The 6 Countries That Share a Border with Italy

Written by Patrick MacFarland
Published: January 10, 2024
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Italy is a country that is steeped in rich history, culture, and scrumptious food. Pasta, pizza, and Aperol Spritz hail from this Mediterranean country. The country has a mild climate near the sea, but in the mountainous regions of the north, it borders the Alps and is therefore colder. Animals that roam in the country are vast and diverse. They include mountain goats, otters, and marmosets. 

Today, Italy is a democracy that is part of the European Union. It is one of the most populous countries in the European continent with 58.8 million people. It also borders six countries. Let’s take a look at the six countries that share a border with Italy.


Beautiful of Aerial panoramic view in a Autumn season at a historic city of Salzburg with Salzach river in beautiful golden evening light sky and colorful of autumn at sunset, Salzburger Land, Austria

The country of Austria has hosted the Winter Olympics two times: in 1964 and 1976.

©Nok Lek Travel Lifestyle/

Austria is Italy’s neighbor to the northeast. It is a landlocked country located in Central Europe. The border is mostly mountainous, as Austria is generally a mountainous nation. The Alps mostly cover Austria, which means that its climate is temperate to a cold continental climate. The country is extremely biodiverse and is home to animals like foxes, bears, owls, and falcons.


Nantes, France 6th October 2019 A barque, barc, or bark is a type of sailing vessel with three or more masts

The French eat a whopping 25,000 tons of snails and drink 40 liters of wine every year.

©Pixilated Planet/ via Getty Images

With its famous landmarks, food, and architecture, France is one of the most visited countries in the world. The nation borders Italy to the northwest and the border is a mountainous one until it reaches the coast, which is more plain. France has several climates because of its geographic location and the size of the country. More than 25% of France is forested and the animals that make France home include brown bears, chamois antelopes, as well as flamingos.


Ljubljana - Slovenia (Church and river Ljubljanica)

Former First Lady Melania Trump was born in Slovenia.

©TomasSereda/iStock via Getty Images

Located in Central Europe, Slovenia borders Italy to the northeast. The country is mountainous for the most part, which means the border it shares with Italy is just that. The exception is the part where it borders the Adriatic Sea. Slovenia is a diverse country with many animals, including Alpine ibexes, brown bears, and Krškopolje pigs.


Zermatt Valley and Matterhorn Peak, Switzerland

The Swiss Federation is one of the most expensive countries to live in and also has one of the lowest crime rates in Europe.


Switzerland is a landlocked country that borders Italy to the north. The Alps mountain range separates the country, which means that the border is mountainous. The Alps are a popular tourist destination perfect for those who want to ski or do other snow activities. The animals that live in the mountains include the ibex, mountain goat, and others.

San Marino

San Marino

The microstate of San Marino is surrounded by Italy.


San Marino is a tiny landlocked nation that is home to 33,000 people. It is surrounded by Italy on all sides. It is a mountainous and hilly country that attracts nature-loving tourists and hiking enthusiasts. There are a variety of animals living in the small country, which include rodents, bats, horses, and its national bird, the peregrine falcon.

Vatican City

View from the Cupola of St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican

Vatican City is the tiniest country in the world and is surrounded by Italy.


A landlocked tiny nation, Vatican City is the seat of the Pope. The Pope, currently Francis, is the head of the Roman Catholic Church. It is the smallest country in the world with a population of only several hundred people living there. Vatican City is surrounded by Rome, Italy’s capital.


Italy has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world with a total of 58.

©Olga_Gavrilova/ via Getty Images

The six countries that share a border with Italy include Austria, France, Slovenia, Switzerland, San Marino, and Vatican City. Italy is a fascinating country with a lot of history and culture. It is one of the most popular countries to visit. Visiting Italy will open up your minds, hearts, and your stomachs (with the delicious pasta!).

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