The 10 Funniest Cats on Instagram Today

Written by Kirstin Opal
Published: September 14, 2022
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Cats have been renowned as one of the internet’s funniest creatures. Several of the first videos to ever go viral online were of cats. We’ve found some of the most side-splitting memes and pictures of these funny felines. If you’re needing a good laugh, take a look at what made the cut! 

1. Cat Nap

Nothing beats a good nap after a busy week. It’s not uncommon to look a bit… disheveled upon waking up from a nice snooze. This cat knows that sometimes we need a minute to wake up! 

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2. Making Friends

What’s better than one adorable kitten? Four! With their beady eyes, these little felines have meowed amongst themselves and decided that you’re one of them! I don’t know about you but I don’t mind friends like these! 

3. Purrito

Once you’re comfortable on the couch, the last thing you want to do is move. The same can be said for this cat wrapped in what’s known as a “purrito.” Someone get him the remote, Garfield’s about to be on! 

4. Cat Technology 

The last thing you want to do as a pet owner is leave your furry friend in a hot car. Thanks to technological advances, this kitty gets to relax in a temperature-controlled environment. The dashboard even leaves a note for concerned citizens, assuring them that the pet is safe. 

5. Close Call

There’s no denying that cats can be incredibly temperamental. One second you’re giving them a belly rub and they’re purring. The next thing you know they’re tooth-deep in your hand telling you they’ve had enough! 

6. Quiet Creatures

The last word people would use to describe a cat is quiet, especially in the dead of night. Felines have a habit of being loudest when we’re sleeping. We have no idea why but think it could chalk up to them feeling risky due to the lack of overnight supervision. 

7. Park Snoozin’

It’s true – cats can fall asleep practically anywhere. This feline found a comfy spot on the lap of a sculpture in a public park. We hope he’s dreaming of catching field mice and enjoying some cat nip. 

8. Alarm Clock

As a cat owner myself, I have to question why they insist on waking us up at the crack of dawn. Many other cat owners have the same issue. Maybe felines just enjoy having breakfast as soon as the sun comes up. Either way, we’re tired! 

9. Don’t Ask

We don’t know what’s going on here, but this mainecoon looks awfully surprised. This breed can weigh up to 25 pounds and is a popular family cat. Maybe this one is shocked by how small the other kitties are. 

10. Cat Comfort

If you’ve ever had a pet cat, you’ll know they’ll sit and lay in the strangest positions. Whether they’re smashed up against an aquarium to watch a fish like this one or stretched all the way across your couch, they sure know how to get comfortable. 

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Cat wearing sunglasses relaxing sitting on deckchair in the sea background.

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