9 Best Dog Parks In Atlanta

Written by Emilio Brown
Published: August 9, 2022
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Atlanta is a thriving city with tons to do, and if you have a dog, there are also plenty of areas to visit that are dog friendly. Dog parks are extremely common in Atlanta, and with so many, it may be hard to find the best one for you. This article will go over the 9 best dog parks in Atlanta and what each has to offer. 

Dog parks are some of the best places to take your pup to get some exercise, especially if you live in a big city like Atlanta. They are one of the only places where you can take the leash off your dog and let them run their hearts out. Exercise is extremely important in a dog’s overall health, but socialization is as well. At a dog park, you can find other pooches ready to play and socialize with your furry best friend.

Having a dog in Atlanta, it is recommended they are fully vaccinated and licensed with the city, which is also required before visiting any dog park. Your dog should be comfortable around other humans and pooches. Proper training is also recommended as well so you can have control over your pup. Let’s take a look at 9 of the best dog parks in Atlanta, so you can know which ones are worth visiting. 

1. Walker Park Dog Park

dog in sploot position
A simple off-leash area, Walker dog park is located in East Atlanta.


Walker Park Dog Park
Location 1435 Memorial Dr. SE, Atlanta, GA 30317
Hours 6 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

Walker dog park is a simple area for you to let your pup off-leash, found on the outskirts of east Atlanta. This dog park has two areas, so large and smaller breeds both have an area to play. This park is smaller in size but is a secure fenced-in area where you can let your dog have some time off its leash. There are no trees or benches, as it is just a small grassy field. 

A simple dog park, not many other pooches visit, so you will likely have the area to yourself. The dog park is located in Walker Park, which is a fun place for walks. When visiting, be sure to bring a water bottle and poop bags since the park does not provide any. 

2. South Bend Dog Park

South Bend Dog Park
Location 2000 Lakewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30315
Hours 24 Hours
Price Free 

South end park is a 76-acre park with playgrounds, trails, and beautiful scenery to experience. This park also has a dog park that is free to visit and open daily. It has a large and small dog area, both fully fenced in. It is very open, with enough space to exercise the highest energy of breeds. Poop bags and water are also provided. The surfacing of this park is natural grass, and large trees are abundant, giving large amounts of cooling shade. 

If visiting on a hot day, there are kiddies pools at this dog park for the dogs who love to get wet. South Bend dog park is in the South Atlanta area and is a great spot to take your dog to exercise and meet new friends. 

3. Mozley Park Dog Park

Why do dogs drool
Mozley dog park was opened in 2021.


Mozley Park Dog Park
Location 1565 Martin Luther King Jr Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30314
Hours 9 AM-6 PM 
Price Free 

One of the only dog parks in its area, Mozley Park dog park gets its name from the Atlanta neighborhood it is found in. This dog park first opened at the end of 2021 and is in the westside area of the Mozley Park neighborhood. A small and large breed section is present at this dog park, both fully fenced off and similar in size. The dog park is very clean, with dirt and grass surfacing. 

Being in a quiet area this dog park doesn’t get many visitors, but it is still a fun area where your dog can enjoy some time off its leash. Benches are spread around the park for you to sit, with large trees around for shade. 

4. Fetch Park

Fetch Park
Location 520 Daniel St SE, Atlanta, GA 30312
Hours 7:30 AM-11 PM
Price Daily Fee: $10  

Fetch Park is a dog park bar made for the enjoyment of both humans and hounds. Before visiting with your dog, they must be fully vaccinated, and an admission fee is required for them to enter. Daily passes only cost $10, but if you plan on visiting regularly, you can purchase a monthly ($40) or yearly ($275) membership. Membership is required for each pooch you plan to bring but is discounted based on how many dogs you sign up with.

The off-leash area this dog park provides is fully fenced in, with astroturf surfacing. The dogs who visit are friendly, and the staff ensures each pup is on its best behavior. Alcoholic beverages or other drinks are served to help you relax while watching your pooch. There is plenty of seating, as well as poop bags and water provided for the pups. 

Fetch Park is filled with other dogs ready to play and is a fun area to let your dog run free. The dog park is spacious and is cleaned daily. It is a fun spot to grab a drink and let your dog have some fun. 

5. Ormewood Dog Yard

royal canin small adult dog food
The Ormewood dog yard is grassy, and enables dogs get out their energy.


Ormewood Dog Yard
Location 1055 Delaware Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30316
Hours 2 PM-8 PM
Price $5 to $10 Monthly Membership

Ormewood dog yard is a small off-leash area in the Ormewood park area of Atlanta. This dog park is a great visit for you and your dog to socialize with the local residents. It is open daily from 2 PM to 8 PM but is closed on Sundays. Ormewood dog yard is a grassy field where dogs can get out their energy and play with others. It is a simple park, maintained by those who visit with donations and memberships. This dog park is a great place to meet others in the area and exercise your pup. 

6. Freedom Barkway Dog Park 

Freedom Barkway Dog Park
Location 523 Highland Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30312
Hours 6 AM-11 PM
Price Free 

A dog park found in the Old Fourth Ward neighborhood, Freedom Barkway is an open space for off-leash fun and play. A small and large dog area are both present at this park. Along with plenty of space, this dog park offers poop bags and water for your convenience. The dog park altogether is around 2 acres large, with dirt and grass surfacing. 

Being so large, this dog park is great for a game of fetch, and many people often leave toys for others to play with. A water fountain is in the park for when your dog gets thirsty. A few benches and covered areas are also around the park for you.

7. Skyland Dog Park 

Beagle running and playing
The Skyland dog park is good for dogs to play.

©Przemek Iciak/Shutterstock.com

Skyland Dog Park
Location 2600 Skyland Dr NE, Atlanta, GA 30319
Hours 7 AM-9 PM
Price Free 

Skyland Park is a neighborhood park in the area of Brookhaven, Atlanta. This park has playgrounds, walking areas, sports fields, and a dog park for your pup. In the off-leash area, there are two separate areas. One is for smaller dogs, while the other is for larger breeds to play with. The off-leash areas are fully fenced off, and the open park is good for training your pup. The ground is sandy, which may get your pooch dusty or muddy in the rainy season. Skyland park is a simple and pleasant dog park to visit, with water and ample seating provided. 

8. Kirkwood Dog Park 

Kirkwood Dog Park
Location Wade Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30317
Hours 7 AM-10 PM
Price Free 

In the neighborhood of Kirkwood Atlanta is a friendly dog park named Kirkwood dog park. A clean and well-maintained dog park, it is a medium-sized dog park with a large and small dog sections. The dog park is secured with a chain-link fence, so no pup escapes and has a natural surfacing of dirt and grass. A beloved dog park in the area, the off-leash area, is kept by the nearby residents and visitors. 

Kirkwood dog park has running water to fill up a bottle or bowl for your pup. There is ample shade and seating for your comfort. While this dog park is not the busiest, it is a great space to exercise your dog and give them some space to run free. 

9. Piedmont Dog Park 

french bulldog
Dogs have enough space to expend energy in the Piedmont dog park.


Piedmont Dog Park
Location Park Dr. NE, Atlanta, GA 30309
Hours 7 AM-8 PM
Price Free 

Piedmont dog park is known by many as one of the best dog parks in the Atlanta area. This dog park is 3 acres of land dedicated for dogs to run and play off-leash. Piedmont dog park has two separate enclosures. One is for small dogs under 30 lbs, while the other is for larger breeds. Shaded areas and benches are abundant in this park. The dog park is vast, and trails are also located nearby if you want to take your pup on a peaceful walk around the 185-acre Piedmont Park, which is where the dog park is located.

When not in the designated off-leash area, your dog must be on a leash, but your dog will enjoy its time in any area of the park. The Piedmont Park dog park has water spigots for filling up your dog’s bowl and a restroom nearby for personal use.

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