Black Bear Charges A Man Bow Hunting – See The Incredible Footage

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: August 30, 2023
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Key Points:

  • A man is hunting on a cloudy day and decides to film the adventure, not realizing what he was about to catch on camera.
  • Suddenly, a black image is seen in the distance as the man seems to freeze.
  • Frightened, the man grabs his camera and runs away.
Black bear
Black bears have a reputation for being laid back but they are highly unpredictable.

©Menno Schaefer/

Between a grizzly and a black bear, most adventurers would prefer a black bear. However, in this clip, you see just how unpredictable these large animals truly are.

The video starts with an open view of a nature scene with a narrow dirt road running through the grass, downed trees, and up into a hill where more trees can be seen lining the backdrop.

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It’s a hazy day, with light gray skies and clouds that keep the sun from shining through.

A man can be heard walking, breaking twigs beneath his feet as he keeps recording ahead. There are droplets of water on the top of his camera, which limit visibility.

He turns and the camera pans to his left just before he crouches down with his bow and arrow in hand.

Up until this moment, the black bear wasn’t visible. However, as the man takes pause, you can see a slight dark spot moving in the center of the screen. You can’t quite make out what it is from this distance, but it appears the man has spotted the bear and is staying still.

animals unique to North America: American black bear
The American black bear can run up to 40mph.


The bear continues to approach, and the man makes a few slight adjustments to his positioning just before wiping the lens of his camera and preparing himself with a bow and arrow in hand.

The bear keeps approaching until it’s only a few yards away—it looks around, spots the man, and quickly picks up speed, heading right toward him. The man, in obvious distress, begins yelling at the bear maniacally. He manages to bring up the arrow facing the bear, but it all happens too quickly.

His screaming is filled with terror as the bear rapidly approaches him. You can see he’s a bit destabilized and attempting to retreat backward as the bear lunges at him.

The man puts out his bow in defense as the bear lands on him. The camera falls and all you can see is a small puddle in the dirt that reflects a blinking red light from the camera.

A few tense seconds go by before the man picks up his camera. He immediately starts running away from the scene of the attack. The man records himself as he makes his way out of the area and comments “I should have seen it a long time ago… scared me to death!”

Black bear lunges at man with bow and arrow in hand.

He lets out a few relieved giggles as he looks behind his shoulder to make sure he’s gotten away safely. We too sighed with relief when we realized that the man survived this crazy black bear encounter.

Is This Normal Behavior?

How do most black bears react to seeing a human? By nature, bears are laid-back creatures who are not overly aggressive or malicious. They prefer to avoid human interaction, but sometimes, usually due to a desire for food, they will run into humans. Black bears will become less fearful of humans as they return to a food source, which can lead to problems. Female black bears will attack humans to defend their cubs, but even so, black bear attacks are very rare. A startled bear, however, may charge you. If you stumble upon a black bear, the best thing to do is to black away slowly, avoid eye contact, and retreat. Wave your arms to show it you’re a human. If the bear attacks, fight back. Use your fists, rocks, sticks, and bear spray. If a grizzly bear attacks, however, it is best to play dead. Never climb a tree because they will follow you right up.

A sleuth, or group, of three American black bears (Ursus americanus), a mother bear and two of her cubs, sit in a rocky field.
Female black bears will become aggressive against potential predators to defend their cubs.

©Derek R. Audette/

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Black Bear (Ursus americanus)
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black bear
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