Borzoi Prices in 2024: Purchase Cost, Vet Bills, and More!

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Written by Katarina Betterton

Updated: November 3, 2023

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The borzoi is an interesting breed. Its lanky legs and silky coat place it somewhere between a whippet, a greyhound, and a retriever. These dogs, which some also refer to as Russian wolfhounds, used to hunt alongside humans. Their speed, agility, and strength served them well — borzoi dogs could chase down fast prey and pin them to the ground until their human counterpart caught up.

Today, borzoi dogs have grown in popularity as a domesticated pet. Like some other breeds, borzois have a distinct, almost cat-like nature… when their prey drives to chase a squirrel, rabbit, or bird doesn’t intervene. Borzois remain affectionate, energetic, and intelligent.

Looking to buy a borzoi in 2024? Keep reading to discover borzoi prices in 2024, from the purchase cost of a puppy to ongoing maintenance bills and more.

How Much Does a Borzoi Puppy Cost?

In 2024, the average cost of a Borzoi puppy is between $2,000 and $3,000.

In 2024, expect to pay around $2,500 for a borzoi puppy. While the prices range based on a variety of factors, if you can find a breeder who is currently selling borzoi puppies, you can expect to pay between $1,800 and $3,000 dollars.

Where you adopt your borzoi dictates the price significantly. Puppy mills, though nearly none exist for the borzoi breed, may have a cheaper price point. Breeders, especially American Kennel Club registered or certified, will charge a little more. You pay not only for the reputation of the AKC breeder but the integrity of the breeding line as well. Finally, you may come across a borzoi at your local shelter or Humane Society. Each rescue differs on price point, but this is usually the cheapest option when adopting a borzoi. Because borzoi remains a rarer purebred breed in the United States, puppies cost a significant amount.

Of course, the cost of a borzoi puppy depends on more than just its heritage. 

Other Factors that Influence the Purchase Price of a Borzoi in 2024

Like other breeds, borzois cost more or less depending on a variety of different factors. Josh Snead, CEO of Rainwalk Pet Insurance, told A-Z Animals “There are a couple of factors that influence the price of a borzoi dog. The first is whether or not you purchase the dog from a reputable breeder. The second is if the dog comes from a champion bloodline. Some people selling Borzoi also factor in the color of its coat into the costs.”


The parents of a borzoi puppy have the most say in how expensive a puppy is. Championship parents that have competed or won agility competitions, performance shows, or races, have a more desirable set of genetics. As such, breeders expect their puppies to inherit those genes and price the litter accordingly. 

The AKC denotes this star-stunned lineage on its breeder marketplace with a badge that signifies a puppy’s parents or grandparents have earned some sort of AKC championship title. For non-AKC breeders, it’s best to do your research to ensure the dogs in question really have won a title.


Depending on your, or the breeder’s, location, the borzoi might cost more. Alaska and Hawaii aren’t part of the contiguous United States, so a breeder from either state may charge exorbitant shipping or transportation fees with the purchase of your borzoi puppy.


Dog Russian Borzoi Wolfhound Head , Outdoors Spring Autumn Time

Multiple factors can affect the initial cost of a borzoi such as lineage, coloration, gender, and location of purchase.

©bruev/iStock via Getty Images

Across all dog breeds, female dogs tend to cost more than males because of their ability to breed. Surprisingly, most borzoi breeders charge the same for both genders. In 2024, the demand for borzoi dogs remains strong and steady, so the currently available male and female dogs in the marketplace remain generally the same cost. 


Can you believe that borzoi dogs come in over 20 different types of markings? The many different colors range from rust, to fawn, to white, and everywhere in between. While many borzoi dogs have a mixture of colors on their silky fur, there is one specific color that will fetch a higher price.

Brown borzoi have liver-colored hair where there’s supposed to be black hair, making this one of the rarest genetic mutations a borzoi could have. However rare a brown coat is, it’s not alone in the non-standard borzoi coloring. Of the 30 different colors borzois come in, 18 are standard by AKC’s classification. That leaves 12 rare colorings for borzois, meaning breeders have the ability to upcharge for particularly unique coats.


If a borzoi puppy has a health issue, its breeder may adjust its price. Sometimes a breeder will make that dog more expensive to recoup the losses the dog’s vet bills incurred. Others will decrease the price of the dog. They may decrease it for two reasons: the ongoing maintenance of that health issue will saddle the new owner with more costs, and lowering the initial price is a gesture of good faith. Or, breeders recognize that owners want fully healthy dogs and knock a few hundred off the price as an apology.


Borzoi aren’t the most in-demand breed. In fact, in 2022, they ranked almost dead middle on AKC’s breed popularity list at number 101. Still, the unique-looking hunting dog that runs fast and is affectionate with families has driven up the price in recent years. Because borzois remain hard to come by, breeders can charge hundreds, if not thousands, more than they normally would.

Cost of Vaccination and Other Medical Expenses for a Borzoi in 2024

Portrait of beautiful dog breed russian borzoi sitting in the green grass and yellow buttercup field in summer at sunset

Your borzoi puppy will need the DHPP vaccine and rabies in its first year of life.

©Anastasiia Cherniavskaia/iStock via Getty Images

When you bring home your borzoi puppy, you’ll need to get them their first shots. The first year of vaccines will cost somewhere between $70 and $200 depending on your veterinarian, the shots you choose to get, and the region in which you live.

The vaccines your borzoi absolutely needs to get include:

  • Rabies.
  • Parvovirus.
  • Distemper.
  • Hepatitis.

This group of vaccines, sometimes referred to as the DHPP vaccine, comes all in one. So instead of four shorts, your puppy only needs one to secure proactive protection from the above diseases. According to Market Watch, this vaccine costs somewhere between $33 and $39.

The vaccines that are recommended, but not required for boarding or dog daycare, include:

  • Bordetella (which can cost up to $33 a shot).
  • Lepto and Lyme (which can cost up to $24 or $43 a shot, respectively).
  • Influenza (which can cost up to $52 a shot).

Ongoing shots are up to you after the first year of your borzoi’s life. Your vet will strongly encourage the DHPP set every year, as well as rabies every three years. If your borzoi won’t join you on travel or excursions, make sure their Bordetella vaccine is up to date — many kennels and daycares will turn away pups who don’t have a recent Bordetella shot.

When it comes to other medical issues, borzoi dogs are generally pretty healthy. Like other large breeds, they may have a higher chance of bloat and elbow and hip dysplasia. They also may develop osteochondritis dissecans or progressive retinal atrophy.

Cost of Food and Supplies for a Borzoi in 2024

Borzoi dog running through deep snow

Borzois love to run. Those who have an active lifestyle should eat high-protein food.

©Trygve Finkelsen/iStock via Getty Images

The diet of a borzoi reflects that of other larger breeds with high energy levels. However, keep the activity level of your borzoi in mind. If you work from home and your borzoi spends most of the day sitting, sleeping, or laying beside you, they’re not going to need the same amount of food (and treats) as a borzoi who races competitively. 

Borzoi dogs generally eat a food that features protein in the majority, with five to 10% of the meal being fat. Large-breed dog food has these requirements — ask your vet which brand they recommend. You might also consider choosing a dog food that promotes healthy hair or skin.

Generally, large-breed dog food costs between $40 and $70 a bag.  

Cost of Grooming for a Borzoi in 2024

Borzois dogs have long coats. Like any other pup with a long coat, borzois will shed, need routine baths, and want to visit the groomer every now and again.

For most owners, grooming at home is perfectly fine. However, you’ll want good brushes, shampoo, and combs to ensure your borzoi keeps an unmatted, shiny coat.

  • Pin brushes for borzois cost around $20.
  • Slicker brushes for borzoi cost between $10 and $60, depending on the quality. 
  • Shampoo and conditioner for borzois cost around $15.
  • Combs for borzois cost around $13.

Once or twice a year, you may want to take your borzoi to the groomer for a professional shampoo, cleaning, and hair trim. Generally, grooming appointments can range between $35 and $75 dollars. 

How Much Does it Cost to Insure a Borzoi in 2024?

Insuring your borzoi’s health in 2024 will vary by insurance provider. Puppies tend to have a slightly lower monthly cost by a few dollars.

According to Market Watch, monthly pet insurance for dogs costs around $56 for adults and $53 for puppies. Because borzoi don’t have well-known preexisting health conditions (like French bulldogs or Rottweilers) but are considered a large breed dog, they run in the middle of the pack for pet insurance costs. 

How Much Does it Cost to Train a Borzoi in 2024?

White Russian Dog, Borzoi, Hunting dog in Summer Sunset Sunrise

If you’d like to adventure with your borzoi, consider advanced off-leash training to control its prey drive.

©Ryhor Bruyeu/iStock via Getty Images

Depending on the type of training you’d like to give your borzoi, prices can vary drastically.

  • Dog daycare (for pure socialization). Expect to pay between $20 and $40 for a full day of daycare.
  • Basic puppy training. Expect to pay between $100 to $200 for a set of four to six group lessons. Private lessons are more expensive, with a single session costing upwards of $40 or $50 at chain pet stores. Some award-winning trainers cost hundreds for a single private obedience lesson.
  • Advanced puppy training: Expect to pay between $150 to $200 for a set of sessions.
  • Skills training (like championship training): It’s hard to quantify this because almost every trainer has their own pay scale. Expect to pay in somewhere the hundreds for one session.

While not necessarily a drawback, the borzoi breed does have a clear stubborn streak. Training and early socialization are recommended. Basic puppy obedience and core skills — like learning their name, how to sit and stay, how to come, and how to wait to go through doors — cost less than more advanced training. These sessions, whether group or private, focus on more nuanced skills like leash training, potty training, agility drills, and methods to stop unwanted behaviors (like digging, herding, or aggressiveness).

Because borzois have such a strong prey drive, experts strongly encourage owners to walk them on a leash. Additional leash training might be a good idea based on how your borzoi handles themselves in public. If you’re committed to having an off-leash borzoi, acknowledge additional training will be needed.

Remember that classes are only one part of the puzzle. When you get home, it’s your responsibility to reinforce training. This may be free to do, but it’s important to realize the mental, physical, and emotional toll that training a dog costs. Borzoi are affectionate — but they’re also independent and require significant patience. 

The Borzoi: Moderate Maintenance and Super Snuggles

In 2024, borzois remain a moderately expensive dog based on the initial investment to buy, grooming cost, food cost, and training. 

Borzois are great dogs for families who want a regal-looking pup that is both affectionate and independent. They will give chase to small animals and sometimes don’t realize their size. Still, borzois offer their owners a lifetime of fun, silliness, and cuddles.

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