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Japanese Chin

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A Japanese Chin
Japanese Chin Puppy
Male Japanese Chin
The Japanese chin is considered one of the most cat-like of the dog breeds in attitude: it is alert, intelligent, and independent, and it uses its paws to wash its face. Other cat-like traits include their preference for resting on high surfaces such as the backs of sofas and chairs, their ability to walk across a coffee table without disturbing an item, and some of the surprising places their owners often find them in.

A companion dog, it is loving and loyal to its owner and typically happy to see other people, though a few are distrustful of strangers. Chin prefer familiar surroundings, but do quite well in new situations and are often used as therapy dogs because of this trait and their love of people.

Very early socialization of Chin puppies leads to a more emotionally well-balanced Chin that is more accepting of different situations and people.

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""this is the cutest most coolest dog I've ever read about." "i wish i had one!" "


"thank you"

nadine archer

"i found it realy interesting and you are an insporation to my book that im writeing please write more"

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Japanese Chin Facts

The name of the domestic breed...
Japanese Chin
The area where the animal first came from...
How long (L) or tall (H) the animal is...
25cm (10in)
The measurement of how heavy the animal is...
4kg (8lbs)
Life Span:
How long the animal lives for...
14 years
The domestic group such as cat or dog...

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