Kingsyard Bird Feeders Review

Kingsyard Hanging Wildbird House Feeder
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Written by Mike Edmisten

Updated: October 30, 2023

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Birds add a unique beauty to our world with their varied and often vibrant colors. Their songs provide a serene soundtrack that can inject moments of calm into our otherwise harried lives. Installing a bird feeder is a wonderfully easy way to welcome these lovely creatures into your yard. The feeder also helps the birds by providing an additional food source, which is especially valuable during seasons when food is scarce.

A bird feeder is a rare product that benefits humanity and nature. It is a perfect win-win! However, not all bird feeders are created equal. Some bargain-bin feeders are made with low-quality materials that will not last. There have even been instances where birds have become trapped inside these feeders due to their poor design. So, how do you choose a safe, high-quality feeder?

A-Z Animals recently tested three bird feeders from Kingsyard. The company is a leader in the industry whose stated mission is to “make more people understand, love, and protect birds.” But do their feeders live up to that mission? We wanted to find out.

As we tested the feeders, we were especially interested in the quality of their construction, how easy they are to assemble, and, of course, how birds respond to them. The impressive results show why Kingsyard has become so popular among birders.

Kingsyard feeders are available at major retailers such as Walmart and Amazon and directly through the Kingsyard website. The prices listed in the reviews below are current as of this article’s publication but are subject to change.

1. Kingsyard Bird House Feeder with Triple Feeders

Kingsyard Bird House Feeder with Triple Feeders

The Kingsyard Bird House Feeder with Triple Feeders has three separate bins for different types of seed.

©Mcedm / CC BY-SA 4.0 – Original / License

This attractive feeder is shaped like a farmhouse. It was our favorite aesthetic design among the three feeders we tested, although you may prefer a different model for your yard or garden space.

This bird feeder’s metal construction is surprisingly stout. A strong thunderstorm rolled through during our testing period, and the feeder easily withstood the wind and rain. 

The feeder is easy to assemble. Simply slide the roof on and attach the hanger. The hanger holds the roof in place and securely attaches to the main body of the feeder. 

The best part of this feeder is the three different compartments. While we only used one type of seed during our testing, three different types of seeds can be added to this feeder simultaneously. That can help users discern which seed the birds in their area prefer. Offering multiple seed types can also attract a wider variety of birds.

If there is a knock on this feeder, it is that while the design does give the seed decent protection from precipitation, it does not do as well as the next feeder we reviewed. The feeder is equipped with drainage holes, though, so whatever water does reach the seed can escape without causing seed rot. This certainly should not preclude bird lovers from hanging this feeder on their properties, though. It is a high-quality bird feeder that is far superior to other, cheaper models that are on the market.

Where to Purchase

The Kingsyard Bird House Feeder with Triple Feeders is available in red (pictured above), white, black, purple, and yellow. (All of these colors may not be available from every retailer.) This feeder is available directly from Kingsyard for $32.99. It can also be purchased from Walmart and Amazon for $26.99. It should be noted, though, that Kingsyard offers discounts for the purchase of multiple feeders through their site. The company also offers student and military discounts, as well as free shipping for all feeders purchased through their website.

2. Kingsyard Hanging Wildbird House Feeder

Kingsyard Hanging Wildbird House Feeder

The design of the Kingsyard Hanging Wildbird House Feeder keeps seeds dry.

©Mcedm / CC BY-SA 4.0 – Original / License

This lantern-shaped feeder is a nice addition to any outdoor space. The top of the feeder holds the bulk of the seed. The seed drops through a clear tube to the base, where it is accessible for birds. The clear windows allow users to easily see when the seed supply is dwindling. The rounded perch allows multiple birds to feed at the same time.

The one mark against this feeder is that it does not allow for the separation of multiple seed types, as seen in the previous feeder. However, the design of this feeder nearly eliminates seed loss as birds are feeding. The seed is also stored securely in the top section of the feeder, which protects it from precipitation. The pros far outweigh the one potential con for this model.

Like the previous feeder, this model requires almost no assembly. The roof and hanger attach in the same way. When the feeder arrives at your house, it can go from the box to your yard or garden in less than a minute.

Where to Purchase

The Hanging Wildbird House Feeder is available for purchase on Kingsyard’s website and Amazon. Both retailers list the feeder at $23.99. Color choices include red (pictured), white, black, and green. 

3. Kingsyard Adjustable Platform Wild Bird Feeder with Protective Dome

Kingsyard Adjustable Platform Wild Bird Feeder with Protective Dome

The Kingsyard Adjustable Platform Wild Bird Feeder with Protective Dome is a simple but effective tray feeder.

©Mcedm / CC BY-SA 4.0 – Original / License

This model features the simplest design of the three that we reviewed. It is a round tray feeder with a plastic dome to protect the seed from the elements. The dome is a surprisingly thick, heavy plastic, setting it apart from the flimsy design of similar, cheaper feeders.

Assembling this feeder is easy. The hanger slides through the center hole of the dome and then screws into the base. The dome can then be adjusted to the desired height and secured with the thumbscrew. 

This feeder holds less seed than the previous two models. It also has the least protective design against the elements. The dome is wider than the feed tray, so it does provide decent shelter in gentle to moderate rain. However, a windy rainstorm will soak the seed in the tray. The tray has drainage holes, though, so the moisture can escape.

Seed loss can be an issue if the tray is filled to the brim. Leaving a little space in the tray can minimize waste, though.

While the designs of the previous two feeders are decorative, this model is more utilitarian. It is a basic feeder with a no-frills design. It is manufactured with high-quality materials that should last for a long time.

Where to Purchase

The Kingsyard Adjustable Platform Wild Bird Feeder with Protective Dome is available on the Kingsyard website. It can also be purchased from Amazon and Walmart. The price at Walmart is $23.99, which is two dollars cheaper than the other retailers. Color choices include black (pictured above), red, and dark green.

Final Observations

The Triple Feeder is our top overall pick. It has a cute farmhouse design that can accent your outdoor space. The three separate seed chambers allow for multiple seed offerings. The feeder’s durable metal construction will surely stand up to the elements. It is an all-around great bird feeder that we heartily recommend to any bird lover.

This is not to detract from the other feeders, though. We were quite pleased with the quality of all the feeders we tested. The Kingsyard feeders are just as sturdy (or sturdier) than other, more expensive feeders.

The designs are all straightforward and require little assembly. There are instructions included, but we didn’t need them. With one look at the picture on each box, it was easy to see how each feeder functions.

We preferred the more decorative designs of the Triple Feeder and House Feeder, but that’s just us. The Platform feeder certainly does the job, too.

Kingsyard stands behind its products with a one-year warranty on all its feeders. A lifetime warranty is available for customers who sign up for the company’s membership program.

Kingsyard Bird House Feeder with Triple Feeders

The Triple Feeder was our top pick due to the three separate seed compartments.

©Mcedm / CC BY-SA 4.0 – Original / License

Birds We Observed

Some of the birds that we observed at the feeders during our testing period included house sparrows, northern cardinals, and finches. Obviously, this will vary depending on location, seed choice, time of year, and many other factors. But the bottom line is that these feeders consistently attracted local birds. We’re very confident they will do the same in your outdoor space. 

Overall Recommendation

We give Kingsyard two thumbs up for their mission to increase the knowledge and love of birds and for manufacturing products that help customers do just that.

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