Komodo Dragon vs T-Rex: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Written by Kyle Glatz
Published: March 7, 2022
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The Tyrannosaurus Rex roamed the planet over 60 million years ago. The dinosaur was large and fierce, but it remains shrouded in mystery owing to the conflicting fossil records we have for this king of the tyrant lizards. It’s only natural to wonder how this ancient reptile would measure up to the animals of today. Perhaps the only analogous terrestrial being we have today to compare to T-rex is the Komodo dragon. So, how would a Komodo dragon vs T-rex battle end? We’re going to look at the available data and figure it out!

Comparing a Komodo Dragon and a T-Rex

A Komodo dragon differs from a T-rex in size, speed, and senses.
Komodo DragonT-Rex
SizeWeight: 150lbs – 300lbs
Height: 1.5ft-2ft
Length: 6ft-10ft
Weight: 11,000-15,000lbs
Height: 12-20ft
Length: 40ft
Speed and Movement Type11 mph top speed17 mph
-bipedal striding
Senses– Good eyesight
– Use their tongues and Jacobson’s organ to smell and taste their environment and find prey from miles away
– Poor hearing
– A very strong sense of smell
– High vision with very large eyes
– Great hearing
Defenses– Hard skin with strong scales that are reinforced with bony deposits called osteoderms
– Speed
– Massive size
– Running speed
Offensive CapabilitiesPossibly venomous
– Sharp claws hold prey in place
Sharp teeth lead to exsanguination in victims
– Bone-crushing bites
– Speed to chase down enemies 17,000lbf bite power
– 50-60 – D-shaped serrated teeth
– 12-inch teeth  
Predatory Behavior– Ambush predators
– Tries to knock down and bite vital areas on prey, typically the neck.  
– Possibly a devastating predator that could kill smaller creatures with ease
– Potentially a scavenger  

What Are Key Differences Between a Komodo Dragon and a T-Rex?

How Long Were Dinosaurs on Earth

T-rex are massive, bipedal reptiles that have 12-inch teeth.


The key differences between a Komodo dragon and a T-Rex are their bodies, method of movement, and range. T-rex was a tall bipedal dinosaur with very short arms and a massive head, but Komodo dragons are short quadrupedal reptiles.

T-rex took bounding steps that helped it cover a large amount of ground with each stride, but Komodo dragons use a quick crawling motion as their primary means of movement on land.

As we all know, the T-rex is extinct, but it once lived on the western coast of North America back when that part of the continent was an island. Interestingly, Komodo dragons also live mostly on small islands, but they live in Asia rather than the Americas.   

These differences are important in light of understanding the advantages and disadvantages these animals have against each other in a fight.

What Are the Key Factors in a Fight Between a Komodo Dragon and a T-Rex?

Dumbest Animals in the World: Komodo Dragon

Komodo dragons have to use their size, venom, and sharp teeth to kill foes.

©Yudi S/Shutterstock.com

The most important factors in a fight between a Komodo dragon and a T-rex are their size, strength, and speed, along with how they use those traits. Take a look at how these animals measure in five important areas of physical traits and fighting skills. See whether the Komodo dragon or the T-rex has the most advantages against the other.  

Komodo Dragon vs T-Rex: Size

A T-rex is larger than a Komodo dragon. In fact, the Komodo dragon is so small to the T-rex that a size comparison seems almost pointless. The T-rex weighs about 15,000lbs, stands about 20ft tall, and is 40ft long. The maximum weight of a Komodo dragon is 300lbs. They only stand 2ft tall and have a length of roughly 10ft.

The T-rex has a massive advantage in the area of size.

Komodo Dragon vs T-Rex: Speed and Movement

Komodo dragons are capable of running at 11mph. The T-rex is not that much faster, only running at 17 mph. A Komodo dragon uses a sort of crawling scamper to move, but T-rexes use bipedal striding to get where they need to go.

That means once the fight starts, the Komodo dragon has to fully commit because it won’t be fast enough to run away!

T-rex has the advantage in speed!

Komodo Dragon vs T-Rex: Senses

The Komodo dragon has rather good senses that they use to hunt other animals. They have good eyesight and poor hearing, but they also have a reptilian sixth sense that they gain from their Jacobson’s organ. This allows them to sense chemicals in the air in a way that almost combines smelling and tasting. They know when prey is near!

T-Rex has great hearing, amazing vision, and a powerful sense of smell. In fact, the people in any franchise movie that face a T-rex wouldn’t stand a chance by staying still.

The T-rex has better all-around senses, but the Komodo dragon has typical senses and a unique one, so this is a tie.

Komodo Dragon vs T-Rex: Physical Defenses

Komodo dragons have scales on their body, but they’re stronger than a regular lizard. These scales are reinforced with osteoderms, bone-like structures. Komodo dragons also rely on their speed to get away from enemies, but that would not help them in this case.

The T-Rex has its massive size, fierce aggression, and deadly combat skills to keep it safe. We don’t have a complete picture of how this dinosaur faired in battles against other creatures, but it seems obvious that it could hold its own.

Komodo Dragon vs T-Rex: Combat Skills

The Komodo dragon is interesting because humans don’t completely understand how they kill their prey. We know that they attack using ambush tactics, bite into their foes, and rip chunks of flesh away with their sharp, serrated teeth. However, this creature may or may not be venomous depending on the expert you consult.

What we do know is that the Komodo dragon has saliva that can cause infections and has an anticoagulant effect on the bite recipient.

The way the T-rex attacks is more straightforward. The dinosaur was an opportunistic predator that would come upon prey in its range and then viciously attack them with its incredibly powerful bite and 12-inch teeth. The amount of flesh lost from a single bite and the inescapability of this assault would leave many creatures in dire conditions.

Who Would Win in a Fight Between a Komodo Dragon and a T-Rex?

Allosaurus vs T-Rex - T-Rex Battle

Few creatures, if any, could kill the T-rex on land.

©Herschel Hoffmeyer/Shutterstock.com

The T-rex would beat a Komodo dragon in a fight using its massive size advantage and powerful bite. Although unlikely, the Komodo dragon might attempt an ambush attack if it absolutely had to fight the monstrous dinosaur.

It would probably not succeed in doing much damage, though. Certainly, it would not reach any vital areas on the T-Rex. The dinosaur could simply step on the Komodo dragon, but it would most likely just bend down to the ground and bite through the hapless lizard and feast on it.

There is no possible way that a Komodo dragon would kill an adult T-rex.  

The photo featured at the top of this post is © GUDKOV ANDREY/Shutterstock.com

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