Discover How a “Monster Crocodile” Ate 83 People (And Why Villagers Let Him Live)

Written by Emmanuel Kingsley
Published: April 24, 2022
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The tale of Osama the Monster crocodile is so gruesome, that it’s almost hard to believe. But what is even more shocking is that Osama the crocodile is real and not some story. The crocodile which measured about 16.4 feet terrorized the people of Uganda for 14 awful years. Discover how a “Monster Crocodile” ate 83 people (and why villagers let him live).

Who is Osama, the Monster Crocodile?

Crocodile eye
Osama the crocodile is a man-eating crocodile who developed a taste for human flesh.

© Mikkers

Named after the infamous terrorist, Osama Bin Ladin, Osama the crocodile is a man-eating crocodile who developed a taste for human flesh. Consequently, he terrorized the people of Uganda who lived around Lake Victoria, his habitat. In his years of terror, he ate a total of 83 people.

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Osama didn’t discriminate. He ate old and young people- be it a small, helpless child fetching water from the lake, or an elderly fisherman trying to earn a living.

According to News18, Osama was 16.4 feet, a monster in size and actions, which makes it easy to understand why his reign of terror went on for so long. As time went on, Osama began to attack fishermen in their boats. He would sneak underneath them, capsize their boats, and then eat them. This behavior is highly uncommon for crocodiles but Osama did it anyway. In the end, he wiped out 10% of the entire village’s population.

How was Osama the Crocodile Captured?

In 2005, 14 years after Osama began his terror reign, the villagers decided that they had had enough. If you’re wondering why it took them so long, it’s worth noting that the villagers believed that Osama was possessed by the devil since he didn’t behave like typical crocodiles and was bloodthirsty. However, according to Opindia, 50 men finally came together to plan Osama’s end. Of course, confronting him on the water was out of the option, so the villagers decided to draw him out instead. They deliberated on the best spot to draw Osama out.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, among the 50 men that were present, was a man named Yazid Kotongole. Yazid, like everyone else, had personal grief with the crocodile, but his ran a bit deeper. Yazid had come face to face with Osama 9 times and had survived each time.

If this seems unbelievable to you, it’s understandable. The villagers thought it was suspicious too and soon, a rumor started. The tale was told that Yazid had entered into some sort of covenant or deal with the beast who was possessed by the devil. Consequently, he was shunned by the community.

Soon the villagers concluded that they would lay their trap at a spot known as The Butchery. It was Osama’s favorite spot to hide and lie in wait for victims. They decided on a pair of cow’s lungs for bait and all that was left was the trap.

Of course, they couldn’t use just any trap. They needed to capture and immobilize him so that they could safely kill him. They decided on a trap made of strong copper and finally, they were ready.

The villagers set the trap and lay in weight and not long after, Osama appeared. He moved confidently to the cow’s lungs and clamped it with his massive jaws. But instead of enjoying a tasty meal, he found himself strung up to the tree by his teeth which were caught painfully in the copper trap. He wriggled and trashed against it but the trap was designed to get tighter upon struggle.

The villagers were thrilled and excited, but their job was far from over. They strapped Osama with ropes and began to pull. The destination? Uganda Crocs Limited, which they had picked as the best place to kill the crocodile. It took them seven days and seven nights. Yazid and the men pulled as though their lives depended on it- and it did.

Luckily, they were successful. Osama was dragged successfully to Uganda Crocs Limited and the men prepared to kill it. Then, they were instructed by the authorities not to harm the crocodile.

Was Osama the Crocodile Killed?

Osama was handed over to Uganda Crocs Limited


The authorities decided to keep Osama in captivity and use him as breeding stock in hope that he will father a crocodile of his massive size. Consequently, he was handed over to Uganda Crocs Limited as they had the facilities to keep him secured.

The Wildlife Officials state that it is disgraceful that Osama is being used for breeding in captivity, but the locals do not agree. In their opinion, he got off lightly as they would have loved to avenge the death of their people.

According to the authorities, despite his crimes, Osama still had rights. In their words, “He cannot be killed with impunity.” The brave villagers decided to abide by the laws and so, they let Osama live. Osama was stopped from eating human meat and switched to a diet of chicken.

Is Osama the Crocodile Still Alive?

There have been no reports about the death of Osama the Crocodile. However, this doesn’t guarantee that he is alive. Uganda Crocs Limited usually breeds and then kills crocodiles for their skins. Understandably, little to no news has been released about Osama since he was captured. And though we suspect he is alive, the monster crocodile isn’t a loved creature that people would like to remember. Without a doubt, the people of the village still suffer the aftermath of his attacks.

What is the Largest Crocodile Ever Recorded?

Lolong was a saltwater crocodile in the Philippines who weighed a massive 2,370 pounds and measured 20 feet from snout to tail

©Julan Shirwod Nueva / Creative Commons – License

As shocking as it might sound, Osama isn’t nearly the biggest crocodile ever. He might be the most monstrous or deadly, but size-wise, he is much smaller than Lolong. Lolong was a saltwater crocodile in the Philippines who weighed a massive 2,370 pounds and measured 20 feet from snout to tail. This makes him the largest crocodile ever recorded. Unfortunately, he died of congestive heart failure in February 2013.

The largest living crocodile is named Cassius and he is over 110 years old! He is kept in captivity at the Marineland Crocodile Park, Australia.  Cassius, who like Lolong is a saltwater crocodile, measures 17 feet 3 inches long.

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Osama was handed over to Uganda Crocs Limited

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