The 2 Lucky Colors That Represent the Pisces Zodiac Sign

Written by Aaron Webber
Published: November 2, 2023
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For those who practice and incorporate astrology into their everyday lives, it involves more than reading a daily horoscope. To truly maximize the effects of your zodiac sign means to incorporate the energies of all aspects of life into your daily habits. This includes stones, mindfulness practices, and even colors. But what are the Pisces lucky colors, what do they mean, and how can you use them?

The Pisces Zodiac Sign Background

Pisces zodiac sign

The symbol for the Pisces zodiac sign. This last sign represents depth, creativity, adaptability, and fluidity.


In order to understand the importance of the Pisces lucky colors, you would need to understand Pisces itself. This is especially true when you yourself are a Pisces. Only then can you find value and benefit in altering your personal color palette. The more you understand the Pisces sign, and by connection, yourself, the more you can adjust and play with the colors that represent Pisces to help you achieve your best self. Whether you are a seasoned practitioner of astrology, or just beginning your journey into your star chart and its meanings, there is always something new to learn about each of the zodiac signs.

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and is usually symbolized by two fish circling each other. These two fish represent the two-mindedness or duality of people born under the Pisces sign. Pisces is associated with water, fluidity, creativity, dreams, inspiration, illusion, and receptivity. Additionally, is ruled in modern times by Neptune, which is the planet represented by the god of the sea. Neptune, or Poseidon, rules the oceans, horses, and earthquakes.

A person who embodies the Pisces sign will inherit the energy of these symbols. This includes the deep emotional intelligence of the ocean, a calm demeanor, the adaptability and mysteriousness of far seas, and a deep potential for destruction during stormy or turbulent times.

The Pisces Lucky Colors

koi carp fish

Calm, pastel colors and muted hues are fantastic options for Pisces. Colors of the ocean, Poseidon, Neptune, and mindfulness are lucky colors.

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When considering what colors to use with your Pisces sign, you are actually combining two schools of thought or two philosophies. There are the symbols and meanings behind the Pisces sign itself, along with the meaning behind your star chart with Pisces. This is combined with the world of color theory. When you search online to incorporate colors that either enhance or balance your Pisces energy, you will find many answers. All of them will have different interpretations about which colors to use and why. Most agree, however, on the primary lucky colors for Pisces.

But what does it mean to be a lucky color? Luck tends to have a very specific meaning in Western societies. It is usually associated with good fortune or positive unlikely occurrences. However, it is better to see luck, and lucky colors, as energies that enhance the aura or energy of the person using them. These energies amplify the natural tendencies and strengths of the person. They help them achieve their goals if those goals are properly aligned with their natural being. Therefore, lucky colors help remind, channel, and soothe people who are born under their specific signs. The most common Pisces lucky colors include seafoam green and Aquamarine.

Seafoam green

As the name implies, seafoam green invokes the symbolism and the energy of the sea. This color brings to the imagination the light, airy nature of seafoam that is only created after turbulent storms or rough seas at night. Seafoam green is a powerful reminder to reconnect with your inner fluidity. This color helps Pisces maintain their deep emotional reservoir, and remain calm and steady even during tough times.

Seafoam green blends the symbolism of green and blue. Blue, being the deep emotional energy of the ocean and of Neptune, and green being the promise of rebirth, growth, and new beginnings. Pisces signs can sometimes feel like they don’t have a grasp on their lives, or are carried by their passions and creativity and never finish a project. Seafoam green is a promise that new beginnings aren’t a bad thing. They should be a time to revel in new opportunities.


Aquamarine is also the spiritual stone of the Pisces sign. So, it makes sense that its color would also be closely tied with the twelfth house.

Like the stone, aquamarine channels feelings of hope, clarity, peace, and calmness. When those born under the Pisces sign feel overwhelmed, they often turn to fantasy, escapism, or other unhelpful habits. This water color is a useful reminder to channel their creativity and empathy into more healthy directions.

Aquamarine is associated with emotional intelligence and emotional healing. It is a very positive color, bringing fruitful and healthy energy to those who use it for its energetic properties. This color, much like the stone and the Pisces sign, is associated with the throat chakra. It channels the energy and power of the ocean, and of Neptune, to help Pisces people remain confident in their creative works and still remain emotionally available to those around them without betraying their safety or beliefs.

Other colors

Any color associated with Neptune (the planet or the god), the ocean, seas, or creativity and emotional health will be lucky colors for Pisces.

These colors include blues, greens, purples, lavender, pale greens and blues, light green, and larimar, among others. In the vast array of colors, hues, and palettes, it might be hard to pick colors you both like and amplify your Pisces energy. So, learning the meaning behind each of the colors, even the different variations of the same color can help you refine your preferences within the scope of Pisces’ lucky colors. Colors that boost your creativity, stability, and calmness will all be wonderful colors for you.

Pisces is a water sign, so the colors associated with the other water signs will be good options as well. These are Cancer and Scorpio. Any color associated with the throat chakra would also be a fantastic choice.

Colors to Avoid

Color Palette Guide Isolated on White Background. Sample Colors Catalog.

Take care to analyze the balance of colors you incorporate into your lifestyle if you have a mind for your Pisces sign.


Pisces signs are people-pleasers. Calm, emotionally healthy, and willing to help and serve. They are very creative and known as peacemakers. Colors that invoke aggression or fast activity should be avoided. These can be bright, neon colors of any shade or hue, black, deep versions of red and yellows, and most metallic colors.

Any color that demands attention or takes away from the other colors in the room or arrangement should be avoided. Pisces signs want to please others and act as the supporting figure in any group. They want to help everyone get along and reach their highest potential. These people don’t want to take from anyone and are very selfless and independent. Therefore, Pisces are often very aloof or isolated when they need help but don’t know how to ask for it.

Navy blue is an example of a color that should be avoided not because of its color, per se, but because of its intensity. Navy blue demands attention and overwhelms the other colors next to it. This is the opposite of the energy a Pisces should be looking for.

All colors are adaptable and changeable

Keep in mind that the colors that will be your best lucky colors will change by the year. The more connected and knowledgeable you are with your star chart and zodiac, the better you will be able to intuit which colors you should incorporate into your life for that time. You might feel that an abundance of aquamarine, blues, greens, and other combinations is appropriate. Other times, you might feel like you need to balance your Pisces energy with more aggressive or passionate colors like red, yellow, and orange.

As you learn to read the symbolism and energy behind the colors you use, you will better adapt your daily color palate to have the luckiest day possible.

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