The Rarest Rose in the World Cost $4.3 Million to Cultivate

Written by Asia Mayfield
Published: February 11, 2024
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In 2006, a gorgeous new rose bloomed for the world — the Sweet Juliet. Anyone looking at the thick, apricot and peach-hued petals and large flowerhead can see the beauty of this unique rose. But unless you’re a professional florist or botanist, you may not recognize its value. Not only is the Sweet Juliet the rarest rose in the world, but it’s also the most expensive and cost an astonishing $4.3 million to cultivate. 

Why was it so expensive? Let’s find out!

Light pink, peach and orange color rose Juliet flower in the garden. Juliet rose flower.


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History of the Sweet Juliet 

The Sweet Juliet was cultivated by David Austen, a rose breeder who took gold at the Chelsea Flower Show more than 20 times. He’s credited with creating at least 200 distinct English rose breeds, with the Sweet Juliet being his star. 

Several rose varieties come together to form the Sweet Juliet. Austen spent 15 years cultivating the breed. And, as we discussed, it wasn’t cheap. By the time he perfected the blushing peach Sweet Juliet, Austen had spent $4.3 million.

It may seem like an astronomical sum, even for the rarest rose in the world. But, after debuting the Sweet Juliet at the Chelsea Flower Show and allowing enthusiasts to soak in the loveliness, Austen was able to catapult his rose to popularity.

Now, the Sweet Juliet rose is a staple at elegant weddings and deluxe events.


The Sweet Juliet has bountiful, velvety petals that turn outward. It’s an English shrub rose, a variety known for rich scents and majestic blooms. Previous to Austen, love for English shrub roses had dwindled as breeders turned to hybrids with smaller, more manageable flowerheads and a milder scent. 

English shrub roses come in every shade, but the Sweet Juliet petals are exclusively peach and apricot-colored. It grows to over three feet tall, making the abundant roses appear even more impressive. 

Cultivating Sweet Juliet Roses 

If you want to follow in David Austen’s footsteps and cultivate the rarest rose in the world, you don’t need to spend $4.3 million. You do need to invest a lot of time into the project, however. Your Sweet Juliet shrub will take at least three years to fully develop and bloom.

Here are a few planting and growing tips: 

  • Avoid drying out the roots. 
  • Be careful when choosing companion plants. Trees, for instance, should be planted multiple feet away so the Sweet Juliet has room for its extensive root system.
  • Give the plant five hours of sunshine a day. 
  • Maintain soil health with good mulching.
  • Weed the soil regularly.  

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