Real-Life Aquaman Chases Lizard Into the Water and Pulls It Out Barehanded

Written by August Croft
Published: November 9, 2022
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Some people are really good at the weirdest things, including catching lizards in the water. When it comes to the content of this particular video, there isn’t much that is clear except for the fact that the person who jumps into the water is quite skilled at catching reptiles. Also, they are pretty adept at fishing with their bare hands- do we have a new Aquaman in the making? 

Can Lizards Swim, Actually?

Some lizard species are adept swimmers.


This video opens with a person standing on a dock next to a large body of water. They are holding a stick as if threatening a peculiar type of lizard on the dock. In an effort to escape and avoid confrontation, the lizard leaps, potentially foolishly, into the large body of water. But what happens next is a feat of pure luck and talent. 

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The person who was originally threatening the lizard jumps into the water after it. Whether they want to finish what they started or are worried about the lizard’s safety while in the water, the person is successful in their ability to pull the lizard from the depths. However, this begs the question of whether or not the average lizard can indeed swim in the first place.

While it is difficult to tell based on the content of this particular video, the lizard in question may in fact be a type of iguana. Either that or an alligator, making this potential rescue even more daring. However, based on the movement and the shape of its tail, it appears to be some sort of lizard, and one that is particularly skilled at swimming.

Marine Iguanas and Other Swimming Reptiles

Other reptiles are also known to swim, with some species of snake adapting well to the water.


There are a surprising number of reptiles that are capable of swimming. Iguanas are one of them, often choosing bodies of water to escape if they feel threatened. That appears to be the content of this video, as the person who dives after the lizard was indeed appearing to threaten them before their quick escape. 

A sad fact of this video may be that this lizard was just trying to bask in the sun, disturbed and uprooted by this person. All reptiles need warmth and sunshine in order to live, and the docks beside this body of water are a perfect source of that. Plus, having the ability to make a quick getaway in the water also makes this a smart location for this lizard!

Other reptiles are also known to swim, with some species of snake adapting well to the water. While the content of this video doesn’t tell us exactly what type of lizard this is, it’s safe to say that they were no match for this Aquaman’s abilities!

Watch the video below and try to guess what type of lizard or reptile it is.

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The black spiny-tailed iguana is another omnivorous and highly opportunistic species in the wild.
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