Six Towering Giraffes Gather on a Boat to Cross the Nile En Route to Their New Home

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Written by Chris Madden

Published: February 1, 2024

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Transporting a Half Dozen Giraffes as Carefully as a Half Dozen Eggs!

In the eye opening and heartwarming video at the top of the page, a group of conservationists go the extra mile! In order to transport a group of 6 towering giraffes, the amazing workers line a truck with leaves and branches! The leaves and branches are intended to serve as an enticing treat, as well as a distraction for the giraffe’s during transport! And the leaves work perfectly, as the giraffes walk right into the truck without hesitation to get at the tasty leaves! 

Moving giraffes is a huge ordeal, taking them from the Murchison National Park in Uganda and crossing the Nile! The residents of the park, human and animal alike, are very intrigued by the complex moving procedure! A monkey peeks around a tree to get a better look, and the children within the park are clearly amused as well! The truck drives out of the park slowly, showing the scale of these tall giants when passing a distant elephant!

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Habitat destruction is forcing giraffes to permanently move from certain areas!


The First Giraffes to Ever Look Out Over the Nile River From a Boat!

The whole moving process is so delicate that 8 caretakers hold onto the side of the truck while they move! And these brave workers are shown gratitude from the giraffes in the form of licks by their giant tongues! Finally, they reach the hardest obstacle of their journey! The giraffes arrive at the Nile river, at a calm section harboring numerous species of wild animals! But these VIP giraffes are being floated across the river, as the truck drives onto a barge. 

The six giraffes somehow manage to stay calm as they experience something no giraffe has ever experienced before. Being on the water! Luckily, the boat reaches the other coast of the Nile without any issues! As the giraffes unload from the boat, the entire crew of conservationists and caretakers can let out a unified sigh!

How Do They Transport Other Animals as Large as Giraffes?

Transporting animals as large as giraffes is clearly a complicated procedure, as we can see in the video at the top of the page. Transporting some of the other largest animals on earth, such as elephants, rhinos, and hippos, tends to be just as complicated. Elephants, the heaviest of all of these animals, need specially designed trailers that have reinforced flooring. Trained handlers can generally guide elephants onto these vehicles, as the intelligent elephants follow their cues.

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Seeing how this huge elephant dwarfs a safari jeep underlines just how big and well built a truck transporting it would need to be!

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On the opposite side of the spectrum is the most common practice for transporting rhinos. Rhinos are known for their strength as well as their random bouts of aggression. Rhinos are carefully loading onto trucks equipped with specially designed, secure compartments. To keep them calm during transport, rhinos are often blindfolded, as their terrible sense of sight often leads to agitation. 

Another huge creature that has even more complex demands for proper transportation is the hippo. Hippos, the semi-aquatic giants of the African continent, require transportation methods that acknowledge their amphibious nature. Instead of a dry truck, hippos are moved in water-filled containers, similar to the way large marine animals are transported.

While the shorter range transportation method of giraffes is visible in the video at the top of the page, longer distances require different solutions. Long-range methods for giraffes can even involve specially designed aircraft. Otherwise trucks with open-top compartments like the one in the video at the top of the page features will be used to transport them between reserves or zoos. 

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