Snakes With Hats: The 10 Most Creative Snake Hats We’ve Found (So Far!)

Taiwan Beauty Snake coiled along a bring in a tree. This constrictor catch and eat rodents.
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Written by Cindy Rasmussen

Updated: November 3, 2022

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If you need a little break from reality or a little cheering up you can always search “Snakes with hats” for photo after photo of cute, clever and creative snakes wearing hats. From classic rattlesnakes in cowboy hats to albino snakes dressed like unicorns, there is a little something of everything. Here are the 10 most creative snake hat’s we’ve found (so far!).

Mexican Vine Snake

“Hey, where’s my hat?!”

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“So it’s your Birthday!”♬

What better way to celebrate your birthday then with a couple of party-hat wearing snakes! These snake friends are ready to party and seem to get along fine. Although they may be together for the party it is usually best to house snakes in separate tanks.

Two males may fight each other, if you mix a male and female you better be ready for babies and never add a kingsnake as a roommate because they will most likely eat their new roommate!

SSSSSuper Mario Brothers

This looks like it might be a pretty even match but I think my money is on Luigi. Luigi here is likely an albino ball python. Albino snakes lack coloration and appear white. Mario here is also probably a ball python. Ball pythons are one of the most popular snakes to be kept as pets. They get to be around 4-5 feet in length and can be lifelong pets with some living up to 30 years.

Where is my Limo?

From a night out on the town to an upscale wedding, this snake is ready to go out in style. There is not yet a movie called, “Snakes in a Limo” but this snake is ready for the leading role. Many snakes and not just snakes in hats, that are raised as domestic pets have a very pleasant and easy-going temperament, so this one probably just sat very still while its owner dressed him up. A very classsssy snake with a hat.

Ho Ho Ho! Hope you’re on the “Nice List”

Holiday themed snake hats are plentiful so you can’t go wrong with a little Santa impersonator. There is a snake dressed like Rudolph the Rednosed reindeer to go with him. In Texas a man overheard a “clunk” and when he went to investigate he found a 6-foot long rat snake had fallen down his chimney! Maybe the snake was practicing for his Christmas Eve adventure.

The 4th of July is right around the corner, this guy is ready to celebrate in style

When it comes to patriotism this snake is all in. The classic red, white and blue flag hat proudly states “I’m proud to be an American!” I’m not sure if the picture was taken before or after he enjoyed some BBQ, potato salad and some corn on the cob.

In reality, ball pythons have a reputation for being finicky eaters, but with advancements in the pet food industry it si less common a problem. Now it is easy to get frozen mice and rats which you can thaw and feed to your pet ball python.

“Yo quiero Taco’s please”

Snake in the bottom right corner is ready for some tacos “(or maybe a thawed frozen rat).

Small snake, big sombrero. Many of the snakes you find in the southwestern states of the U.S. are also found in Mexico. They also have some species that don’t make it as for north as the U. S. like the deadly Fer-de-lance.

Awww…so cute!

Snake bottom left is certainly one of the cutest snakes around!

Depending on which side of the “snakes are cute” debate, you have to agree that a snake dressed like a fuzzy bunny is pretty cute. In the wild, snakes will readily eat bunnies if they can catch them. Snakes will eat most rodents and small mammals, whatever seems to be most abundant in their environment. Snakes may also eat birds, eggs, frogs and other snakes.

Howdy Cowboy!

Had to include one of the cowboy pics. Snakes have a reputation for hanging out in the desert, especially rattlesnakes. While rattlesnakes don’t make good pets (they’re venomous!), other snakes like kingsnakes, garter snakes and rosy boas are popular pets. Some boas can get pretty big so be sure you know what you are getting into before you choose your pet snake. A man from England thinks he may have the largest pet snake in the world. Marcus Hobbs has a Burmese Python that is now more than 18 feet long! A little too big for any aquarium!

“Potter?…Harry Potter?”

Be careful this Harry Potter snake doesn’t cast a spell on you. From the Basilisk to Nagini, snakes played an important role in the Harry Potter series. Famous snakes like Kaa in the Jungle Book to Medusa who had a hair full of snakes, these reptiles have played an important role in mythology and literature.

A new unicorn snake species?

It might not be a new species but it sure is cute. This white snake is really turning on the charm for this cute picture with her unicorn hat. As you probably know unicorns are not real animals. Narwhals have a unicorn-like horn but do not look anything like unicorns. Narwhals are similar to dolphins but they have a spiraled horn which is actually an overgrown bottom tooth. Maybe a narwhal hat is in the future for a snake but for now this unicorn snake tops the list of the 10 most creative snakes with hats we’ve found (so far!).

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