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Written by Colby Maxwell
Published: December 28, 2022
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Maine is one of the snowiest and coldest states in the entire US. It’s the northern most state in the northeast and is an important part of New England and northeastern culture. Living in Maine requires learning to live with the snow, as we are about to find out. Let’s discover the snowiest place in Maine, plus a few other facts about the Pine Tree State!

The Snowiest Place in Maine

Stratton Maine

Despite its small size, Eustis is a popular recreation area, with a number of outdoor activities available year-round.


Stratton, located within the town of Eustis, is the snowiest place in Maine. This village sits on the shore of the Dead River, which forms the hub of the town’s small commercial area. Eustis, which includes the village of Stratton, is located in Franklin County and has a population of only 641 residents.

Despite its small size, Eustis is a popular recreation area, with a number of outdoor activities available year-round. In the winter, the area becomes shockingly snowy, with freezing winds and blankets of white covering the landscape. Stratton is known for its heavy snowfall, with an average of over 100 inches annually, setting the record for Maine.

Despite the challenges posed by the snow, the residents of Stratton and Eustis are well-prepared for the colder months. They are well-adapted to harsh winters and have enough snowplows to keep the roads clear. In addition, the town is home to a number of winter sports enthusiasts who ski, snowboard, and ice skate.

The next nearest cities/towns with the highest average annual snowfall are:

  • Oquossoc (117.19 inches)
  • Rangeley (113.99 inches)
  • Kingfield (106.95 inches)
  • Jackman (106.60 inches)
  • West Forks (106.49 inches)
  • New Portland (104.29 inches)

Average Snowfall in Maine

Katahdin mountain

Some areas of Maine are often blanketed in snow, even during the summer months.

©David Boutin/

Like many states along the eastern coast of the United States, the snowfall varies depending on location. The Atlantic Ocean has a significant impact on the seasonal patterns in the eastern half of Maine. The ocean helps to keep this area warmer during winter months due to the moderating influence of the Gulf Stream. This warm ocean current flows northward along the East Coast of the United States.

As the Gulf Stream flows past the eastern coast, it brings warm, moist air with it. This air helps to keep temperatures in this region relatively mild compared to other parts of the country. Because this warmer air is not efficient at producing snow, the eastern half of Maine tends to receive less snowfall than other parts of the state.

In contrast, the western half of Maine is not influenced by the Gulf Stream in the same way. As a result, this region is generally colder and experiences more snowfall during the winter months. The difference in snowfall between the eastern and western halves of the state can be quite significant. In fact, the western half often receives several times more snow than the eastern half.

Why Does Maine Get So Much Snow?

Maine gets a ton of snow! In fact, it’s number two on the list for the highest average snowfall of any state, losing only to Vermont.

  1. Vermont – 89.25 inches
  2. Maine – 77.28 inches
  3. New Hampshire – 71.44 inches
  4. Colorado – 67.3 inches
  5. Alaska – 64.3 inches
  6. Michigan – 60.66 inches
  7. New York – 55.32 inches
  8. Massachusetts – 51.05 inches
  9. Wyoming – 51 inches
  10. Wisconsin – 45.79 inches

There are several reasons for Maine’s snowfall. First, it is the third coldest state in the US, which is an essential element to the production of snow. Additionally, the air in the northeast comes from the Great Lakes region, where it is often humid and wet. This warm air rises and eventually falls as snow, creating something known as the “Lake effect.”

How Does Maine Deal with the Snow?

Cape Cod, Massachusetts blizzard

One way that Maine deals with snow is by maintaining a host of equipment specifically designed to clear roads.

© Kim

The state has a number of measures in place to ensure that roadways remain clear and safe for travel. Without these measures, Maine would be nearly impossible to navigate, as roads would become impassable and dangerous.

One way that Maine deals with snow is by maintaining a host of equipment specifically designed to clear roads. Plows are used to clear snow from the roads, and salt and other chemicals may also be applied to help melt the snow and prevent the roads from icing over. There are over 400 plows in the state, more than the rest of the southern states combined.

In addition to snowplows, the state of Maine also has a number of other resources. For example, the Maine Department of Transportation (MDOT) has a dedicated winter operations team that is responsible for planning and coordinating the state’s snow and ice removal efforts. This team works closely with local municipalities to ensure that roads are cleared and safe for travel.

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