12 Birth Month Birds: Here’s What Your Bird Symbolizes

American Robin Singing While Perched on a Backyard Light
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Written by Zoe Carina

Published: November 22, 2023

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Since the beginning of our time on the planet, humans created symbols. We use trees, stones, flags, and other items to symbolize different cultures, people, and characteristics. One thing we love to give symbols to is birthdays.

Birthdays, and months, hold specific significance in people’s lives and are celebrated in a variety of ways. One of the celebration methods is connecting with the symbols associated with your birth month. Humans exchange birthstones as gifts. People also connect with their birth tree in nature, if possible.

People might wonder what other symbols they can connect with during the month of their birth. Well, here are the 12 birth month birds and what they mean, to give you something else to connect with.

January — Owl

Beautiful and impressive smart Great horned owl, Bird of Prey

Owls are nocturnal, though not everyone born in January can say the same.

©agustavop/iStock via Getty Images

The birth month bird for January is the owl. These animals are quite formidable and have vision and hearing unmatched within the animal kingdom.

People born in January are observant, and there are few things that escape their attention. They are quiet and thoughtful, choosing frequently to remain silent in conversation and absorb what’s going on. When they do choose to communicate, they speak profoundly and with meaning. They also stand up for themselves and their community.

February #1 — Indigo Bunting

Blue Bunting in West Mexico/ Male Blue Bunting (Cyanocompsa parellina) near the community of Ixtlahuahuey, south of Puerto Vallarta in the State of Jalisco, Mexico.

Some people in February might love to sing, like the indigo bunting.


The indigo bunting is the first of two birth month birds for February. These birds migrate at night and possess an internal clock that guides their way.

People born in February are guided firmly by their dreams and their heart. They are very intuitive and artistic. When they are in a loving community, they are quite generous and honest. They’re always open to new experiences and want to have fun in life.

February #2 — Parrot

Australian King parrot in a wild

Parrots like to talk, some people born in February might too.

©Andrii Slonchak/Shutterstock.com

The second birth month bird for February is the parrot. Parrots are wonderfully intelligent and there are over 350 types of them around the world.

Folks born in February are most likely spunky, smart, and filled to the max with personality. They are free spirits who look beyond the mundane and see magic in the world. Creativity is woven into their whole being, and they inspire the community around them.

March — Robin

american robin nesting with chicks

Robins, like people born in March, symbolize the first sign of spring.


The American robin, the bird of March, is a migratory songbird. They are quite industrious. They roost in trees and eat berries in large flocks during the fall and winter.

People born in March love their communities. They are loyal to their loved ones and to themselves. Usually, they are very comfortable in who they are. These folks are open and giving but use caution in deciding who they trust. Like robins, individuals with March birth months persevere despite opposition. They have brilliant strength and resolution, which those around them admire.

April — Wilson’s Warbler

Wilson's warbler

Wilson’s Warblers rarely slow down and people born in April might relate.

©iStock.com/Leon Gin

The Wilson’s Warbler is the second birth month bird for April. It is a small warbler known for its songs and the black cap on its head. They migrate all around the United States.

Those that are born in April and relate to this bird, are generally generous people. They give their time, feelings, and emotions freely to their loved ones. They might even have to take measures to stop themselves from absorbing the emotions of others.

May — Nightingale

birds with beautiful songs: nightingale

Nightingales keep to themselves, which might be true for people born in May.


The birth month bird for May is the nightingale. These birds have a rich and powerful song that they sing at night.

Those born in May usually love to brighten the day of those around them. They have a contagious good mood and try to stay positive in most situations. They always try to be kind to those around them. For folks born in May, picking up the moods of others comes naturally to them, and they bring empathy and understanding to most conversations.

June — Dove

©Phoo Chan/Shutterstock.com

The bird that represents the month of June is the Dove. The dove is known for many things such as its distinct “coo” sound. They also have expert navigation abilities–you could call them the GPS of the bird kingdom!

Many religions consider doves to symbolize peace. Other concepts they represent are love, hope, renewal, and transformation. In the Bible, the dove played a starring role in a couple of important narratives. In the story of Noah’s ark, he released a dove for a final check to make sure the water was dried up enough to exit. And when Jesus was baptized in the River Jordan, a dove landed on him, a symbol of the Spirit of God.

July — Eagle

Great harpy eagle flying over the trees in the Amazon rainforest

Eagles are fast and nimble, similar to some people born in July.

©Alves-Silva K. R/Shutterstock.com

The eagle is the birth month of July. There are many subspecies, and folks can choose which that they most relate to, though all of them share characteristics in common. In any case, people born in July soar high like the eagle.

Someone born in July will go through periods of self-doubt that seem overwhelming. They should believe in their brilliant hearts and beautiful minds. These will pull them through most situations. They fluctuate between confidence and low self-esteem. July folks listen to their community well and keep secrets to the grave. For loved ones, they have endless patience, advice, and inspiration.

August — Kingfisher

Common European Kingfisher emerging abstract



lives near water, and those born in August might find themselves drawn to H2O of some kind.

©CreativeNature_nl/iStock via Getty Images

The kingfisher is the birth month bird of August. The animal is loud, brash, and hunts using its claws and bill.

People born in August who relate to the kingfisher are supremely confident. They do not pretend to be someone or something they aren’t. If they can accomplish something, they’ll let you know. Otherwise, they’ll tell you no. These are friendly people who love meeting and making new friends. They wear their hearts on their sleeve and are fiercely loyal to their loved ones.

September — Hawk

Ridgway’s hawk perching on the tree

Hawks soar high above the sky and there are no limits to the imagination of people born in September.

©Yingna Cai/Shutterstock.com

The bird that symbolizes September is the hawk. Many subspecies of hawk exist, and folks can choose the one they identify with most.

People born in September march to the beat of their own drum. You’ll rarely see them following trends or doing something because it’s “cool”. Also, for those whose birthday falls in this month, it might be hard to lie, or perhaps it will come quite naturally. September people treat everyone equally and people appreciate that dependability. People around them admire them, whether it’s for their work, ethics, or humility.

October — Swan

Trumpter Swan

Swans are fiercely loyal and the same can be said about some folks born in October.

©Sharon Morris/Shutterstock.com

The swan is the birth month bird for October. These waterfowl swim gracefully and form lifelong bonded pairs at around two to three years of age.

For folks born in October, they are beautiful people inside and out. They strive to be as authentic as possible in every interaction, and people admire them for that. They tend not to spread gossip or say things behind people’s backs. For their community, October people always have an answer or solution. They work diligently to make sure things work out for everyone. People come to them for advice and sometimes for recipes.

November #1 — Rooster


Roosters love the morning, though the same can’t be said for everyone born in November.

©edb3_16/iStock via Getty Images

The rooster is the first birth month bird of November. Humans domesticated these birds centuries ago, but they still roam the wild around the world.

For those born in November, they might be the ultimate best friend. They are loyal to a fault and always stick by their friends’ sides. When it sometimes might be better to tell them no, the November person might say yes. Loved ones look to them for advice and counsel through hard times.

November #2 — Kestrel

American kestrel Falco sparverius, sitting on the power lines, little bird of prey from Brazil. Bird in the nature habitat. Wildlife scene from nature.

The kestrel is fierce and intense, which is true about some people born in November.

©Ondrej Prosicky/Shutterstock.com

The second birth month bird of November is the kestrel. This animal is the smallest falcon in North America.

Those born in November that relate to the kestrel are true individuals. They don’t let others dictate what they say, how they act, or what they think. Their heart and soul act as their guides, and they live their life as their own. While some people admire and respect their directness, others do not gravitate towards it. That’s okay, the November person is at home in themselves and attracts the right people.

December — Raven


Ravens are brilliant and so are people born in December.

©Jessica Guo/iStock via Getty Images

The birth month bird for December is the raven. These birds frequently follow humans and eat their scraps or leftovers.

For those born in December, the community and fairness are important. Keeping the balance is crucial to them and they always try to stay open-minded. Others can live their life as long as they don’t try to boss the December person around. They stay humble and always believe in themselves. Seeking out adventure with open curiosity is what brings them life. Alone time is essential, and they rely on themselves first heavily.

Summary of the 12 Birth Month Birds

2.FebruaryParrot, Indigo bunting
4.AprilCanary, Wilson’s Warbler
11.NovemberKestrel, Rooster

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