Gabrielle Monia
Author for A-Z Animals

Gabrielle is a freelance writer with a focus on animals, nature and travel. A Pacific Northwest native, she now resides in the high desert beneath towering ponderosa pines with her beloved dog by her side. She often writes with a coyote call or owl hoot backdrop and is visited by the local deer, squirrels, robins and crows. A committee of turkey vultures convenes nightly in the trees where she resides. Here, the flock and their ancestors have roosted for over 100 years. Her devotion to the natural world has led her to the lifelong study of plants, fungi, wildlife and the interactions between them all.

Tulips That Thrive in Oregon Picture

Oregon is a Pacific Northwest state with a coastline that hugs the Pacific Ocean. It’s a land of dense evergreen forests, fertile valleys, wide-reaching plains and deserts dotted with majestic… Read More

By Gabrielle Monia 5 months ago

3 Tulips to Grow In Idaho Picture

Idaho is nicknamed “the gem state,” and gem and mineral treasures abound in its varied landscape of mountain ranges, canyons, grassy valleys, plains, and far-reaching lowlands. The climate varies throughout… Read More

By Gabrielle Monia 6 months ago

Male vs. Female German Shepherd Picture

Originally bred to assist shepherds with herding and protecting sheep and other livestock, the German Shepherd is an exceptionally intelligent working dog breed. They excel as guardians in positions of… Read More

By Gabrielle Monia 7 months ago

Male vs. Female Goose Picture

Geese are known for their loud honk-like calls and a characteristic v-shaped flight pattern. They are highly susceptible to the process of imprinting in which newly hatched goslings will accept… Read More

By Gabrielle Monia 8 months ago

Male vs. Female Tarantula Picture

Tarantulas are a group of large and hairy spiders with over 1,000 species identified. These ambush predators live in burrows and practice the sit-and-wait method of finding a meal. Some… Read More

By Gabrielle Monia 8 months ago

Male vs. Female Rat Picture

Rats are highly intelligent and social creatures that thrive in stimulating environments. It’s recommended that pet rats be kept in pairs or groups. Unless you’re planning on taking on the… Read More

By Gabrielle Monia 8 months ago

Male vs. Female Duck Picture

Ducks are called drakes when they are male and females are referred to as hens. If raising backyard ducks, an ideal flock makeup might be three hens on their own,… Read More

By Gabrielle Monia 10 months ago

Male vs. Female Goldfish Picture

Sexing your goldfish can be important if you own more than one fish, which is probably best to prevent them from getting lonely. Keeping one female with multiple males can… Read More

By Gabrielle Monia 10 months ago

Male vs. Female Lobster Picture

When it comes to anatomy, lobsters are a fascination of the sea. The stomach of a lobster contains a gastric mill used to crush ingested food matter. Their brains are… Read More

By Gabrielle Monia 12 months ago

Garter Snakes In Oklahoma Picture

As one of the most geographically diverse states in the United States, Oklahoma is made up of flat grasslands, forests, marshlands and mountain ranges. The diverse landscape is home to… Read More

By Gabrielle Monia 1 year ago