Moon Opposition Aspects for Each Planet in the Natal Astrology Chart

Written by Dayva Segal
Published: December 11, 2023
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When two objects are 180° apart on an astrology chart, that is an opposition aspect. This is because an astrology chart is a wheel that represents 360°. So, if two things are 180° apart, they are opposite. Oppositions are a harder aspect because they represent blocked and “stretched” energy. It represents where we may feel pulled between two extremes. Oppositions require compromise and learning throughout our lives.

The Moon represents your emotions, your intuition, what makes you feel safe and secure, and how you react to the things that happen around you. It also has a bearing on how you accept and give nurturing. When this combines with the energy of another planet, it affects how we interact with all of the Moon’s qualities.

Natal Moon Opposition Aspects in Astrology

Natal Moon aspects in astrology are different than transit Moon or synastry Moon aspects. They are all about you and how the Moon is situated among the other planets in your personal astrology.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal Sun

When the natal Sun opposes the natal Moon, you are an indecisive person.

©Lukasz Pawel Szczepa/

With your natal Moon opposite your natal Sun, your emotional needs oppose your core being and personality. You feel torn between emotional satisfaction and what would make you shine. You likely have a hard time making life decisions. To others, you seem indecisive, but it’s really that there is an internal struggle you consider every step of the way. The positive side is that this struggle gives you a lot of empathy for others. You are a great mediator because you consider other peoples’ perspectives.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal Mercury

View of Mercury From NASA 2

Your emotions and logic are at war with each other with natal Moon is opposite natal Mercury.

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You might seem to have your emotions divorced from your words or intellect with this natal Moon opposition. When the Moon opposes Mercury in the natal astrology chart, your gut instincts are in a constant battle with a desire to be logical. At times, you can make overly emotional decisions that aren’t well thought out. At other times, you can make overly logical decisions that hurt the people around you. The key with this aspect is to find the balance and consider both emotion and logic.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal Venus

View of planet Venus from space

The planet Venus rules over relationships, among other things, in astrology.


With your natal Moon opposing your natal Venus, relationships and friendships do not come naturally to you. Your emotional comfort does not come from other people. You feel uneasy around people, and you fear rejection more than most people. Because of your hesitance to open up to others, people tend to see you as insincere, even when you’re not. You might feel like you don’t need anyone in your life. But certain things can only be worked on or learned through connection with other people.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal Mars

The word “Martial” comes from the Roman god of war, Mars.


When your natal Moon sits opposite to your natal Mars, your inner struggle is about your passion, drive, and authority. You may use your assertive nature to protect yourself from emotional vulnerability. You are quick to anger because you don’t want to show anyone your softer side. This leads to tumultuous relationships and difficulties in your career. Your work will be to find the people you are comfortable opening up to and letting your guard down just a little to create the life that you want.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal Jupiter

You may have a hard time with discernment with this aspect.


The Moon opposite Jupiter aspect affects your intuition. You have a positive view of most people and have a hard time seeing when someone is trying to get one over on you. You may also have a hard time figuring out what you really want to do because there are so many options you find amazing or interesting. Jupiter generally brings a sense of abundance and expansion, but when it is opposite the Moon, that may mean that what brings you abundance also brings you a lack of emotional security.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal Saturn

Saturn planet solar system with stars in 3D illustration background

In astrology, Saturn represents restrictions, boundaries, and structure.


You place restrictions on your emotional expression with your Moon opposing Saturn. To others, you seem emotionally restrained and perhaps a bit cold. You may lock your emotions, your gifts, and your talents behind an internal closed door. As you age, you will likely learn how to shift this blocked energy and let people into your emotional world. However, this will likely not start to occur until after your first Saturn return, around the age of 27-29.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal Uranus

With this aspect, you struggle with wanting to live in a different way from most people.


With your natal Moon opposite your natal Uranus, you have a strong desire and a strong fear of breaking free of the status quo. You want to do things completely differently, yet you’re afraid of being judged by others. There’s a fear that you won’t be successful in your attempts. You may feel trapped in conventional situations, like a 9-5 job, and hem and haw about leaving them for years. However, you may be surprised at how well you deal with sudden change if you do decide to take a leap.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal Neptune

Neptune is named for the Roman god of the sea.


You may have trouble with your discernment when the natal Moon opposes the natal Neptune. You can live in a dreamy world, but you do have a strong intuition. However, it’s easy for these dreams and intuition to become too mixed together for you to see which is which. You may idealize people and situations that do not serve you through your daydreams. You need to learn how to discern what is your dreamy desire and what is your true inner voice and intuition.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal Pluto

In astrology, Pluto aspects highlight how you deal with power, transformation, and control.


When your natal Moon is opposite your natal Pluto, you are stuck between your emotions and Pluto’s tendency to see things through a lens of power. If you’re not careful or conscious, you tend to assume people are nefarious, trying to hurt you, or trying to overpower you. These suspicions merge with your emotions and create challenging situations. With more consciousness, you can evaluate your feelings and see whether or not they are accurate for each situation, leading to more purposeful and mindful connections.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal Chiron

Chiron zodiac horoscope symbol and planet. 3D rendering

In astrology, Chiron is an asteroid. In astronomy, it is classified as a comet and a dwarf planet.

©fredmantel/iStock via Getty Images

While the Moon conjunct Chiron can make your deepest emotional wounds feel easier to work on, Moon opposite Chiron makes it feel like an impossible challenge. You might be very focused on your emotional pain on a day-to-day basis which doesn’t typically help you to process it. You may also believe you are not worthy of nurturing or support, especially around your wounding. As you get older and more experienced, you will find ways of finding healing through connection with others, therapy, mindfulness practices, and other modalities.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal Black Moon Lilith

Designation of the Black Moon Lilith. Three-dimensional image of an astrological symbol on a cylindrical substrate.

The symbol for Black Moon Lilith is a moon on top of a cross.

©Mikhail Sheleh/iStock via Getty Images

Black Moon Lilith represents your shameful side. It is the side that you have had to hide away from the world. At different points in your life, this side receives more empowerment to show itself. These shameful points are often related to sexuality, femininity, and rebellion. When this is opposite to your Moon in the natal chart, you have a harder time transforming your shame into empowerment. You may live more deeply in your shame than others and feel such deep shame that you don’t feel safe to share this with anyone.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal Ascendant

Astrology Alphabet: ASCENDANT (Horoscope / hour observer), point of Horoscope. Hieroglyphics character sign (single symbol).

In astrology, the Ascendant is the same thing as your Rising sign.

©Adobest/iStock via Getty Images

When your natal Moon is in opposition to your natal Ascendant, that means it is also conjunct your natal Descendant. The descendant is at the beginning of your 7th House—the house of one-on-one partnerships. With this opposition, your individuality does not bring you emotional security or satisfaction. Instead, you find emotional pleasure and safety in your relationships with others. However, you can put too much stock in your partnerships and stay in abusive or unhealthy situations. Find the balance to assert your individuality so you can have the healthy relationships you desire.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal North Node

Astrology Alphabet: RAHU (Caput Draconis), Lunar Ascending North Head Node. Hieroglyphics character sign (single symbol).

Rahu is the name of the North Node in Vedic astrology.

©Adobest/iStock via Getty Images

The North Node represents your essential direction and life’s purpose. With your emotional center opposite the North Node, it is also conjunct your South Node. That means it is not always satisfying to pursue your life’s work. It is hard for you to break habits that hold you back from your success. Your emotional expression could be the very thing that holds you back. You may lack the emotional balance needed to focus on anything for long enough to find your life’s path.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal South Node

Astrology Alphabet: KETU (Cauda Draconis), Lunar Descending South Tail Node. Hieroglyphics character sign (single symbol).

The South Node represents our past life baggage or the habits that hold us back.

©Adobest/iStock via Getty Images

With your natal Moon opposite your South Node, you also have your natal Moon conjunct your North Node. So, that has the opposite effect of the previously discussed aspect. There is an emotional satisfaction that comes from discovering what you’re supposed to be doing in this lifetime. Your success comes to you easier than most. However, you can be overly focused on your goals and as you age, you may regret not allowing yourself more emotional space for relationships, friendships, or fun.

Natal Moon Opposite Natal Midheaven

Astrology Alphabet: MEDIUM CŒLI (Zenith), Middle of The Sky, uppermost point of Horoscope. Hieroglyphics character sign (single symbol).

Medium Coeli is another name for the Midheaven in astrology.

©Adobest/iStock via Getty Images

The Midheaven represents our relationship to our career and public image. It is also opposite the Imum Coeli, another angle that represents our relationship to home and family. With your Moon opposite the Midheaven in the natal astrology chart, you have it conjunct with your Imum Coeli. So, your emotional security and comfort lie in the domain of home and family. You probably don’t have a strong career aspiration. If you do, it may be in the domain of the home or have to do with helping families, like having a home daycare or a home cleaning business.

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