Kathryn Dueck
Author for A-Z Animals

Kathryn Dueck is a writer at A-Z Animals where her primary focus is on wildlife, dogs, and geography. Kathryn holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical and Theological Studies, which she earned in 2023. In addition to volunteering at an animal shelter, Kathryn has worked for several months as a trainee dog groomer.
A resident of Manitoba, Canada, Kathryn loves playing with her dog, writing fiction, and hiking.

Where Do Mice Nest Outside? Picture

Mice are found everywhere in the United States and virtually everywhere globally. Most people are used to looking for mouse nests inside, but the fact is that most mice live… Read More

By Kathryn Dueck 3 months ago

How Deep Is the Caspian Sea? Picture

The Caspian Sea is an enormous Eurasian inland body of water, sharing borders with five countries. Although called a "sea" due to its massive size, its water is technically brackish… Read More

By Kathryn Dueck 3 months ago

The Top 22 Tallest Buildings in Africa Picture

The past number of decades have seen an architectural revolution in Africa with several new skyscrapers taking over the continent’s skylines. These Babelic structures include office buildings, apartment blocks, retail… Read More

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How Deep Is Lake Pontchartrain? Picture

Within Louisiana’s Pontchartrain Basin lies Lake Pontchartrain, an essential estuary flowing into the Gulf of Mexico. Six cities lie on its shores: New Orleans, Slidell, Madisonville, Mandeville, Kenner, and Metairie.… Read More

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