Squirrel Gets a Surprise Birdseed Bath

Written by Hannah Crawford
Published: March 5, 2024
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Every day wild animals do things that surprise us and bring a little joy into our days. Things such as deer invading a man’s garage, a moose that powers through the snow, or an adorable golden retriever that makes friends with a mailman. Well, this day was quite different for this homeowner. When she looked outside her window to find a squirrel being mischievous in the video below.

Watch the Hilarious Video Below!

Squirrel Breaks Into Birdfeeder

The short Instagram reel shown just above shares footage of a squirrel trying to break into a birdfeeder for some food. The Animals Doing Things channel shared this video and it has already received a quarter of a million likes. This page is a platform for adorable videos of ducks, cats, horses, bears, bunnies, birds, and dogs doing their everyday things that are adorable to humans. 

Woman Watches Squirrel Get Bathed

A woman had set up a small plastic birdfeeder right outside of her window so she could watch the birds eat. Well, this particular day, a squirrel had found this birdfeeder. According to Perkey Pet, when there are no shell nuts around, birdseed is a great second option. “Of course, bird seed can double as squirrel food – black oil sunflower seeds and nut-based blends, for example, will be big hits for the squirrels in your yard.” 

But, he’s just a little too big to eat out of the receptacle, so he breaks it open. And to his surprise, the birdseed comes pouring out. And he gets a birdseed shower raining down on top of him! The homeowner shares a couple of hilarious photos of the squirrel just staring at her as if he knows he messed up. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to break it,” his look seemed to say.

It turns out, that his actions of breaking the birdfeeder, also caused some little mice to scurry up and grab some food as well. Mice are herbivores that feast on fruits, seeds, and various grasses. So, this meal was just perfect for them as well. 

Where Do Squirrels Live?

Flying squirrel sugar glider california forest nature pine trees

Flying squirrels can glide about 150 feet.


It’s easy to think of animals such as squirrels, birds, snakes, grasshoppers, butterflies, cats, and dogs that can be found in our backyard. However, these types of animals aren’t just found locally here in the United States

According to the I Am Museum, there are over 280 species of squirrels worldwide. These species can be found living throughout Africa, Asia, Central America, Eurasia, Europe, North America, and in South America. It is difficult to pinpoint their population because of the various places they live in. Their conservation status is not to be considered extinct. They are labeled as unknown but populous. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Troy Thomas/iStock via Getty Images

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