Discover the Top 10 States With the Absolute Highest Gas Prices

Written by Angie Menjivar
Updated: September 15, 2023
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When you have to get from point A to point B, sometimes your only option is to drive. Although with sky-high gas prices, people all over the U.S. are getting creative. Discover the Top 10 states with the absolute highest gas prices!

10 States With the Absolute Highest Gas Prices
If you’re planning to visit one of these beautiful states – budget a little extra for gas.

Why Do Gas Prices Fluctuate?

The price of gasoline fluctuates depending on crude oil prices and how much gasoline is available at any given time to meet the demand of the people. When the demand is high, it can put a lot of pressure on whatever is available, which drives up prices. These costs you pay to fuel your vehicle cover several prices like the process of refining crude oil once it’s acquired. Sometimes geopolitical events have an impact on the per-gallon dollar amount you pay as well.

Sometimes these changes in cost are minimal and on other occasions, when you look at state-to-state comparisons, you realize the difference is quite notable. These differences across states occur not just because of supply chains but also because the cost to do business in each state varies. While some states have state taxes, others don’t. Some states house oil refineries and pipelines while others are further away from the supply.

Wind farm in Texas

Proximity to oil refineries and pipelines plays a role in the cost of gasoline from state to state.


Discover the Top 10 States With the Absolute Highest Gas Prices

1. Washington

A roadside welcome to Washington the Evergreen State sign in the rural  area near Spokane, Washington, USA, coming from the state of Idaho.

Plan to spend a little extra on scenic road trips in Washington.

©Kirk Fisher/iStock via Getty Images

This state takes the number one spot for the most expensive gasoline in the U.S. In Washington, the price for regular gasoline is $4.93 per gallon. Mid-grade gasoline is a bit more expensive at $5.15 per gallon while premium gas costs $5.36 per gallon. The price for diesel is a bit closer to the price of regular gasoline at $4.94 per gallon. Although Washington is known for its mountainous landscapes, those scenic drives are costing a pretty penny in the state.

2. California

California - Interstate roadsign illustration with the map of California

California is famous for its traffic – also for high gas prices.

©gguy44/iStock via Getty Images

California is close behind Washington with regular gasoline costing $4.92 per gallon. Mid-grade gasoline costs $5.12 per gallon while premium gasoline costs $5.27 per gallon. Diesel is more expensive than Washington’s prices at $5.17 per gallon. With the amount of traffic in The Golden State, commuters may need to resort to ride-sharing to save their hard-earned money.

3. Hawaii

Flag of Hawaii waving

Gas prices are high in Hawaii – but that shouldn’t deter you from vacationing there.

© Izzotti

Hawaii takes third place for the most expensive gasoline in the US. On the island, regular gasoline costs $4.69 per gallon while mid-grade gasoline costs $4.90 per gallon. Premium gas is $5.15 per gallon and diesel costs $5.63 per gallon. It’s better to keep it moving on two legs, a bike, or even a kayak.

4. Oregon

Oregon welcomes you sign at state line. US-HWY 199 Redwood Highway in rain.

Driving is required to reach many of Oregon’s beautiful destinations.


The state of Oregon is the fourth most expensive state for gasoline. Regular gasoline costs $4.59 per gallon. Mid-grade gasoline costs $4.78 per gallon whereas premium gasoline costs $5 per gallon. Diesel is a bit more affordable at $4.43 per gallon in the state. Oregon impresses with its diverse landscape and outdoor recreation and the gas prices amaze as well — but in a different way.

5. Alaska

Skagway, Alaska, USA - July 20, 2011: Klondike highway to Canada. Colorful Welcome sign near the border. Cloudscape in back.

In Alaska, some residents forego cars altogether.


Alaska is right behind Oregon with regular gasoline prices at $4.32 per gallon. Mid-grade gasoline costs $4.50 and premium gasoline costs $4.69. Diesel costs $4.18 per gallon. There’s an abundance of outdoor experiences to explore in the state — when you’re invited into nature in this way, you can afford to leave some commodities behind.

6. Nevada

Welcome to Nevada sign

You don’t want to get stuck in the desert with no gas.


Nevada is the sixth most expensive for gasoline with regular gas costing $4.23 per gallon. Mid-grade gasoline in the state costs $4.48 and premium gas costs $4.71. Diesel is a tiny bit more expensive than it is in Alaska at $4.20 per gallon.

7. Utah

Utah on the map of USA

Utah’s gas prices are getting lower.

©Alexander Lukatskiy/

In Utah, the prices start getting a bit lower with regular gasoline at $3.95 per gallon and mid-grade gasoline costing $4.18 per gallon. Premium gasoline costs $4.38 per gallon while diesel costs $3.79 per gallon.

8. Illinois

Closeup Selective Focus Of Illinois State On A Geographical And Political State Map Of The USA.

Expect to pay at least $4.83 for premium gas in Illinois.


In Illinois, regular gasoline costs $3.92 per gallon and for mid-grade, you have to pay $4.41 per gallon. Premium costs $4.83 per gallon while diesel is a bit cheaper at $3.84 per gallon.

9. Colorado

Colorado state, USA

Truck drivers should budget for at least $3.95 per gallon for diesel in Colorado.

©Alexander Lukatskiy/

In Colorado, it’s a little over a dollar less per gallon for regular gasoline than it is in Washington. Regular gas costs $3.90 per gallon while mid-grade costs $4.26 per gallon. Premium gasoline costs $4.56 per gallon and diesel costs $3.95 per gallon.

10. Idaho

Flag of Idaho

Gas prices in Idaho aren’t that bad compared to others on the list.

©Xrmap / Public Domain – License

Idaho is the most affordable out of these 10 states with the highest gas prices. Regular gasoline in the state costs $3.88 per gallon while mid-grade gasoline costs $4.09 per gallon. For premium, you can expect to pay $4.32 per gallon and for diesel, you can expect to pay $3.89 per gallon.

Summary of the Top 10 States With the Absolute Highest Gas Prices

RankStateRegular GasMid-GradePremium GasDiesel
1Washington$4.93 per gallon $5.15 per gallon$5.36 per gallon$4.94 per gallon
2California$4.92 per gallon $5.12 per gallon$5.27 per gallon$5.17 per gallon
3Hawaii$4.69 per gallon $4.90 per gallon$5.15 per gallon$5.63 per gallon
4Oregon$4.59 per gallon$4.78 per gallon$5 per gallon$4.43 per gallon
5Alaska$4.32 per gallon$4.50 per gallon$4.69 per gallon$4.18 per gallon
6Nevada$4.23 per gallon$4.48 per gallon$4.71 per gallon$4.20 per gallon
7Utah$3.95 per gallon$4.18 per gallon$4.38 per gallon$3.79 per gallon
8Illinois$3.92 per gallon$4.41 per gallon$4.83 per gallon$3.95 per gallon
9Colorado$3.90 per gallon$4.26 per gallon$4.56 per gallon$3.84 per gallon
10Idaho$3.88 per gallon$4.09 per gallon$4.32 per gallon$3.89 per gallon

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Jim Pruitt/

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