‘Succession’ Actress Is Newest River Otter Attack Victim

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: August 21, 2023
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Actress Crystal Finn of the popular show Succession had to go to the hospital to receive medical care after getting attacked by an otter while swimming in a river in northern California. Finn is one of the most recent victims in a spate of exceptionally uncommon otter attacks. 

In July, the actress was attacked when she was swimming in the Feather River. This is in the vicinity of Plumas National Forest. The Succession star says that even though she failed to observe any otters in the section of the river where she was swimming. She wouldn’t have been prepared for a physical attack even if she had.


Otters typically try to avoid human interaction.

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She mentions that if she had seen the others, she would’ve just thought that they were cute and completely harmless.

The story was released following a woman in Montana who was also attacked by this animal. She claims that she has more stitches on her body than she can count. Her interaction with an otter took place on the Jefferson River.  

After receiving two patients within a few days of one another this summer, Tahoe Forest Hospital’s Dr. Martin Rosengreen says that he and the other doctors had never encountered an otter attack patient before.

Do Otters Typically Attack People? 

It can be fun to watch otters because of their active and inquisitive temperament. There’s no denying how absolutely adorable these creatures are. Even though otters usually don’t attack people, they should still be handled carefully because they are untamed creatures. 

Otters can defend themselves and hunt with their sharp teeth and claws. Their bites can be extremely painful and they could strike a person if they feel challenged. Furthermore, it’s crucial to limit interactions with otters as much as you can because they are known to carry diseases that can be passed on to people.

Otter Teeth - Otter showing teeth

Otters have sharp teeth to easily rip apart fish.

©Paul A Carpenter/Shutterstock.com

Otters can be deadly to animals, even though they rarely pose a threat to people. Small animals, including domestic cats and dogs, have been known to be attacked and killed by otters. Pets should not be allowed near regions where otters are believed to reside.

Otters are typically not seen as dangerous to people. As lively and inquisitive creatures, they are more inclined to stay away from humans than to harm them. But there have been occasional instances of otter assaults on people that have been documented, particularly when the animals are afraid or feel surrounded.

While we don’t have a concrete answer on why otters have been attacking people in Northern California, some say it’s due to higher water levels. Thankfully, both women mentioned above will make a full recovery.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Johnny Giese/Shutterstock.com

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