The 7 Best Dog Parks in San Antonio

Written by Jeremiah Wright
Published: May 28, 2022
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San Antonio in Texas is a city worth visiting and exploring – both as a traveler and as a local. However, things might become a little difficult if you have Fido with you and want it to have its fair share of fun and excitement.

Well, this is precisely the reason why we’ve prepared this series for you. Below, you’ll be able to find and discover the benefits of the 7 best dog parks in San Antonio. Whether planning a visit to the Alamo or a walk down the San Antonio River, you can always count on these parks to keep your pup entertained and happy!

1. McAllister Dog Park

baby french bulldog closeup

McAllister Dog Park is a 2.4-acre off-leash dog park.


McAllister Dog Park
Location8418 Buckhorn Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247
Hours7 AM – 9 PM

McAllister Dog Park is located inside the park with the same name and is a 2.4-acre off-leash dog park. The park is fenced and features more than enough amenities for your fluffy friend. Dogs here can play around with the fire hydrants, use exercise equipment, and walk on lengthy trails with their owners. When they get tired and thirsty, pups can run to the many water fountains scattered throughout the park.

The surface of the park is covered in wood chips, not dirt. Your pet’s paws will stay clean even after an intense play session. McAllister Park can be explored with a dog, but it must be on a leash.

2. Madison Square Dog Park

Madison Square Dog Park
Location313 Dallas St, San Antonio, TX 78215
Hours7 AM – 9 PM

Madison Square Dog Park can be found near the San Antonio Museum of Art. It is a relatively small dog park but big enough to shelter off-leash fidos while they play, run around, and have a good time. Even though it’s located in downtown San Antonio, the park is not usually crowded.

Here, pups can play in the designated training areas that feature toys for dogs and generally interact with other fidos. The park is equipped in abundance with mutt-mitts, water fountains, and benches for owners to rest on. 

3. Pearsall Dog Park

pembroke welsh corgi

Pearsall Dog Park has plenty of water fountains and agility equipment for your energetic dog.

©Ирина Мещерякова

Pearsall Dog Park
Location5414 Old Pearsall Rd #5346, San Antonio, TX 78242
HoursOpen 24 hours

The Pearsall Dog Park features exercise and play equipment for dog owners and their children. The dog park is fenced, and pups don’t require a leash inside. It is praised for being spacious – 1.5 acres – and having lots of shaded areas for dogs to rest after running around.

The only downside to this dog park is that it doesn’t have separate areas for small and large breeds. The entire park is a combined area; however, aggressive dogs usually don’t find their way here, but you should still be careful. Pearsall Dog Park has plenty of water fountains, agility equipment for your energetic dog, and waste bags. For the ultimate dog park experience, fire hydrants are also present.

4. Woodlawn Lake Dog Park

Woodlawn Lake Dog Park
Location115 Alexander Ave, San Antonio, TX 78201
Hours8 AM – 10 PM

Woodlawn Lake Dog Park is ideal for families who want to let their dogs run around off-leash before or after a picnic. It is located in the park with the same name. The latter is known as an excellent spot for having picnics or fishing. 

The dog park is near the fishing pond, a fenced area surrounded by trees that provides shade for tired pups. There are plenty of trees inside the park, including boulders for pup rock climbers and grassy areas. Once your fluffy friend has had its fair share of fun, you can enjoy a slow walk along the lakeshore.

5. Panther Springs Dog Park

Presa Canario laying in the shade

Panther Springs Dog Park is completely fenced and features two separate areas – for small and large dogs.

©Presa Canario laying in the shade/

Panther Springs Dog Park
Location22635 Wilderness Oak, San Antonio, TX 78260
Hours6 AM – 8 PM

Panther Springs Dog Park can be found in the Far North Central area of San Antonio. The park is completely fenced and features two separate areas – for small and large dogs. During the hot summer months, the park can become dusty if too many dogs run around frantically, as they usually do!

There is also a water station for when the pups get thirsty. The only problem is that it’s in the transition area, and you must take your dog there. On the other hand, a big advantage is a large number of off-road and paved trails. Dogs that like walking more than playing will certainly enjoy it here.

6. Comanche Lookout Park

Comanche Lookout Park
Location15551 Nacogdoches Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247
Hours5 AM – 7:15 PM

Comanche Lookout Park is a scenic park in San Antonio that you can explore with your leashed pup. It has a surface area of 96 acres designed for recreation. The park’s vantage point is the main attraction that you and your dog will love. If you’re looking to tire your dog while also seeing beautiful sights, the park features 4.5 miles of hiking trails. One single walk here, and your fluffy friend will be ready to dine and sleep!

Summer can be great for visiting this park as most of its trails are shaded by trees. There are lots of benches and picnic tables. Fidos that are nature lovers will enjoy running around after butterflies and birds.

7. Phil Hardberger Dog Park

Pure breed Transylvanian Hound puppy running in a dog park.

Phil Hardberger Dog Park is tricky to pinpoint as it has two different sides.

©Angyalosi Beata/

Phil Hardberger Dog Park
Location8400 NW Military Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78231
Hours7 AM – 6:45 PM

Phil Hardberger Dog Park is tricky to pinpoint as it has two different sides – quite far off one from another. The dog parks are located in Phil Hardberger Park, from which the Wurzbach Parkway separates. A land bridge can be used to cross from one side of the park to the other.

There’s a west and an east side to the Phil Hardberger Dog Park. Both feature a separate area for smaller breeds, drinking water fountains, and benches. There’s also a rinse area if things get too shabby for your pup. Dogs can enjoy agility equipment in the mulch and grassy parks. 

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Sean Pavone/

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