Dreaming Of Cats: Discover The Spiritual Meaning And Interpretation

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Updated: May 24, 2023
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Have you ever had any dreams involving cats, kittens, or other feline life? Surprise! There are others besides you. Although it may seem random, many individuals frequently dream about cats. Cats can appear in dreams in a variety of ways, including simply hanging out with you, grabbing onto you, and even attacking you. 

If you’re reading this, you’re likely wondering what on earth dreaming of these precious creatures could mean. Researchers have been pondering this issue for a long time. We’ve done the research for you and found some of the most common reasons people dream of our feline friends. Keep on reading to find out what these dreams could mean for you!

Cats can appear in dreams in a variety of ways

Cats can appear in dreams in a variety of ways, including simply hanging out with you, grabbing onto you, and even attacking you. 


What Do Cats Symbolize?

For a long time, cats have appeared in tales and legends. Cats have different symbolic meanings in different cultures. Cats were prized in ancient Egypt for their elegance and capacity to fend off rodents and snakes. They soon started worshiping cats. Bastet, an Egyptian goddess, stood for beauty and procreation. She was represented by a cat’s head. 

Cats are regarded as a sign of fortune or prosperity in Japanese culture. These creatures are so expensive in China that people will trade them for luxury goods like beautiful silk. They soon came to stand for peace, love, and good luck.

Cat Behavior

Ask yourself how the cat in your dream was behaving. Was it cuddling up to you or was the feline hissing at you and putting its ears back?

Playful Cats

It is often pleasant and lucky to see a sociable or playful cat in your dreams. This dream represents the requirement for joy and freedom. Your playful side is represented by cats. This dream may be a warning to not take life too seriously and to learn to appreciate the present. 

This dream also demonstrates that it’s possible to be playful and have fun while simultaneously being conscious of your environment. It’s crucial to be lighthearted even when your personal life may lead you to be severe and harsh about several things. You might even figure out how to make the drawbacks of your current situation work in your favor.

Dreaming of a playful cat may be a sign to not take life too seriously

Dreaming of a playful cat may be a warning to not take life too seriously and to learn to appreciate the present. 

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Aggressive Cats

Vicious cats in dreams may represent loneliness and alone. It’s also possible that you’re having trouble accepting facts. Cat claws in a dream indicate that you are clinging to something. This kind of dream can be interpreted as a good reminder to forgive others before their actions hurt your feelings.

Being Attacked By A Cat

One could be concerned if one dreamed of being attacked by a cat. Cat aggression or attacks may be a reflection of your anxiety over someone in your life hurting or insulting you. According to this myth, cats are associated with love, thus acting aggressively could indicate that you are afraid of someone injuring you. 

This dream could also represent a lack of confidence in a relationship. Attacking a cat can represent fear or worry about a specific issue in your day-to-day life. Spend some time observing the various surroundings and individuals. If there is a dispute, finding a solution could aid in putting a stop to these dreams.

If a wild cat approaches you in a dream, this may indicate that you are having trouble maintaining equilibrium. There may be a group you are a part of that has lost its focus or that you no longer have any influence over. The significance of this dream could potentially be the same as witnessing a bunch of wildcats. 

Whether they appear in dreams or in the real world, black cats can serve as either a good or a negative omen. In your dreams, a black cat clawing or attacking you foretells that you might experience difficulties soon. Enemies or individuals you think to be close to you, like relatives, may oppose you. Because of this, black cats are sometimes associated with treachery and dishonesty.

Cat aggression or attacks in dreams may symbolize anxiety at being hurt

Cat aggression or attacks in dreams may be a reflection of your anxiety over someone in your life hurting or insulting you.

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Dreaming Of A Pet Cat

Having cats in your dream typically indicates that you are engaged in a fantasy or delusion, both of which are represented by cats. It’s possible that you won’t acknowledge what’s happening in your immediate environment. This dream is a warning to wake up and realize that your vision of the world may not be accurate. 

There are too many things happening at once if the kitties in your home are running amok. You can no longer manage to balance them all at once. You might need to take a break from the things on your plate to gather your thoughts.

If you ever have a dream about a black cat visiting your home, you need to be cautious of those around you. This meaning is equivalent to seeing a black cat lounging in your home. Somebody close to you might be doing badly now or sometime in the future. 

A black cat visiting your home may be a warning

If you ever have a dream about a black cat visiting your home, you need to be cautious of those around you.

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Dreaming Of A Dead Cat

There are several things to consider if you encounter a dead cat in your dream. Color is one of those things. Generally speaking, a deceased black cat is a lucky charm and a positive emblem. The presence of a dead black cat could be a sign that you have completely overcome your issues because black cats are typically associated with difficulties and adversaries. 

Other meanings of a deceased black cat include feeling helpless and alone. Observing a dead white cat portends that although initially seeming minor, things may end up being more significant than you anticipated. You shouldn’t underestimate any potential harm that could result from this.

Think about how many dead cats you notice in your dream. Seeing two denotes the possibility of receiving unanticipated assistance in solving issues. This dream indicates that even if you don’t even know them, they will be a big help. One of two things could be indicated by several dead cats: either you are now getting rid of phony friends, or a problem will soon become serious enough to bring you into disrepute.

Kittens In Your Dream

A weakness in real life may be represented by kittens in your dreams. This can be referring to you or somebody nearby. The independence and freedom of adult cats are the exact opposites of this. A kitten may indicate that you wish to protect something in your life. Due to their limited independence, kittens are also perceived as helpless. There may be times when you feel helpless and in need of aid. 

Your desire for intimacy or your desire to win over others could also be represented in this dream. You could desire to have a stronger relationship with a member of your family. People pay babies the same kind of affection and attention that you want to receive.

Dreaming of kittens may reflect your feeling of helplessness

Kittens in your dream may indicate your need to protect something or that you are feeling helpless and in need of aid. 

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Dreaming Of A Sick Cat

Dreaming of healthy cats indicates that you are paying attention to your inner voice. When you are in crisis or require guidance, you listen to this aspect of yourself. On the other hand, having a dream about a sick cat may indicate that you are disconnected from your true self. 

It’s possible that you’re hiding who you really are from others to avoid conflict. Typically, seeing sick black cats is a bad omen. This dream may indicate that someone close to you may soon have a terrible disease. Additionally, one of your pals could get some unfavorable news.

Final Thoughts

These are but a few instances of cats appearing in dreams. Several of these explanations hinge on the actions the cat takes in your dream and the setting in which it appears. Start keeping a dream notebook to discover any repeating themes. 

You need to face your repressed emotions in order to stop having animal-related nightmares so frequently. If you don’t deal with these feelings, they eventually find their way to your subconscious mind. 

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