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Em Thomas is a writer at A-Z Animals primarily covering places, travel, and chili peppers! She's an MBA student with a passion for storytelling. Though she's a Michigan native, she presently resides in Denver, Colorado. While she doesn't currently have any pets of her own, she's an avid dogsitter with an affinity for big dogs!

How Tall Is Mount Adams? Picture

Mount Adams is a hulking peak that draws hundreds of folks annually to its mountainside. It's the second-tallest mountain in Washington, so it's got some serious height to it. Let's… Read More

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2 Ways to Adopt a Llama as a Pet Picture

If you're looking to expand your family of four-legged friends to include some fantastic farm animals, a llama is a great pet to consider. Llamas are gentle and funny creatures,… Read More

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The 15 Tallest Mountains in Europe Picture

Europe is home to some pretty incredible natural attractions. From coastlines to forests to urban hubs, Europe attracts millions of visitors each year. However, many explorers coming to Europe seek… Read More

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