How Deep Is Lake Tawakoni in Texas?

Written by Colby Maxwell
Updated: July 21, 2023
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Texas is home to a LOT of beautiful places. Within the state are lakes, rivers, and coastal regions that are home to native wildlife. Further, these are some of the best recreational areas around. Today, we are going to take a look at a specific lake in Texas.

Infographic for Lake Tawakoni, TX
Lake Tawakoni, named after an East Texas tribe, is near Dallas and an important water source for the area.

Also, we’ll learn all we can about Lake Tawakoni, including the wildlife, size, and unique elements of the lake. Let’s discover how deep Lake Tawakoni in Texas is, plus a lot more! Let’s get started.

How Deep is Lake Tawakoni?

Lake Tawakoni, Texas 2

Lake Tawakoni is named such after the Tawakoni Native American people.


Lake Tawakoni is an artificial reservoir located in east Texas. It has a maximum depth of 70 feet, making it a popular spot for recreational activities such as boating, fishing, and swimming.

The lake is named after the Tawakoni Native American people, who were part of the larger Caddo Nation. The Caddos inhabited a large area of north and east Texas, including the region where Lake Tawakoni is situated. The Caddos have a long and rich history in the region, and the lake serves as a reminder of their cultural heritage. The lake was created by damming the original headwaters of the Sabine River, which can be found under the lake’s surface.

In addition to its recreational value, Lake Tawakoni is also an important source of water for the surrounding area.

Where is Lake Tawakoni?

Lake Tawakoni is located in northeast Texas, approximately 48 miles east of Dallas. It lies within three Texas counties: Hunt, Rains, and Van Zandt. The lake is situated on the Sabine River, and its construction was made possible through a permit issued by the State Board of Water Engineers on December 20, 1955. Afterward, land acquisition for the project began in 1956 and was completed in October 1960. Construction on the earth-filled Iron Bridge Dam and concrete spillway started in January 1958 and was finished in October 1960.

Its relative closeness to a major city makes it a somewhat popular destination during certain parts of the year. What better way to escape the Texas heat than a beautiful lake?

How Big is Lake Tawakoni?

Lake Tawakoni is a large man-made reservoir located in northeast Texas. It has a surface area of 37,879 acres, making it a significant body of water in the region. The lake has a volume of 926,000 acre-feet, which is the amount of water it can hold at its maximum capacity. In terms of shoreline, Lake Tawakoni is quite impressive, with a shoreline that stretches for 200 miles.

What Makes Lake Tawakoni Special?

Lake Tawakoni in Texas 1

Lake Tawakoni is used for both a water supply and as recreation.

©Victoria Ditkovsky/

Lake Tawakoni is a special place for a number of reasons. For starters, it is used for both water supply and recreation, making it a valuable resource for the surrounding community. Like many reservoirs, the water in the lake itself is used in nearby communities and cities. In addition to its practical uses, the lake is also known for its excellent fishing. In fact, it has been voted the “Best Fishing Lake in Texas” by various organizations and publications. The lake is incredibly diverse in terms of the types of fish it offers, with species such as black bass and blue catfish. In addition to its fishing, Lake Tawakoni is also home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including rare and exotic species.

In fact, in the summer of 2007, the lake’s state park was the site of a large, rare spider web that stretched over a 200-yard path. The web was so large that it attracted quite a bit of attention from entomologists (people who study insects), and lots of research was conducted while the web was still intact.

Wildlife Native to Lake Tawakoni

Exotic Pet Ownership raccoon

Raccoons are just one of the animals that make the area surrounding Lake Tawakoni home.

©Maryna Rayimova/

Like many places in Texas, Lake Tawakoni is home to a lot of wildlife. Some of the most notable animals include deer, feral pigs, dozens of species of snakes, raccoons, bobcats, and more. Furthermore, over 200 species of birds call the lake home as well.

In regards to fishing, the lake is known as one of the best places in the state. The various species of fish include:

  • Striped & hybrid striped bass
  • White bass
  • Catfish
  • Crappie
  • Largemouth bass

The striped and hybrid bass populations are supplemented by the TPWD each year to ensure their role in the ecosystem is maintained, as well as to ensure the economic sustainability of the region. Catfish, specifically channel and blue catfish, are extremely common throughout the lake, although flathead catfish do exist in smaller populations.

Where Is Lake Tawakoni Located On a Map?

Lake Tawakoni is found to the east of Dallas in East Texas. Many small towns such as Hawk Cove, Kiowa Village, and East Tawakoni are scattered about its shoreline. Lake Fork sits some miles to the East of Tawakoni.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Victoria Ditkovsky/

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