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Lex is a green-living, tree-hugging, animal-lover, who at one time was the mother to twenty one felines and one doggo. Now she helps pet owners around the globe be the best caretakers for their most trusting companions by sharing her experience and spreading love.

Can You Kill Rats With Salt? Picture

Key Points Rat infestation is one of the biggest concern and reason for spreading of diseases.Rat poison can seem like the easies solution, however, it can be very harmful if… Read More

By Lex Basu 10 months ago

How Big Is the Hoover Dam? Picture

Key Points Hoover Dam is an iconic monument known as historic landmark due to its significance in development of the southern parts of the USA.It is one of the biggest… Read More

By Lex Basu 11 months ago

Why Do Cats Meow? Picture

Key Points Its a fact that cats do not meow to each other, the hiss and they posture but never meow., it is only reserved for humans.As cat owners will… Read More

By Lex Basu 1 year ago

Cottonmouth Population By State Picture

Key Points: Cottonmouth snakes are native to the United States, with most living in the southeastern states and their range extending to Texas, southern Illinois, and parts of Indiana. Alabama… Read More

By Lex Basu 1 year ago

What Do Muscovy Ducks Eat? Picture

Key Points Muscovy Ducks, the largest species of ducks can become pretty big in size, weighing up to 15 pounds.The fleshy part around their beaks and eyes are red, which… Read More

By Lex Basu 1 year ago

Types of Siamese Cats Picture

Key Points The Siamese cats posses distinctive features such as triangular head and dark faces.They originated in Thailand and were transported to USA in the end of 1800s.They are very… Read More

By Lex Basu 1 year ago

How To Check For Bed Bugs Picture

Key Points Bed bugs live in furniture and furnishings, especially beds, sofas, under the house lamp etc.They are very small and can be transferred from one place to another through… Read More

By Lex Basu 1 year ago

Do Bed Bugs Fly? Picture

Key Points: Bed bugs are hard to get rid of and probably one of the most hated pests on the planet.There are around 90 different species of bed bugs, out… Read More

By Lex Basu 1 year ago

The Life Cycle of a Beetle Picture

Key Points Belonging to the Cleopteran order of insects , the existence of beetles can be traced back to as far as 200 million years.A few subspecies of beetle can… Read More

By Lex Basu 1 year ago

Top 8 Heaviest / Fattest Cats Picture

Key Points Cats have been kept as pets since their usefulness in getting rid of small rodents and birds was first discoveredThey were largely kept in barns and near food… Read More

By Lex Basu 1 year ago

10 Beautiful Green Animals Picture

Key Points Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, sometimes in deceptive ways as beauty doesn't always mean harmless, and there is no shortage of it in nature.The color… Read More

By Lex Basu 1 year ago

Most Expensive Horses in The World Picture

Key Points Horses are majestic creatures and they have been domesticated for various reasons for centuries.Owning a horse equates with higher quality of life as it involves lot of physical… Read More

By Lex Basu 1 year ago

What Do Mealworms Eat? Picture

Key Point Mealworms make great food for small pets such as lizards, birds, chickens and fish.They have been marked as safe for humans to eat.Mealworms turn into darkling beetles. Both… Read More

By Lex Basu 1 year ago

Kids Raised by Animals Picture

Key Points Its a common misconception that animals are always aggressive towards humans. However, most animals are actually scared of humans and try to avoid us as much as possible.Although… Read More

By Lex Basu 1 year ago

Large Terrier Breeds Picture

Key Points Terriers are hunter dogs that were bred to chase down smaller animals and enter burrows and holes.They are usually thought of as small scruffy dogs with lot of… Read More

By Lex Basu 1 year ago

What’s A Group of Butterflies Called? Picture

Key Points There are around 17,500 species of butterfly in the world, scattered across all continents except Antarctica.In the United States there are around 750 species of butterflies.Butterflies are generally… Read More

By Lex Basu 2 years ago

What Flowers Attract Butterflies? Picture

Key Points Butterflies are beautiful creatures and as long as one can remember they have been associated with myths and fairytales.Its fascinating to watch them fly around from one flower… Read More

By Lex Basu 2 years ago

Where Do Snakes Live? Picture

Key Points Snakes are one of the most feared creatures in the world and the most fascinating.They can be found on all continents except the polar regions as snakes cannot… Read More

By Lex Basu 2 years ago