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I have been writing professionally for several years with a focus on animals and wildlife. I love spending time in the outdoors and when not writing I can be found on the farm surrounded by horses, dogs, sheep, and pigs.

How Do Flies Reproduce? Picture

Flies are all around us and they are one of only a few animals that occur on every continent in the world — including Antarctica. It is estimated that there… Read More

By Hannah Ward 1 month ago

Can Chipmunks Climb Trees? Picture

Chipmunks are small rodents which are sometimes mistaken for squirrels. They are widespread across North America and are sometimes described as being pests due to their burrowing behavior. However, as… Read More

By Hannah Ward 1 month ago

Can Rats Climb Trees? Picture

Some people love them and some people hate them, but regardless of your feelings toward them, rats are undoubtedly fascinating creatures. They are extremely agile and athletic animals and are… Read More

By Hannah Ward 1 month ago

Can Woodchucks Climb Trees? Picture

Also known as groundhogs, woodchucks are large rodents that are common across North America. Although they can be a nuisance to farmers and gardeners, they actually play an important role… Read More

By Hannah Ward 2 months ago

10 Beautiful National Parks in Brazil Picture

Brazil is the largest country in South America and spans an immense 3.3 million square miles. It has incredibly diverse topography which includes stunning mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, and numerous cliffs,… Read More

By Hannah Ward 2 months ago