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A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Images and Resources A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Images and Resources A-Z Animals - Animal Facts, Images and Resources

Betty the Butterfly's Blog

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Betty Butterfly Hello and welcome to Betty the Butterfly's Blog for A-Z Animals.
This blog will keep you up-to-date with what's happening in the animal world and will also include some treats and humour for you along the way.


10 Amazing Facts About Your Cat by Cambridge Cat Clinic

Tue 2nd December 2014 (0 comments)
Cats are mysterious creatures. They live in our houses and sleep on our sofas, yet sometimes we feel like we don’t know them at all. Here are 10 surprising cat facts that even the most enthusiastic of cat lovers may not know:

1. The pattern on a cat’s nose is unique.

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Considering a Reptile for Christmas? by Swell Reptiles

Thu 27th November 2014 (0 comments)
If your children are anything like mine, the Christmas requests are coming thick and fast. Anything from the latest phone to a hamster have been mentioned, and I imagine they are not finished yet.

Pets are often a common feature on Christmas lists, and reptiles are becoming more and more prevalent. Great for children with allergies and very low maintenance you may well decide to grant your child’s Christmas wish.

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Massive Change For Palm Oil Industry

Tue 25th November 2014 (0 comments)

After years of campaigns and petitions from environmentalists and conservationists from all around the world, we are set to see an enormous change in Europe as of next month. On December 13th 2014, manufacturers will have to label palm oil in their ingredients and will no longer be able to hide behind the generic term, vegetable oil .

Over the past couple of decades, the palm oil industry has exploded with vast areas of primary rainforest in the tropics having been wiped out because of it, and with the forest goes the native wildlife. Malaysia and Indonesia are by far the worst affected regions with more than a quarter of Indonesian jungle having been lost to the palm oil industry in recent years.

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Autumn In The Park

Tue 4th November 2014 (0 comments)

The autumn months are such an incredible time of year due to the sheer amount of colour that almost instantly replaces the large swathes of green that can be seen throughout our landscape. As the months become colder and the nights draw in, the trees begin to lose their rust-coloured leaves and with them and array of seeds for animals to forage.

One of the most striking places to witness the dramatic changes that autumn brings is in your local park where evidence of the nearing winter can be seen in abundance. From the beautiful flame-like leaves to the thousands of horse chestnuts that litter the paths, a walk in the park at this time of year brings with it an incredibly diverse feast for the eyes.

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In The News: Northern White Rhino Population Down To Six

Thu 23rd October 2014 (0 comments)

In the modern era, environmental news is high on the agenda for most organisations who report anything and everything from localised shrinking bee colonies to global climate change that affects almost everyone in the world. With so many different stories spanning the front pages and being in the headlines, we have collected a few of our top environmental and animal news stories from the week.

A very rare sub-species of White Rhino has died in Kenya, meaning that the extinction of the sub-species is looming ever closer. The 34 year old male called Suni, was one of only two breeding Northern White Rhino's in the world and leaves behind him just six of his sub-species which includes five females and just a single male. Thought to live for between 40 and 50 years, the Northern White Rhinoceros is now one step closer to complete extinction with the latest news of Suni's death being a particularly disheartening blow to the world of conservation. Click here to find out more about Suni and the world's remaining Northern White Rhinos.

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