Fern Damron
Author for A-Z Animals

Fern Damron is a writer at A-Z Animals who covers a variety of topics including plant life, gardening, and geology. They live off-grid in the Southeast U.S. and have been working to restore local Appalachian ginseng stands since 2020.

How Tall Is Mount Timpanogos? Picture

Sculpted for ages by ancient plate tectonics, snowmelt, and glacial movement, Mount Timpanogos is one of Utah's true natural wonders. Its gorgeous snow-capped peaks and steep drops are visible for… Read More

By Fern Damron 1 month ago

How Polluted Is Lake Mead? Picture

Lake Mead is hands down one of the most important reservoirs in the United States. Not only does it provide water for drinking, agriculture, and industrial use for more than… Read More

By Fern Damron 2 months ago

How Long is the Ottawa River? Picture

Dividing the Canadian territories of Quebec and Ontario, the Ottawa River flows southward for hundreds of miles. It starts quite slow, eventually developing into a deep, fast-moving river. People have… Read More

By Fern Damron 3 months ago

How Tall Is Mount Blackburn? Picture

Mount Blackburn, or K'ats'i Tl'aadi in the native Ahtna tongue, is an incredibly tall mountain located in Central Alaska. This ancient, volcanic mountain is one of the tallest in North… Read More

By Fern Damron 3 months ago

How Deep Is Puget Sound? Picture

Key Points: The average depth of Puget Sound is about 230 feet (70 m). The lowest point near Point Jefferson reaches about 938 feet (286 m). The depth range varies… Read More

By Fern Damron 5 months ago

How Wide Is Lake Placid? Picture

Nestled into the Adirondack mountains of New York, Lake Placid is home to thriving communities of people and animals. Many species of fish swim in the lake's clear waters, and… Read More

By Fern Damron 5 months ago

The 5 Tallest Mountains In England Picture

What England's tallest mountains lack in overall height compared to many of Earth's other popular mountain ranges, they more than make up for in splendor. The country's well-known Lake District… Read More

By Fern Damron 5 months ago