One Man and His Ten Dogs Meet A Pack of Coyotes While Hiking Alone

Written by Opal
Updated: October 10, 2022
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The first National Conservation Area in Nevada is named Red Rock Canyon. 17 miles west of the Las Vegas Strip, on Charleston Boulevard/State Route 159, is where you’ll find Red Rock Canyon. Upwards of two million individuals visit the area annually. 

Red Rock offers attractions of a different kind, such as a 13-mile scenic drive, acres of hiking trails, rock climbing, horseback riding, mountain biking, road biking, and more, in stark contrast to a town focused on entertainment and gaming.

A man named Barry has a heart for animals. In fact, he loves them so much that he owns 10 large dogs. Barry and his pups go on daily hikes to get in some exercise and spend time in the beautiful outdoors. 

During one of their hikes in Red Rock Canyon, they had to face the unthinkable. Barry told KTNV 13 Las Vegas that he was no more than 50 yards from the car when a large pack of coyotes surrounded him and his dogs. 

Coyotes are known to attack smaller pets, such as cats, small dog breeds, or animals with mobility issues. Thankfully, Barry and his pups are in great health and we’re able to act wisely in the terrifying moments surrounded by the wild animals

The coyotes were able to snatch two of the small dogs and began ripping them to shreds. Within seconds, the larger canines reacted, taking back their smaller siblings and attacking and killing at least one of the coyotes. 

As soon as the coyotes ran off, Barry sprang into action toward the injured dogs. He wrapped a bandage around one and got everyone back in the car to head straight to the emergency vet. 

Holding Onto Hope

The little pups were in surgery for over 12 hours. Waiting for the surgery to end filled the selfless dog owner with anxiety. Eventually, the surgeon gave him a call and told him his puppies were ready to come home and everything went well! Little did Barry know, wrapping them in the bandage saved their life. 

The top comment on the news broadcast reads, “No one is mentioning that this man was more concerned about his dogs than himself at that moment. He deserves an award for that, that alone deserves our respect.” We couldn’t agree more. 

Barry is a great example of a loving and caring pet owner. His focus during the attack was to save his dogs. He put his life in danger to ensure all 10 of his furry friends made it out of the situation alive. Thought A to Z Animals hopes no one is ever in a similar situation, we could all be a little more like Barry. 

Take a look at the jaw-dropping news story below. We’ve included links to coyote bests for cats and dogs as well, to ensure your pets stay safe! 

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