See the Cutest Baby Hippo You’ve Ever Seen Take an Adorable Swim

Written by Hannah Crawford
Updated: November 13, 2023
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Unlike the stuffed animals that we see at zoos, hippos are not the cutest things you might see. Hippos are large animals that can weigh upwards of 9,900 pounds and reach up to 16.5 feet. These animals aren’t exactly cuddly, to say the least.

However, if you’ve never seen a pygmy hippo, then you need to watch the video below. We guarantee that you will not be able to stop smiling from how adorable they are. 

Watch This Incredible Video Shown Below!

Pygmy Hippo Sighting in Australia

The next YouTube video posted at the top of this blog post takes us to the Melbourne Zoo located in Australia. The Zoos Victoria page shared this video. This channel shares footage from the Melbourne Zoo, Healesville Sanctuary, Werribee Open Range Zoo, and Kyabram Fauna Park. 

They have received more than 32 million views across their videos. And once you see this video above, we think you’ll understand why they have so many views. Zoos Victoria shares a short description of what happens in the video below. 

“Obi, our baby Pygmy Hippo ventured out with mum, Petre, for a swim in the big pool for the first time. The name Obi means heart in the Nigerian Igbo language, and he is certainly melting a few hearts here at Melbourne Zoo.” 

Cutest Baby Hippo

These hippos can run over 18 miles per hour.

©Mistvan – Public Domain

At the start of the video shown below, we see the little Pygmy hippo named “Obi” out for a walk with her mother. We see little Obi is interested in everything as she goes along her walk. Her mother patiently waits for her each time she stops. 

At seven seconds, we see both pygmy hippos enter into the water and go for a swim. The mother needs to cool off from the heat, and little Obi is probably looking to have some fun by going swimming. We see how close Obi is to her mom at all times. She is still too young to go off adventuring on her own. 

How Big are Pgmy Hippos?

Pygmy hippos (Choeropsis liberiensis) are not like the hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius) that weigh nearly 1,000 pounds. Pygmy hippos are significantly smaller. They can weigh as little as 350-600 pounds. Which when you think about it is still quite large for an animal! But, they would be considered a stuffed animal in comparison to the Hippopotamus amphibius.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Alfonsopazphoto, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons – License / Original

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