The 5 Best Pet-Friendly Events In Houston

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Written by Kathryn Dueck

Published: November 7, 2022

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Suppose you live in Houston or you’re planning to visit. In that case, you might wonder if any pet-friendly activities or events are happening in the city. After all, our furry friends love to get out and enjoy themselves just like we do, whether it’s a dog show or a doggie swimming pool. And the truth is, everything’s better with a pet in tow! Read on to discover the 5 best pet-friendly events in Houston!

Houston World Series of Dog Shows

For dogs (and owners) with a competitive streak, the Houston World Series of Dog Shows is a perfect way to spend the day.

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For dogs (and owners) with a competitive streak, the Houston World Series of Dog Shows is a perfect way to spend the day! They host several competitive events for different breeds and groups of dogs, showing off the skills and form of some of the finest dogs around.

You must register your dog to participate in the Houston World Series of Dog Shows. However, non-registered dogs are also welcome at the shows as long as they are on a non-retractable leash. Any dog can enter the following events:

  • AKC’s My Dog Can Do That: Dogs can test their skills in an Agility or Rally course for the first time with the help of a trainer.
  • Barn Hunt: This event challenges dogs to test their hunting instincts by finding several rats throughout the barn.
  • Barn Hunt’s “Find the Rat”: This version of Barn Hunt challenges dogs to figure out which of three tubes contains a rat within 60 seconds.

Spectator events include Breed Judging, Meet the Breeds Seminar, Flyball, Canine Musical Freestyle, Scent Work, and Canine Frisbee Exhibition.

For more information about upcoming shows, visit the Houston World Series of Dog Shows website here. You can reach them via their contact form or the contact information on the same page.

Puptopia Houston

One of the best pet friendly events in Houston is the Puptopia.

One of the best pet-friendly events in Houston is Puptopia, a dog festival that travels from city to city.

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One of the best pet-friendly events in Houston is Puptopia, a dog festival that travels from city to city. When it comes to Houston, it’s a fantastic chance for you and your dog to have some fun! Experience everything from exciting activities to great food for an opportunity to pamper your dog in the Spaw.

Some of the activities include:

  • Main Stage: Includes performances by rescue dogs in stunting, agility, and more.
  • Spaw: In the Spaw, you can give your dog a pedicure, massage, and dress them up.
  • PAWGround: This area features a giant fire hydrant and a bowl of “kibble,” among other things. It’s a prime opportunity to get some fantastic photos of your pet doing silly things.
  • Pupformance: Owners can lead their dogs through an agility course to test their skill and stamina. The course includes tunnels, ramps, and various obstacles.
  • K9 Lounge: This is where humans and dogs alike can meet other friends and socialize. Make sure to check out the vendors for doggy merchandise and products.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated and kept on leashes except in the Pupformance area. Each ticket grants entrance to two dogs. To bring additional dogs per person, you must purchase another ticket.

Find out more information about upcoming events in your area at the Puptopia website. You can also contact them via their contact form.

PAWliday Market

This annual Christmas event is one of the best pet-friendly events in Houston. It features vendors, contests for you and your dog, delicious food, and a chance to meet Santa Claus! PAWliday Market events include:

  • “Selfies with Santa”: Give your pet a chance to meet Santa Claus and take a selfie with him.
  • Ugly Sweater Contest: You and your pet can enter the Ugly Sweater Contest in matching ugly Christmas sweaters.
  • Vendors: Several onsite vendors offer pet products and merchandise.
  • Food trucks: The many food trucks onsite offer a range of tasty food for you and your pet to enjoy.

All pets must be leashed for the duration of the event. Admission is free. Check out this website for more information on upcoming PAWliday Market events.

Rummy’s Beach Club

Though it’s not technically an event, any chance to take your dog to the pool or the park is undoubtedly an occasion! Rummy’s Beach Club near Houston combines the best of both worlds with a private dog swimming pool and a private one-acre dog park.

The club allows dogs and their owners to swim together in a private setting. The staff is ready to help your dog learn pool skills like dock diving, swimming underwater, and relaxing on floats. You can also dress up with your pet and take pictures. For this reason, it’s also an excellent opportunity to socialize shy pets. Unneutered dogs and dogs in heat are welcome, as no other pets are present.

Clients can make reservations to book the entire facility for themselves and their dogs, with one or two staff members attending. Each appointment allows up to three dogs with three people over the age of 16. Check out their website here for more information, or call 713-446-3805. You can find their facility at 22111 Fields Lane in Spring, Texas, a short drive north of Houston.

Dog Day

This annual event is a chance for dog owners to bring their pups to a Houston Astros baseball game! Grab the opportunity to enjoy a ball game with your pooch and take them to the various vendors around the stadium for dog merchandise and treats. Keep in mind that only one dog is permitted per person; you must purchase a Dog Day ticket for your pet. To bring additional pets, you can purchase additional tickets. Vaccination records and a signed waiver are required to enter the ballpark.

To find out when the next Dog Day is happening in Houston, check out the Houston Astros website or call 866-800-1275. You can also visit their contact page for more options.

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly event in Houston, make sure to check out the information provided above for a great time. The BringFido website is also a great resource for upcoming pet-friendly events in Houston.

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