Discover the Most Grizzly Bear Infested Island on Earth

Grizzly bears are the largest predators in North America by quite a large margin. As such, it’s only fitting that the largest state in the United States has the largest number of them!

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Today, let’s discover the most grizzly bear-infested island on earth!

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What is the most grizzly bear infested island on earth?

Admiralty Island is known as the most bear-infested island on earth because it has the highest density of brown bears globally.

Why are there so many bears on the island?

The forests are the prime habitat for many animals, including brown bears, bald eagles, and even Sitka deer.

How did bears get to the island?

Although it isn’t well-known, bears are great swimmers! As such, they are regularly documented swimming between islands in search of new places to eat. 


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