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Sharon has a Ph.D. in Public Health but has spent the last decade researching and writing about all things connected with animal health and well being. As a life-long animal lover, she now shares her family home with three rabbits, a Syrian hamster, and a very energetic Cocker Spaniel but in the past she has also been a Mom to Guinea Pigs and several cats!She has a passion for researching accurate and credible information about pets and reviewing products that make pet owners' lives a bit easier. When she isn't checking out new pet products she's trekking around the Welsh mountains and beaches with her dog - although she lets her husband and her three grown up daughters tag along sometimes if they are lucky!

Why Are Dogs Noses Wet? The Surprising Reasons Picture

There is a common misconception amongst dog owners that you can tell how healthy your dog is by examining their nose. Whilst it is true that dog noses can show signs of illness, there are no hard and fast rules about what they should look and feel like in a healthy dog. Instead, you should […] Read More

Why Do Dogs Dig Holes Constantly? Can You Stop Them? Picture

We often read about digging being a “problem behavior” in dogs. In reality, it is only a problem when dogs do it in places that we don’t want them to! No one wants to see their carefully manicured lawn getting scratched to bits or a meticulously laid out flower bed destroyed by busy paws. If […] Read More

Butt Sniffing With Dogs: What It Means Picture

You may say ‘Hey’ and smile when you pass another person on the sidewalk but if you both have dogs, they will greet each other in a much more intimate way. All dogs sniff each other’s butts at some point.  But why do dogs sniff butts and should you just let them get on with […] Read More

Why Dogs Get ‘Stuck’ Together During Sex, and What Do to About It Picture

If you have ever tried breeding dogs or even witnessed an accidental mating, you may have come across a seemingly bizarre occurrence. The dogs appear to get stuck together and cannot separate after having sex. If you are not aware that this can happen, it can be very alarming. However, this is something that is […] Read More

This Is Why Dogs Walk in Circles Before Lying Down, According to Vets Picture

It’s an adorable thing that many pooches do but exactly why do dogs circle before they lay down? Why can’t they just flop in one position when they are tired? Many dogs obviously feel that they must turn in multiple circles before finally settling on a preferred position. As a dog owner, you may be […] Read More

If Your Dog Keeps Putting Their Paw on You, This Is Why Picture

It can be one of the most adorable gestures and one of the most exasperating if you are trying to work at your computer! Either way, when your dog puts their paw on you, it’s pretty hard to ignore, right? So, why do dogs put their paw on you? It’s pretty clear that they are […] Read More

Explained: Why Your Dog Chases Cars Picture

Some dog behaviors are potentially dangerous for the dog and everyone around them. Chasing cars is one of those behaviors. This is something that you need to actively prevent because it can result in a serious injury. So, why do dogs chase cars? Here we examine the main reasons and use them to compile some […] Read More

Why Dogs Reverse Sneeze, and How to Stop It Picture

‘Reverse sneezing’ sounds as if it is going to be quite a comical thing but when you hear a dog do one, it can be a bit alarming! This canine behavior may be something that you have not come across before. New owners can confuse it for something more serious like choking, gagging, or a […] Read More

Is Rawhide Bad For Dogs? Picture

It’s a quick, convenient, and (fairly) mess-free treat for your pooch, but is rawhide bad for dogs? It can contain both bacteria and chemicals and presents a choking hazard under some circumstances. Quite rightly, dog owners are far more interested than they used to be in what their dog is eating. Dog Moms and Dads […] Read More

This Is How Long Dogs Can Hold Their Pee (Varies By Age) Picture

No matter how much we love our dogs, there are going to be times when we need to leave them alone. Then, we face the dilemma of what to do about their potty breaks! More and more people are traveling with their dogs and this presents the same problem. We have spent weeks training our […] Read More

Why Do Dogs Pant, and How You Can Help Picture

Panting is such a common behavior for dogs that we just accept it and don’t pay it much attention. But, why do dogs pant? If we can find out more about this common canine trait we can learn to spot if our dog is panting for the wrong reasons. Most of the time it simply […] Read More

Do Dogs Like Music, And Which Is Most Calming? Picture

This depends on what we mean by “understand.” Dogs can certainly hear music and seem to be able to tell the difference between music and other common household sounds. Our canine companions certainly react to music. Many dogs start howling when they hear reed instrument solos, such as the clarinet and saxophone. They also seem […] Read More

Why Is Chocolate So Bad For Dogs? What Are The Real Reasons? Picture

It’s a delicious sweet treat that we humans love. We even give chocolate as a gift at special times of the year. Yet, for our dogs, it is a highly toxic and dangerous substance. So, why is chocolate bad for dogs? Here we explain the science behind this household hazard and give you some tips […] Read More

Why Do Dogs Shake, Actually? Picture

Shivering and trembling are fairly common dog behaviors but they can look quite alarming if you are not used to them and don’t know what is causing them. So, why do dogs shake? There are a number of different reasons that range from excitement to illness. Most are perfectly harmless but some are an indication […] Read More

This Is Why Your Dog Chases Squirrels Picture

This can be one of the most frustrating aspects of training a dog. Just when you think your dog’s attention is focused on you, they detect a squirrel or other critter and you may as well not exist. If they are off-leash they disappear, if they are on a leash your shoulder gets pulled practically […] Read More

This Is Why Dogs Roll In Poop (And Other Stinky Things) Picture

Nothing ruins a walk quite as much as your dog rolling in poop. One moment your four-legged friend is trotting along beside you but the next moment they are rolling in…something quite disgusting. As soon as you spot your dog rolling in the grass, you know that whatever they are rubbing themselves in is not […] Read More

Why Your Dog Is Hiccuping, And What To Do About It Picture

Have you heard your dog hiccupping and felt a bit worried that they may have something wrong with them? We know that we humans can get hiccups if we eat or drink something too quickly but why do dogs get hiccups? We explain, here, all the possible causes and tell you when you should and […] Read More

Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads? The Behavior Explained Picture

It’s one of the most adorable poses your pooch can adopt – the head tilt makes every dog lover’s heart melt. But, why do dogs tilt their heads at all? Are they trying to tell us something? Is it an indicator of their intelligence or personality, perhaps? We’ve delved into the latest research and expert […] Read More

Why Your Dog Licks You: What They’re Trying to Say Picture

Opinions on dog licks can be divided into two camps. There are people who think it’s super cute and affectionate. Then, there are others who find it a bit gross. However you feel about it, most dog owners have asked “Why do dogs lick you?” at some point in their lives. The answers lie in […] Read More

Can Cats Eat Dog Food? And is it Bad? Picture

We’ve all been there. You’re in jammies and ready for bed, and it’s pouring down rain outside when you discover you’ve run out of cat food. Surely, it can’t hurt to feed your kitty some of your dog’s food, right? After all, they are both household pets, and cat and dog food look kind of […] Read More

Dogs Eating Cat Poop: What It Means and What to Do Picture

Why do dogs eat cat poop? It must be up there with the grossest thing your pooch does, right? Yet, nearly all dogs have done it at some point. And there are a few dogs who seem to be obsessed with cat poop and seek it out wherever they can! It’s natural for dog owners […] Read More

Your Dog’s Zoomies: The ‘Hyper Run’ Explained Picture

“Stand back! The dog’s gone crazy!” All dog parents have thought this at one time as they watch their beloved pooch race around the room. This bizarre behavior is called ‘having the zoomies’ and is something that experienced dog parents are very used to. To those who are not so used to dogs, however, this […] Read More

Dog Scooting (Butt Dragging) And How To Stop It Picture

This is probably one of the most mortifying things that your dog can do when you have guests over for dinner. So, why do dogs drag their butts? Surely, they are not doing it just to make us feel embarrassed? Butt dragging also called scooting, is simply a dog’s way of trying to ease some […] Read More

4 Reasons Your Dog is Licking Your Feet, and What To Do About it Picture

Have you been asking: ‘Why do dogs lick your feet?’ This seemingly strange behavior is quite common amongst our four-legged friends. It may be puzzling to dog owners, but this is a perfectly natural thing for dogs to do. Let us explain why that is and give you some tips on what to do about […] Read More

Why Do Dogs Sneeze (Not What You Expect) Picture

Why do dogs sneeze? Dogs sneezing can be the cutest sound but there is more to it than you think. There are so many reasons that could be behind it including communication, excitement, infections, and allergies. Most of the time it is perfectly harmless, but it could also be an indicator of something more serious. […] Read More

Do Dogs Like Kisses, Actually? Picture

It’s a natural human reaction to want to kiss those that we love but do dogs like kisses? What is going through your four-legged friend’s mind when you pucker up? Here, we explore the fascinating world of canine affection and set out everything you need to know about showing your love for your dog. And […] Read More