Croc Powers Out of the Water Like a Missile to Chase a Meat Lure

Written by Sharon Parry
Published: February 28, 2024
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It’s not unusual to see footage of crocodiles lunging at their prey with incredible speed and power, but they usually do it horizontally. The croc in this clip is showing us its vertical moves. The clip is slowed so that we have time to appreciate just how amazing this reptile is. Its huge body emerges from the water like a missile, powered by a strong tail, before crashing back down into the water.

Watch the Croc Launch Now!

Where Do Saltwater Crocodiles Normally Live?

Saltwater crocodiles are most often found on the coast of northern Australia, as well as on the islands of New Guinea and Indonesia. Their range reaches to the west as far as Sri Lanka and to the east as far as India. They can also be spotted along the shorelines of central Vietnam, around Borneo, and around the Philippines. This crocodile species is a very strong swimmer and is often spotted a long way from land!

As you would expect with a name like ‘saltwater crocodile,’ these reptiles have a high tolerance for saline water. This is why they are found in coastal waters. However, they are also found in freshwater rivers and swamps. Young crocodiles are raised in freshwater rivers, but they are forced out of these areas by dominant males who want to use them as a breeding ground. The younger crocs then roam the coastline, looking for their own river system in which to to set up home.

What Do Saltwater Crocodiles Normally Eat?

Saltwater crocodile on shore

Saltwater crocodiles lunge at their prey.


Saltwater crocodiles are proficient predators and are willing to target a wide range of prey. When they are younger, they tend to focus on smaller animals like insects, crustaceans, and small fish. However, as they become larger, they feed on larger prey, and this includes crabs, snakes, and birds. The largest saltwater crocodiles are able to target buffalo and wild boar!

Their hunting technique is to hide under the water with only their nostrils and eyes exposed. Once the prey is within range, they lunge and attack. Often, they are able to kill the target with a single snap of their jaws. Then, the victim is dragged under the water, where it is consumed.

Saltwater crocodiles can and do attack humans. Unfortunately, several humans are killed by them every year. The best advice on how to stay safe around saltwater crocodiles is to keep away from waters where they are known to frequent. Be extra vigilant at night and during the breeding season.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Willyam Bradberry/

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