The 8 Fastest-Growing Towns in Michigan Everyone Is Talking About

Grand Rapids at night
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Written by Volia Schubiger

Published: September 22, 2023

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The state of Michigan has been experiencing a wonderful boom in its population throughout many of its local towns. If you happen to be a Michigan native, this probably comes as no surprise. The Great Lakes State is known for its gorgeous landscape and picturesque cities. In this article, we’ll highlight eight of the fastest-growing towns in Michigan that have been expanding over the past few years. The data below is based on changes the US Census Bureau recorded from 2010 to 2020. We’ll go over each town, what makes it great, and why we believe so many people have been choosing to move there.

1. Novi, Michigan

Early autumn trees in Maybury park Novi Michigan

The city of Novi is a northwestern suburb of Detroit and offers many beautiful parks to explore.


At the top of our list is the city of Novi, Michigan. Over ten years, this city saw an almost 20% increase in its population. In 2020, the US Census Bureau recorded the population to be 66,154. So why have so many people been moving to Novi? Well, for starters, this small city is a suburb of Detroit. This means that individuals who choose to live here have the opportunity to commute into the city for work quickly. Outside of economic opportunities, the city offers residents a beautiful suburban lifestyle. Novi also has many cool coffee shops, restaurants, and lush parks. Overall, Novi is a serene city with much to offer people who settle here.

2. Dearborn, Michigan

Henry Ford Museum

In Dearborn, Michigan, you’ll find the state’s leading tourist attraction — The Henry Ford Museum. This attraction is considered the nation’s largest indoor and outdoor American history museum.

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People are flocking to the city of Dearborn for many reasons. This city has captured the attention of many thanks to its diversity and history. For example, did you know that the Ford Motor Company shaped the city? The Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn is the country’s biggest indoor-outdoor history museum. However, that’s not the only reason people have talked about this town! The biggest factor is the incredibly diverse and welcoming community you’ll find here. The city features great schools and numerous family-friendly activities to enjoy. It is also conveniently a few minute’s drive from downtown Detroit. This is why Dearborn has seen a 12% increase in the population from 2010 to 2020.

3. Kentwood, Michigan

Grand Rapids

One of Kentwood’s biggest benefits is its proximity to Grand Rapids.

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Kentwood is another Michigan city that has been seeing exponential growth. Many locals and newcomers have been heading here thanks to the peaceful suburban setting, which provides the perfect escape from the bustle of larger cities. This is why many families choose to move to Kentwood. As a result, Kentwood is another one of the fastest-growing towns in Michigan. Additionally, the city is also in close proximity to Grand Rapids, which provides more job opportunities to residents in Kentwood. However, Kentwood is much more affordable than its larger city counterpart, so families choose to buy homes here. Over the past ten years, the population has grown by nearly 12%. In 2020, Kentwood’s population was 54,274.

4. Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Dearborn Heights. Michigan. USA

As a part of Detroit’s metropolitan area, Dearborn Heights continues to attract residents.


Dearborn Heights has seen a population growth of nearly 10% in the past decade. Considering how close the city is to Detroit, it all makes sense. As a part of Detroit’s metropolitan area, Dearborn Heights gives residents access to all the employment opportunities and entertainment options of a big city without living in the center. The city of Dearborn Heights also has a great sense of community. Many residents here love how friendly everyone is and how many great local events always occur. Overall, this city continues to attract people because of the affordable housing options and unique blend of urban and suburban living.

5. Troy, Michigan

On a snowy day in Troy Michigan

The city of Troy continues to be one of the most popular places to live in Michigan and the whole country.

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There’s a reason why the city of Troy continues to attract more and more newcomers throughout the years. The city was even ranked 22nd on a list of the “Best Places to Live” in the United States. CNN Money put this list together. When making the ranked list, CNN Money considered education quality, the strength of the local economy, housing, and recreational opportunities available. It is no surprise that Troy has grown by nearly 8% in ten years thanks to the great job opportunities, the top-ranked school system, and safe neighborhoods. It is also centrally located within the Detroit metropolitan area.

6. Southfield, Michigan

Pink Cherry blossum trees in front of a fountain and townhomes in downtown Southfield, Michigan on a clear day in spring.

Located 15 miles northwest of downtown Detroit, Southfield is considered a uniquely “urban suburb.”

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There are a lot of reasons why Southfield, Michigan, has grown by 6.44% over the past decade. Let’s start with the most apparent reason: its proximity to downtown Detroit. Southfield is unique because it is considered an inner-ring suburb of Detroit. This means that this city offers both urban and suburban living combined. Another big impact on the city’s growing population is the emerging tech sector. This has provided residents with many job opportunities and economic growth for the city. Finally, Southfield offers locals great parks and fabulous shopping districts, all within a vibrant and friendly community.

7. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Grand Rapids at night

The Michigan city of Grand Rapids sits on the Grand River, east of Lake Michigan.

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It’s no secret that Grand Rapids has continued attracting many newcomers to the city. It continues to be one of the fastest-growing towns in Michigan. Grand Rapids is a major city in West Michigan known for its impressive arts and cultural scene. Residents here enjoy several amazing museums, great restaurants, craft beer breweries, and more! The economy and job market here are very strong since it is a major city. Jobs are available in many sectors, including healthcare, technology, and manufacturing. Outside of economic opportunity, the city is celebrated for its amazing educational institutions. Overall, this is a fantastic city that continues to grow over the years. It’s no wonder it is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in the United States.

8. Warren, Michigan

Michigan, Suburb, Architecture, City, Color Image

Several major automotive companies and suppliers reside in Warren, known for its manufacturing industry.

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There are various reasons why the city of Warren, Michigan, has grown by nearly 4% over the last decade. Of course, its proximity to the major city of Detroit is a big contributing factor. Warren is considered an inner-ring suburb of Detroit. This gives Warren residents access to everything the major city of Detroit offers. However, what makes Warren so appealing is the affordable housing and variety of neighborhoods to choose from based on each individual’s budget and needs. Families make their way into this city as it allows them to buy a home and raise their children outside the main city. There are also many parks throughout Warren and other fun recreational activities. The city has continued to attract a diverse population thanks to its charming feel that combines urban and suburban living.

Summary of the 8 Fastest Growing Towns in Michigan Everyone Is Talking About

RankTownPopulation Percentage Change From 2010 to 2020
4.Dearborn Heights9.49%
7.Grand Rapids5.68%

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