The 8 Most Affordable Dog DNA Tests You Can Buy in 2024

Written by Erin Cafferty
Published: November 23, 2023
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There are over 200 dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC). The FCI — the largest canine organization in the world — lists 360 official breeds. Knowing a dog’s breed helps you understand the best nutrition, training style, and even exercise levels for them. Do you know what breed your dog is? If not, that’s where dog DNA test kits come in! The best dog DNA tests show your pet’s breed makeup, health risks, nutrition guidelines, and family tree. Sound like something you want? Let’s go over the eight most affordable dog DNA tests that you can buy in 2024, starting backward.

8. Basepaws

Basepaws breed and health dna test

The Breed + Health Dog DNA test from Basepaws is one of the most extensive test kits, but it is also the most expensive.


Basepaws is a DNA test brand that creates products for dogs and cats. However, you’ll pay a premium. At $149, this is the most expensive dog DNA test kit on the market. Why? You get everything other brands promise, like breed and health results, just with more extensive genome sequencing and a longer wait time to ensure accuracy.

7. Dognomics

Dog DNA test

The Dognomics DNA test kit is a high-quality way to understand more about your dog’s breed and health.

©Natali _ Mis/

$147 for a dog DNA test kit from Dognomics will get you comprehensive health and breed information. This helps you better care for your furry friend! The point of interest for this test is that its creators performed the world’s first whole genome sequencing on mammals! Unfortunately, Dognomics products are only available for purchase in the U.S.

6. Orivet

Orivet Full Breed Dog DNA test

Orivet is a wonderful dog DNA test brand if you want to uncover unique insights about your purebred.


One of a few DNA test brands that create products for dogs and cats, Orivet, costs $129. However, Orivet is not a breed identification test. Instead, it is a way to test for breed-specific diseases and traits relevant to your purebred. The Full Breed Profiles panel includes a DNA Profile (genetic fingerprint) to verify matings if you are considering breeding your dog. This is only available if you own one of the 130 breeds recognized in their database though.

5. Embark

Embark dog DNA test kit

Embark is a household name for dog DNA testing, but they don’t offer many products that are friendly on the wallet.

©Tony Webster / CC BY 2.0 - License

Also priced at $129 is Embark‘s Breed Identification DNA Test. You can usually find it on sale to compete with the lower-cost options though. Beyond the typical markers these screen for — like breed, relative, health conditions, and recommended care based on genetics — there’s an even more unique insight you’ll receive. This DNA test also includes information on medication or drug sensitivities your dog may have! Founded in 2015, Embark is one of the highest-rated brands on the market… which means accuracy doesn’t come cheap!

4. Know Your Pet DNA

Young Fawn Mixed Breed Puppy Getting his DNA Swabbed

Just like you can uncover your family tree on Ancestry, now you can learn about your dog’s history with the Know Your Pet DNA test!

©Anna Hoychuk/

You know you can explore your family tree on Ancestry®. But did you know you can also discover your dog’s family tree through the brand’s Know Your Pet DNA test? This dog DNA test costs $99 for a full report on your furry friend. This includes: your dog’s breed mix, inherited traits, and matches with other dogs in their database.

3. Koko

Koko genetics dog DNA test

At only $84.99, Koko’s Starter DNA test is a budget-friendly option to learn more about your dog.

©Koko Genetics

Now we’re at the best part of this list… the top three most affordable dog DNA tests. Ranked at number three is Koko‘s Starter DNA test. For $84.99, the only result you won’t get back is health and disease markers. For that, you have to buy the $129.99 Advanced DNA test option.

2. Wisdom Panel™

The Best Dog DNA Test Kits

Wisdom Panel offers many different options for dog DNA test kits depending on your budget.

©Anna Hoychuk/

Of the many dog DNA tests popping up on the market, the second most affordable goes to Wisdom Panel‘s Breed Discovery kit. They offer three different options at varying price points. The Breed Discovery kit is the least expensive option at $84.99, the Essential costs $104.99, and the Premium is the priceiest at $159.99. While the $84.99 option is the cheapest for this brand, it doesn’t include a health screening like the kit in the number one spot on our list does.

1. DNA My Dog

DNA my dog DNA test kit

DNA My Dog is the most affordable DNA test kit out there in 2024.

©DNA My Dog

At $79.99, DNA My Dog‘s Essential Breed ID Test is the most affordable and comprehensive dog DNA test on the market. This kit gives a complete breed breakdown, highlights genetic health concerns and personality traits, and shares bonding ideas for you and your dog.

Summary of the 8 Most Affordable Dog DNA Tests In 2024

RankPriceDog DNA Test
#1$79.99DNA My Dog’s Essential Breed ID Test
#2$84.99Wisdom Panel’s Breed Discovery Test
#3$84.99Koko’s Starter DNA Test
#4$99Ancestry’s Know Your Pet DNA Test
#5$129Embark’s Breed Identification DNA Test
#6$129Orivet’s Full Breed Profiles Test
#7$147Dognomics Dog DNA Test Kit
#8$149Basepaw’s Breed + Health Dog DNA Test

The photo featured at the top of this post is © DNA My Dog

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