4 Reasons to Buy a Smart Collar For Your Cat Today

Written by Amber LaRock
Updated: October 10, 2023
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Smart technology has made its way into our pet’s lives in the form of smart collars! Many of us have turned to smart technology to help track certain aspects of our health and routine, and now this is possible for our feline companions!

Smart collars for cats can pinpoint your pet’s location, track their activity, and even monitor certain aspects of their health. Some of these products are truly impressive, so let’s break down the four reasons why you should buy a smart collar for your cat today!

What Is A Smart Collar For Cats?

Portrait of 3 white cats

Smart collars for cats can pinpoint your pet’s location, track their activity, and even monitor certain aspects of their health.

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smart collar is a collar that is enhanced with an array of unique technological features. Smart collars can offer live GPS tracking, health monitoring, physical activity monitoring, and even boundary enforcement. Smart collars are usually connected with Bluetooth to your phone, allowing you easy access to the results through an app on your phone. Smart collars for cats will vary in price based on the features they offer.

4 Reasons To Buy A Smart Collar For Your Cat

Let’s break down four reasons why you should buy a smart collar for your feline friend!

#1 They Offer Live GPS Tracking

A smart cat collar can offer you insight on where your feline friend roams when they go outside! Cats are known to wonder anywhere from 40 to 200m a day when they are exploring outdoors, so you never know where your feline friend may end up.

The GPS tracking feature can also offer you peace of mind, as you never have to worry about losing your beloved cat. A smart cat collar can provide live updates on your cat’s location, allowing you to go directly to them and bring them home safely.

#2 They Can Monitor Your Cat’s Daily Activity

Have you ever wondered if your cat is getting enough exercise each day? Well, you won’t have to wonder when you purchase a smart cat collar! Some smart collars are enhanced with the ability to track your cat’s daily movement. The data can offer you insight on how many steps they took, how many minutes they spent exercising, how many calories they burned, and even how many naps they took.

#3 They Can Stay On Top Of Your Cat’s Health

Some smart collars for cats can help you stay on top of your little one’s health. Smart collars can monitor everything from sleep patterns to daily energy levels. Our cat’s ancestors often needed to hide any sign of illness to protect themselves from predators, and our feline friends today still participate in this behavior. This can make it challeneing to know when your cat is not feeling well, so picking up on subtle changes in behavior with the smart collar can be beneficial.

Dr. Amy Nicole Lewis, a veterinarian with Worldwide Veterinary Services told A-Z Animals that if your highly active cat goes from playing all day to sleeping all day, then this could be a sign of a decline in their health. Busy pet parents may not be aware of changes in their pet’s sleeping patterns, so observing data from a smart collar can help you visualize these changes an schedule a vet appointment.

#4 They Sync To An App On Your Phone

Most smart collars rely on Bluetooth technology to sync data to your phone. This data can be accessed through an easy to use app on your phone, with the app varying based on the smart collar product you purchase.

Can A Smart Collar Replace A Microchip In Cats?

tabby domestic shorthair cat outdoors in nature wearing gps tracker attached to collar observing the garden at night

Smart collars for cats can monitor everything from sleep patterns to daily energy levels.

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Smart collars for cats can offer you accurate GPS tracking on your little one, but unfortunately, they cannot replace a microchip. Smart collars can fall off of your cat or get damaged, and the technology can even fail from time to time. A microchip offers you 100% certainty that your cat can be identified and returned to you if they are ever brought into a clinic or shelter. A registered pet microchip contains your name, your pet’s name, your phone number, and even your most recent address.

Where Can I Find A Smart Collar For My Cat?

Black and white Thai cats lounging and relaxing together in the house. on the purple blanket They both wore yellow collars and silver bells.

Smart collars for cats should not replace the use of a microchip. Microchips are still essential for reuniting lost pets with their loved ones.


Now that you are aware of just how many perks a smart collar for cats can offer, you may be ready to invest in one for your feline friend. We want you to find the best smart collar possible for your little one, so we created a detailed guide on the best smart collar options here!

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to purchase a smart collar for your cat? Be sure to review the information we discussed above and check out our guide on the best smart collars for cats!

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