Discover the 5 Most Educated Places in Maine

Discover the # Most Educated Places in Maine
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Written by Em Thomas

Published: January 28, 2024

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Maine is one of the most beautiful and underrated states in America. It has stunning coastlines, glorious mountains, charming towns, and so much more. However, there’s more to Maine than just a pretty aesthetic: the state is also home to some incredibly educated pockets of people.

We’re going to take a look at the five most educated counties in Maine. We’ll take advantage of Data Commons to lay out the counties that have the largest percent of the population with folks with at least a Bachelor’s degree. Do note that there isn’t data for the more rural areas of Maine, so we’ll just be analyzing the spots with data available.

Let’s dive into the five most educated counties in Maine. We’ll look at the percentage of folks with higher degrees, as well as the cities and towns that make up the counties and whether or not the area is home to any higher education institutions. Let’s dive in!

5. Hancock County

Bar Harbor historic town center aerial view at sunset, with Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park at the background, Bar Harbor, Maine ME, USA.

Hancock County is home to the beautiful

Acadia National Park

. The historic Bar Harbor is also within county lines, which is pictured above.

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The fifth-most educated county in the state of Maine is Hancock County. Hancock County is the eighth-most populous county in Maine, with a population of 55,581 residents as of 2022. Of those residents, 26.8% hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher. Within Hancock County, there is one city, 34 towns, 14 townships, three plantations, and 21 islands. There are a few higher education institutions in Hancock County, including the College of the Atlantic.

4. Knox County

Aerial view of Camden, Harbor Maine with fall foliage

Knox County shares a branch of the University of Maine with Lincoln County.

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The fourth-most educated county in Maine is Knox County. Knox County is made up of just over 40,000 residents, and of those residents, 27.2% hold a Bachelor’s degree. The 2022 American Census revealed that around 37% of Americans hold a higher education degree, so Knox County is falling almost exactly 10% below the average. There is one city and sixteen towns in Knox County, including Rockport, Camden, Rockland, and of course, a town called Friendship!

3. Lincoln County

Old wood pilings with a sailboat in the distance

This county doesn’t have any of its own universities, but it does have a location of the University of Maine shared with Knox County.

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Lincoln County, Maine is the third-most educated county in the state. Lincoln County is home to 19 towns, including Wiscasset, Westport Island, Boothbay, and Damariscotta. While there are 19 towns in the county, the total population is pretty small, totaling just over 35,000 residents. Of the residents, 28.2% of the community has a Bachelor’s degree or higher.

2. Sagadahoc County

Bowdoin college in fall 2019

While Bowdoin College is named after the town of Bowdoin, it’s actually located in Brunswick, which is Cumberland County.

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The county in Maine that is the second-most educated is Sagadahoc County. Almost a third of the population’s residents have a higher education degree — 28.4% to be exact. Sagadahoc is home to some of the most beautiful and iconic spots in Maine, including Bowdoin, Bath, Topsham, Woolwich, and Georgetown. There are twelve communities in Sagadahoc County, and the total population of the region is just over 33,000 residents. It’s the twelfth-most populous county in Maine (though there are only sixteen total).

1. Cumberland County

Portland Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception at 307 Congress Street in downtown Portland, Maine ME, USA.

Portland is not the capital of Maine, but is the largest city, with a population of just over 68,000 residents.

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Finally, Cumberland County is the most educated county in Maine. In Cumberland County, 35.8% of the population holds a Bachelor’s degree or higher, which is a significant number. Cumberland County is made up of some of the largest towns and cities in Maine, including Portland, Cumberland, Falmouth, Brunswick, and Freeport. Overall, there are 28 towns and cities in Cumberland County.

There are a few higher education institutions within Cumberland County itself (though, of course, the population may or may not have attended these schools). Portland is home to The University of Southern Maine, as well as a location for the largest university in Maine, The University of Maine.

Summary of the 5 Most Educated Counties in Maine

Now that you’ve learned the ins and outs of the most educated counties in Maine, here’s a quick summary, including the county, percentage with a Bachelor’s degree, and a few of the cities and towns that make up the county.

CountyPercent w/ Bachelor’s Degree*Some Cities and Towns in the County
Cumberland County35.8%Portland, Cumberland, Falmouth, Brunswick, Freeport
Sagadahoc County28.4%Bowdoin, Bath, Topsham, Woolwich, Georgetown
Lincoln County28.2%Damariscotta, Bristol, Wiscasset, Westport, Boothbay Harbor
Knox County27.2%Camden, Rockland, Rockport, North Haven, Appleton
Hancock County26.8%Hancock, Ellsworth, Bar Harbor, Sullivan, Blue Hill
*Or higher

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