoors in summer. Some people prefer giving a group of guinea pigs related names, like “Tom” and “Jerry”.


1. Dora

For girl guinea pigs who display these pets’ famous inquisitiveness, Dora is a perfect name to consider. That’s because it can be lengthened to Dora the Explorer of cartoon fame. Dora is best known for her curiosity and penchant for exploring the world, traits shared by many guinea pigs.

2. Cuddlebuns

Sometimes, it’s fun to name a girl guinea pig something silly. Since many of these furry pets are incredibly fluffy and soft, a name like Cuddlebuns makes a lot of sense. You can always shorten it just to Cuddles, and the possibilities are endless in terms of other nicknames.

3. Thelma

If you have a pair of female guinea pigs, calling one Thelma and the other Louise is an interesting option to consider. Thelma and Louise are female characters from the 1991 road crime film of the same name starring Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis. For many, they epitomize the ultimate bond between female friends.

This name also makes sense if your pet is wild, adventurous, and somewhat unpredictable – all traits exhibited by Thelma (and Louise) in the movie.

4. Cavalla

In addition to being a pretty name, Cavalla includes the term “cava,” which is again a shoutout to the guinea pig’s scientific name, Cavia porcellus. At the same time, it’s the common name for a species of mackerel fish with long, pointed snouts. Therefore, if your female guinea pig has a “long face,” Cavalla makes sense on many levels.

5. Blossom

If your girl guinea pig’s ears remind you of flower petals, consider naming her Blossom. It’s a pretty name, for one thing; for another, the act of blossoming, or coming into your own, could be an apt one for certain personalities.

Additionally, Blossom is reminiscent of the flower-power days of the 1960s. If your girl guinea pig has a sweet, loving personality – most do – calling her Blossom is a terrific choice.

6. Luna

In honor of the fact that guinea pigs are crepuscular – again, most active during dusk and dawn – calling a female one Luna is apt. The term luna is a Latin word meaning “moon,” “month” or “crescent.” Since the moon often “shines,” reflecting the light of the sun, this name also makes sense for female guinea pigs with bright, shining personalities.

7. Ruby

For female guinea pigs with ginger, or red, coloring, Ruby is a beautiful name to consider. It reflects the coloring of your new pet, of course, and it also brings to mind the shimmering gem of the same name. Like any guinea pig owner, you’re sure to find your girl cavy to be a real gem of a pet, so calling her Ruby is apt on many levels.

8. Snowball

Is your female guinea pig white and fluffy? If so, Snowball is a really great option to consider when brainstorming names. It could also reflect a pet’s calm, indifferent attitude, which some guinea pigs exhibit. Additionally, it could belie her sweet personality and be used in homage to Sno-Balls, the famous snacks.

9. Abby

When coming up with a name for your girl guinea pig, you can also draw inspiration from her specific breed. For example, if she’s an Abyssinian – a breed that features fur with cowlicks, or swirls, called “rosettes” – Abby is a fun option to consider.

10. Onyx

Finally, for all-black female guinea pigs, Onyx is a chic, elegant name, and it is especially apt for furry critters with sophisticated, low-key personalities. If you discover that your black girl guinea pig exhibits this kind of vibe, calling her Onyx makes tons of sense.

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