Aggressive Baboons Chase Woman Off The Road

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: February 24, 2024

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Running for your life always seems to be a thing the movies like to dramatize. Whether it’s an angry bear charging at a girl through town or an axe-wielding murderer chasing someone through their house, when it happens in real life, it can be one of the most terrorizing experiences. Let’s see what happens in the video below when a troop of baboons charges at a woman passing by. 

Check Out the Video Below! 

Angry Baboons Charge at Tourist

The short TikTok clip shown in the above section takes us to either Africa or Asia, where baboons live. The Discover 7777 TikTok channel shared this video, which has gathered over one million views! This page shares wild footage of elephants fighting, dogs chasing people, horses kicking each other, and chickens trying to get across a pond in the most hilarious way. 

Woman Runs for Her Life

As the video starts out, a woman is walking along the side of the road between large mountains. One of her friends is just up ahead and has started filming the interaction that is just about to happen. Off to the side is a rock wall where an entire troop of baboons are perched. They start to leap over the wall, and one by one, they start to charge at this woman. 

According to the San Diego Zoo, “While these monkeys are commonly tolerated by humans, they are occasionally considered a pest…(and) aggressive when approached.” And even though the woman didn’t approach them in the video, she could have before. It could have just been that she was crossing into their territory. 

Baboons can run up to speeds of 30 miles per hour. And with speeds like that barreling towards this woman, it is no wonder that she was terrified and ran away.

What Animals Hunt Baboons?

Baboon Teeth- Chacma Baboon

Baboons have five species.


The first thought when the word “monkey” is said we imagine an adorable furry animal swinging from a tree to pluck a banana out of the tree. But don’t let the storybook fairytales fool you. The baboon is far from a cute animal. 

These monkeys are fierce mammals that can weigh up to 100 pounds, reach up to 3 feet, and have large fangs that can put the fear of God into anybody. However, like animals, they are not exempt from being hunted down. Baboons have to worry about predators such as lions, African wild dogs, and leopards. 

The National Library of Medicine shares that leopards are considered to be the highest predator that baboons have. However, “It is suggested that the extreme aggressiveness of baboons, group vigilance and their high mobility when escaping may limit leopard predation…retaliation often leads to the death of the leopard.” So, if baboons can kill a leopard that is hunting them, we can only imagine what they could have done to this woman passing by peacefully. 

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