Volia Schubiger
Author for A-Z Animals

Volia Schubiger is a freelance copywriter and content editor with a passion and expertise in content creation, branding, and marketing. She has a background in Broadcast Journalism & Political Science from CUNY Brooklyn College. When she's not writing she loves traveling, perusing used book stores, and hanging out with her other half.

Cicada vs. Horsefly Picture

At first glance, you might assume that these two insects look exactly like each other. After all, both the cicada and the horsefly are big black bugs that are known… Read More

By Volia Schubiger 1 year ago

How Do Ticks Get On You? Picture

It is no secret that ticks are among the animals that humans dislike the most. After all, how could you blame us? These parasitic creatures survive by consuming our blood… Read More

By Volia Schubiger 2 years ago

Do Chickens Eat Ticks? Picture

There are a lot of problems that can be caused by ticks. Farmland is particularly susceptible to tick infestations. It is even possible for ticks to make a home in… Read More

By Volia Schubiger 2 years ago

How Big Can Ticks Get? Picture

If you spend a lot of time outdoors, you're probably familiar with ticks and the many reasons why you wouldn't want to encounter them. For those who are unfamiliar with… Read More

By Volia Schubiger 2 years ago