The 7 Fastest Growing Towns in Indiana Everyone Is Talking About

Written by Kyle Glatz
Published: October 3, 2023
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Indiana is ranked 38 out of 50 in terms of states by size. However, the state is home to the 17th highest population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of Indiana was 6,833,037. Over the last two years, the population in the state has risen by about 0.7%. Let’s take a closer look at the fastest-growing towns in Indiana, and we’ll show you where they are located, how many people moved to the region, and show you why individuals could be moving to the area.

All the information used for this article comes directly from the town and city data issued by the U.S. Census Bureau in 2022. Also, for the sake of consistency, we’re going to look at the fastest-growing towns and cities in the state.

7. McCordsville

Population IncreasePercentage Increase

McCordsville is in central Indiana, and it is a suburb situated northeast of Indianapolis. This town is located in Vernon Township.  

McCordsville is a large town in Indiana. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population in this area was 8,807 people in 2020. The population continued to rise over the ensuing two years. In July 2022, the population rose to 10,369.

The population in this region grew by 1,562 people. Although that is a small number of individuals, it represents a 17.74% growth for this area! That is why this is one of the fastest-growing towns in Indiana!

6. Avon

Population IncreasePercentage Increase

Avon is another large suburb of Indianapolis. This town is in Washington Township, and it is west of the state’s capital.  

The population in Avon during 2020 was 21,510 people. However, the population grew over the next two years, reaching 23,611 people. That means this area had an additional 2,101 people move to the region, increasing the population of the town by 9.76%!

Like McCordsville, this town is probably growing due to its proximity to Indianapolis. Many people moved away from the larger cities around the United States in recent years. Between the economic turmoil and the COVID-19 Pandemic, city living has not been as attractive to many residents. Suburbs like Avon provide proximity to the city without all the issues.   

5. Brownsburg

Population IncreasePercentage Increase

Brownsburg is another town that is close to Indianapolis. This one is west of the city and north of Avon. The town is located in Hendricks County, and it is one of the fastest-growing towns in Indiana.

The town of Brownsburg started 2020 with a population of 29,000 people. By the time July 2022 came around, the population had risen to 31,193 people. The population growth in terms of numbers was 2,193 people. However, the percentage growth for this area was also very large, 7.56%.   

4. Carmel

Population IncreasePercentage Increase

At this point, it should be no surprise that Carmel is a city suburb of the state’s capital. This region is directly north of Indianapolis, and Interstate 465 runs along its southern border.

Carmel is a highly populous area in Indiana. The 2020 Census discovered that 99,753 people were living in this part of the Hoosier State. The population grew to 101,964 residents by 2022. The area gained 2,211 people, a 2.21% rise in population from two years prior.

3. Noblesville

White River State Park, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA.

The White River flows through Noblesville.

©Danita Delimont/

Population IncreasePercentage Increase

Noblesville is in Hamilton County, Indiana, and it is northeast of Carmel. The White River bisects the city, and the Morse Reservoir is in the northern part of the city.

Noblesville is a medium-sized city, and it had a population of 69,609 people in 2020. The U.S. Census Bureau showed that the region’s population grew to 72,748 people in July 2022. The population in this city grew by 3,139 people. Overall, the population in this city rose by a solid 4.51%.

2. Fort Wayne

Aerial skyline of downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana featuring train tracks

Fort Wayne is a popular place for people to move in Indiana.

©Nicholas J Klein/

Population IncreasePercentage Increase

Fort Wayne is in northeastern Indiana. The city is home to the St. Marys River, St. Joseph River, and Maumee River. The Maumee River’s source is the confluence of the St. Marys and St. Joseph Rivers.

Fort Wayne is a large city that had a population of 263,914 people in 2020. The population in this area grew by a fair amount in 2022. An estimated 267,927 people were living in this city by July 2022. This city is among the fastest-growing ones in the Great Lakes region.

1. Westfield

Population IncreasePercentage Increase

Westfield is yet another city in the Indianapolis metropolitan area. This area is north of Carmel, and it is growing very quickly.  

Westfield leads our list of the fastest-growing towns in Indiana. The population in Westfield for 2020 was 46,425. The population exploded over the next two years, and it reached a total of 54,605 people. This city increased its population by 17.62% or 8,180 people. This is the largest growth of any city on the list in terms of a sheer population increase. Also, it’s the second-highest percentage increase.

The city is known for having many economic opportunities, a fair cost of living compared to other nearby cities, and a good record of safety. These elements and others are bringing people to the area. The same can be said for many of the other cities and towns on this list. People have left major cities like Indianapolis and moved into their suburbs.

People believe the suburbs offer a higher quality of life at a lower cost. The next census will provide greater insights into why people are moving to specific suburbs.

Summary of the Fastest-Growing Towns in Indiana

RankCityPopulation Increase
2.Fort Wayne4,013

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