Mike Edmisten
Author for A-Z Animals

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Mike is a writer at A-Z Animals where his primary focus is on geography, agriculture, and marine life. A graduate of Cincinnati Christian University and a resident of Cincinnati, OH, Mike is deeply passionate about the natural world.

In his free time, he, his wife, and their two sons love the outdoors, especially camping and exploring US National Parks.

Kingsyard Bird Feeders Review Picture

Key PointsKingsyard Bird House Feeder with Triple Feeders is a high-quality bird feeder with a farmhouse design and three separate seed chambers.Kingsyard Hanging Wildbird House Feeder is a lantern-shaped feeder… Read More

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How Big Is New Mexico? Picture

New Mexico lies in the Southwestern United States. It is the fifth-largest state in the nation by total area. Here is a look at the size of this state, known… Read More

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