Hear This Baby Elephant Cry Out for Help As It Gets Stuck in a Mud Pit

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Written by Hannah Crawford

Published: January 20, 2024

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How long are elephant pregnancies - elephant baby
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Animals in the wild have so much they have to worry about on a daily basis. Concerns such as where they will sleep, what they will eat that day, if there is sufficient water nearby, and if any predators are lurking close by.

However, animals who find themselves trapped now have their concerns maximized. They can’t just call 911 and get rescued. They are at the mercy of vicious predators who are looking for an easy kill. Let’s hear the cries for help from this baby elephant in the video above. 

Rescue Team Finds Baby Elephant Trapped

The YouTube video posted at the top of this blog post takes us abroad. Given the landscape, elephants, and people surrounding it, we are estimating this is somewhere in Africa. The We Love Animals YouTube page shared this video with their almost three million subscribers. This channel is a dedicated platform for sharing the love for animals, both domestic and wild. Their most recent videos are of a little kitten, a fox, dogs, and a swan

How to Rescue an Elephant

As the video above starts, we see a baby elephant that is crying desperately for help. These cries for help could have turned out to be extremely dangerous as it could have led to potential predators being alerted to an injured animal unable to move. 

According to the University of Idaho, “Elephants have no natural enemies, but hyenas and lions are classified as elephant predators. They prey on young elephants when there is nothing else to eat.”

However, lucky for this baby elephant, her cries did not fall on deaf ears. There were people nearby who heard her and got a rescue team in place. The team assembled a truck with an attached wrench to help get this large animal out.

After they get the tow line around her, they ever so slowly pull her out, ensuring that they do not harm her. Once out, she quickly stands up, happy to be free so she can find her family. 

How Big is a Baby Elephant?

baby elephant

Baby elephants are herbivore eaters.


Even though in the video posted above we see this elephant is a baby, she is by no means small. According to SeaWorld, “On average, newborn calves stand about 1 m (3 ft.) high and weigh 120 kg (264 lb.) at birth. Newborn male African elephants may weigh up to 165 kg (364 lb.).” 

With this enormous size, it is no wonder they grow into their mature title as the “largest land animal.” This (not so little) baby elephant will soon weigh up to 13,000 pounds and reach up to 14 feet in height. Lucky for her, she was not at full maturity. Otherwise, this rescue team would not have been able to get her out so quickly. 

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