Meet the Pisces Spirit Animals & What They Mean

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Written by Jennifer Gaeng

Updated: October 11, 2023

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Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the Western zodiac.

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Pisces follows Aquarius as the 12th and final contemporary zodiac sign. Pisces, along with Scorpio and Cancer, is ruled by the element of Water. Pisces is one of the six negative zodiac signs and Neptune is its ruling planet. One of the zodiac animals is the fish, sometimes a shark, which represents the sign of Pisces. So, let’s explore Pisces with this spirit animal guide and find out how it applies to persons born under this western zodiac sign!

The Fish and Pisces

Pisces symbol is depicted by two fish.

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Pisces Birthday: February 19 – March 20

Pisceans are represented by the zodiac sign which depicts two fish swimming in opposite ways, often connected or intertwined with one another. This is symbolic of the difficulty many Pisces have making up their minds. Pisces is a receptive sign, meaning it is open to new ideas and is easily influenced. However, Pisces is a sign that is often misunderstood. Most of Pisces’ life could be spent searching for meaning, and the rest could be spent in a condition of divine discontent. Sometimes in the Piscean world, sorrow is embraced. The Fish as a symbol fits their shadowy, evasive personalities well.

Let’s look at the positive and negative characteristics of Pisces and how it relates to the fish to get a better sense of this incredibly sensitive sign!

Positive Pisces Fish Traits

Beautiful Koi in a pond in Japan.

Pisceans, like fish, are able to adapt and swim their way through life’s circumstances.


Ambitious and Adaptive

Many Pisces have an elusive style, but beyond that surface lies a deep individual with genuine aspirations. For them, success means more than just having a nice house with a picket fence and climbing the economic ladder. Pisceans have a vision that goes beyond themselves because they are in touch with a greater purpose. When given the opportunity, Pisces can achieve extraordinary accomplishments. They can readily adjust their personalities to fit any circumstance, making Pisces extremely adaptable. Like a fish that can swim through many bodies of water, Pisces may easily relocate to a new area and make connections wherever they go.

Personable and Valuable

Pisces people possess a comedy that is deliciously offbeat and a little bit goofy. This is sometimes manifested in an appreciative sense of humor rather than the kind of comedy that would make one the “life of the party.” Getting them to laugh is also quite easy as they do enjoy having fun and engaging with others. Pisces people have such a keen insight, which seems to help them obtain a complete grasp of the complexities of the human condition. As a result, they have a natural ability to help others realize their full potential and are genuinely happy when they can help others achieve a better state of being. 

Intuitive and Reflective

As the final zodiacal sign, Pisces contains a little bit of character from all the others. This allows Pisces people to recognize aspects of themselves in the actions of others, resulting in an overwhelming feeling of empathy. Pisces seems to have an innate understanding of emotion, despite lacking the benefit of direct experience in the matter. Pisces individuals also have a pretty good idea of when they need to take a break and refuel. At such moments, they withdraw from the world, much like a fish swimming to the depths of the waters, if only to refuel before returning to the surface and facing everyone and everything again. They value solitude, but they can’t exist without human interaction, so their isolation will be temporary at best.

Famous Pisces include: Albert Einstein, Rihanna, Steve Jobs, Drew Barrymore, and Bruce Willis

Negative Pisces Fish Traits

Pisces fish symbol is sometimes depicted with a cord that connects the two fish.


Hypersensitive and Self-Pitying

Pisces are sensitive souls who, in theory at least, wouldn’t kill a fly. They have a hard time saying no because they have faith in people, and care about others. Pisces are easily hurt by callousness and tend to avoid unpleasant realities by engaging in escapism or self-delusion. And, often, when reality rears its ugly head, Pisces withdraw into themselves and often wallows in self-pity, believing things like, “I will never trust again!”  However, you can rest certain that these times are rather brief and even beneficial for Pisces. With this sign, it appears, that they actually get their power from periodic (though brief) bouts of pain. Often, they will return more vigorous than before, eager to take on the world once more.

Selfish and Detached

The sometimes selfish behavior of a Pisces is equated with the sign’s propensity for judgment and detachment. Pisces, on the other hand, would be completely taken aback if someone dare try to tell them this. Inquisitive as they are, Pisces often question others’ judgment and have a difficult time facing others’ opinions of them. More straightforward signs, for example, Virgo and Aries, may struggle to understand their periodic need for a break from reality and spacey disposition.

Indirect and Moody

As a water sign, Pisces can be so fluid, that they struggle to commit to anything. Pisces draw so much information from everything around them, that it can stop them from being able to stand for one thing. Extraordinary resistance to making tough choices is one of their defining characteristics.  Pisces’ moodiness is not only witnessed through verbal communication but might creep into their digital correspondence. It’s confusing because you can never predict whether they’ll be silent or talkative. They may base their mood on the temperature of the room and look for cues as to what they think people want to hear. They aren’t trying to confuse anyone; rather they often just care too much about the comfort of those around them.

How To Be The Best Pisces


Astrology can shed light on your untapped potential and help you capitalize on your skills. It can help you find compatibility in romance, in the workplace, and in other areas of life. Pisces, for instance, often excels in creative fields like sales, teaching, writing, and music. One reason for this is that people with these traits tend to be liked and respected by a wide variety of people. Any field a Pisces chooses to pursue usually finds success with them. A curious bunch, they try out new strategies frequently to see if they can better attain their objectives. The creative abilities and caring nature of those born under this sign could help them achieve success.


Popular belief is that Pisces is most compatible with Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn in romantic relationships. These are the star signs that won’t force Pisces to compromise their fundamental worldview. The least compatible signs for Pisces are often Aries and Virgo. It’s more challenging to find common ground with these signs because of their divergent worldviews and priorities in life.


Pisces will do well in life if they can learn to ground themselves in reality on occasion. A positive mindset will help Pisces stay cheerful and optimistic even when they experience disappointment or setbacks. It’s human to feel blue occasionally, but continuous sadness could be due to issues like jealousy or doubt. Pisces should also try to understand what is triggering their sadness rather than just suffering through it. Pisces benefit from some downtime. The healthiest decisions for your long-term happiness are the ones you make after taking a deep breath and learning to master your feelings.

Why Is the Pisces Sign The Fish?

Pisces in latin means fish and the zodiac sign and constellation have mythical roots.


Fish in Latin is Pisces. In Greek mythology, Aphrodite and her son Eros, both fishes, were Neptune’s symbol. They jumped into the water together to confuse Typhon as they tried to swim away from him. Because of this sign’s deep historical roots, Pisces often find themselves straddling the line between the waking and dreaming worlds. Pisces have a natural inclination to flee from danger, and they also have the ability to transform themselves in order to avoid harm. Pisces, like a fish, can also get caught in a sea of difficulties. Still, they, too, are nimble in the face of change and can swim with the current.

zodiac astrology

Those whose birthday falls under the Western zodiac sign Pisces are also represented by animals other than the fish in different traditions.

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The following are some alternative zodiacal spirit animals that fit well with people born under the Pisces sign. In future articles, we’ll go deeper into these common zodiac models.

Chinese Astrology

According to the ancient Chinese calendar, a different zodiac animal and characteristics are associated with each year of the cycle. Many people believe that the Chinese zodiac also has a “twin” animal to the Western zodiac. What follows is a quick summary of the Chinese Zodiac sign believed to correspond to Pisces.

Chinese Zodiac Twin for Pisces: The Rabbit

Get rid of rabbits

The Chinese Rabbit is tenacious as well as attractive and kind.


The Chinese Rabbit is a quick thinker and a swift mover that can hop, skip, and jump over any obstacle in its path. The Rabbit is so tenacious that if anything or someone does manage to knock them down, they will get back up and running in no time. This Chinese zodiac sign wants nothing more than to relax and focus on the finer details. They’ll go out of their way to prevent arguments and won’t let even the simplest detail of a job go undone. The demeanor of the Chinese rabbit is widely regarded as attractive and kind. On the flip hand, they can be self-absorbed individuals who will swiftly “hop away” from anything or anybody that places too great of an emotional or physical strain on them.

Celtic Astrology

Celtic astrology is very similar to Western astrology in many respects. Because of the little variations in their calendars, knowing your exact birthday is essential to identifying your Celtic spirit animal as a Pisces.

1. Partial Celtic Zodiac Twin for Pisces: The Snake (February 18 – March 17)

Glossy Snake

The Snake is the corresponding Celtic animal for the sign of Pisces.

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If your birthday occurs between the dates listed above, the Snake is your Celtic totem animal. Despite their sluggish appearance, snakes are actually quite intelligent and persuasive creatures. As a result of their tendency toward spontaneity and unpredictability, they are notoriously difficult to categorize. On occasion, they may not even be aware of what they want or why they act in a certain way. This has the potential to be both thrilling and problematic. When they feel pressured to do or agree with something they don’t want to, they may become uncooperative.

2. Partial Celtic Zodiac Twin for Pisces: The Fox (March 18 – April 14)

red fox wandering in field

The Fox is another Celtic representation for the spirit animals of the Pisces sign.


If your birthday occurs between the dates above, the Fox is your Celtic totem animal. The fox is crafty, sneaky, bright, and knows how to manipulate others. They are always up for a new experience and relish the chance to explore life. Also, they are quite tough to control because of their intense inner independence. While foxes can be difficult to connect with emotionally, once you do, you have a lifelong companion.

Native American Astrology

Native American and Western astrology share the same dates for each sign but use different animals as totems. Here you’ll find your Pisces sign’s corresponding Native American totem animal.

Native American Pisces Twin: The Wolf

Wolf quiz

The wolf is the Native American totem animal for those with Pisces as their Western zodiac sign.

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If you identify as a Pisces, the Wolf is your Native American totem animal. While the rest of us may view the wolf as a solitary, perhaps lethal creature, Native Americans view it in a far more charitable light. Like the wolf, members of this pack are very aware of their immediate surroundings and the feelings of others. They are susceptible to taking on the emotions of others around them, whether happy or sad. As a result, they can easily become immersed in the drama of others if not careful.

In Conclusion

astrology zodiac

In addition to the Pisces spirit animal of the fish, the rabbit, snake, fox and wolf also represent this sign.

© paseven/

The fish, rabbit, snake, fox, and wolf are all animals associated with the Pisces zodiac sign. Keep in mind that these are symbolic representations of your personality derived from conventional astrological wisdom and psychological studies.

You may be drawn to other animals that represent characteristics of your personality or experiences that are unique to you. Dreams about animals or chance encounter with them are not unusual occurrences for humans. It is my sincere goal that you have enjoyed learning more about the many animals associated with your zodiac sign, regardless of how you go about discovering your spirit animals!

Who is a Pisces’s soulmate?

heart-shaped puzzle

If you are a Pisces, which other zodiac sign should you be looking for in a relationship?


It is always fun to look for answers and guidance for many of life’s problems and difficult decisions. One way we often do that is to look to the stars to see what the zodiac will tell us. Perhaps the most common topic of conversation to seek help is with relationships. We want a road map to guide us to our soulmate but also to help explain why some people, whether ourselves or people we know, just do not mix well!

The top three signs for a Pisces to look for are Cancer, Virgo, and Taurus.

A Cancer and a Pisces will likely produce a connection that will last the distance. Together these two signs will build a relationship with a firm foundation.

A Virgo and a Pisces will tend to be deeply in love with one another and be strong admirers of their partners. They will appreciate their significant others’ creativity and empathy.

Lastly, a Taurus and a Pisces are a very complimentary match that will last for a long time. Tauruses will bring a practical and devoted element to the relationship and a Pisces will bring creativity and sensuality.

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